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WUDHi. I just needed some help with using a relate link in a view06:32
WUDI have added a relate keyword in my xml, but it's not showing up07:45
WUDI put a relate field in my xml file, but its not showing on tryton08:49
WUDI am trying to use the relate menu option, the model I added is showing in menu actions but its not coming in the view. Any thoughts?09:06
motaroPeople I still have a problem with generating a report.15:07
motaroI get "ProtocolError for localhost:8000/dbname: 500 Internal server error"15:07
grasbauermotaro: sometimes you get a 500 because of an error in the report - don't know why sometimes the error message is hidden15:09
jeancavallograsbauer: It is hidden when the json encoder fails because of special characters15:09
grasbauerjeancavallo: ah - ok15:10
jeancavallograsbauer: That is the usual reason15:10
jeancavallomotaro: Try
grasbauerjeancavallo: why this is not te default?15:12
sharoonthomasis there a module which adds images to products/product categories ?15:13
jeancavallograsbauer: cedk gave me a good reason but I do not remember it right now :(15:14
jeancavallograsbauer: And sometimes it fails as well, if even printing fails15:15
grasbauerjeancavallo: so it is like it is ;)15:15
grasbauersharoonthomas: where do you wanna store them?15:15
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: filesystem by default15:15
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: we already have this feature in nereid, but i'd like to keep it modular and reuse something which already exists15:16
grasbauersharoonthomas: we have done this - one moment15:16
grasbauersharoonthomas: its included in our ecommerce-module - but easy to exclude for keeping it modular ;)15:18
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: same here, in that case, I guess we should write a new module separate from these15:20
grasbauersharoonthomas: ok - I can push a 'blueprintmodule' to github and we can discuss it ...15:21
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: sure15:22
grasbauersharoonthomas: will do it this evening15:22
sharoonthomascedk: what do you think of a FSBinaryField which would store field contents to filesystem instead of DB ?15:22
nicoesharoonthomas: what about rollbacking and so on?15:23
sharoonthomasnicoe: the same problem attachments would have ?15:24
grasbauersharoonthomas: we have done a workaround with a function_field(field.binary)15:24
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: yes, but thinking if we could standardize this as a field instead of redefining everytime15:24
nicoesharoonthomas: Indeed15:25
grasbauersharoonthomas: yes - it would be better - handling of blobs in ZODB is a good starting point ...15:25
nicoegrasbauer: I guess what zope does looks like two-phase commit15:26
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: nicoe: any links for a quick read ?15:26
sharoonthomasnicoe: thnx15:28
nicoeIIRC zope needs this because some queries write both in the zodb and in sql15:28
grasbauernicoe: the main reason is not to store large files to the ZODB - there is no sql15:30
sharoonthomasnicoe: I think we could achieve the same with the planned transaction hooks15:31
sharoonthomasnicoe: probably write to the FS the files with a ~prefix and then on commit remove the ~ prefix15:31
nicoesharoonthomas: you're probably right but at the TUB cedk talked about two-phase commits so …15:33
motarojeancavallo, no JSON object could be decoded.15:44
motarojeancavallo, that's the error I'm getting.15:44
jeancavallomotaro: did your print "response" before the return statement ?15:45
motaroI printed it says "TypeError: object of type 'NoneType' has no len()"15:46
jeancavallomotaro: Ok, you should have a traceback with stack & all now ?15:48
jeancavallomotaro: Can you manage ? Else can you pastebin it ?15:49
cedksharoonthomas: indeed, I don't think it should be a field but a API to store data on fs and return key15:52
sharoonthomascedk: we should probably write  blueprint for it ?15:52
cedksharoonthomas: and a method to retrieve the content (or a file descriptor) from the name15:52
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motaroin printing a report how can I choose the object which is currently selected?18:52
udonomotaro: It should work automatically in list view. See invoice, sale, letter reports ...19:04
motaroudono: Not sure because, I had to put the field statements on the report between a 'for each' so that they will grab a value.19:20
motaroI saw that there is a 'choose' tag but how do I pick the correct object that is selected on the UI?19:21
udonomotaro: AFAIK it works only with list views, but not with xxx2many fields.19:22
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