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pobstetaCan someone confirm me that the new version of LibreOffice 4.1.3-2 reports containing more than one image frame (frame) are no longer working with LibreOffice was an error reading the file opening? This stems from a change in odt format? Where relatorio that generates this bug?08:34
sharoonthomaspobsteta: not a direct solution, but if you get sick of wondering whats happening to odt files and reports, you have an alternative: HTML->PDF webkit based reports
pobstetasharoonthomas: thanks for this solution. I just want to know if this is a bug or not ?08:56
sharoonthomaspobsteta: i've had issues with images in ODT files, I thought it has to do with the zip file construction but never debugged it. nicoe should be able to help if he is aware about any known issues08:58
pobstetasharoonthomas: I watch it with him, thank you08:59
nicoepobsteta: I saw you made an issue on relatorio bug tracker09:04
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pobstetanicoe: yes i think it comes from relatorio because the odt file open with LO 3.6 but not with LO 4.1.x, the format of substituant function change ?09:23
pobstetanicoe: would you have the odt file ?09:24
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maria_hi everybody! I have a little problem with a proteus script creating products... in the same script I create product template and variant, but it saves me twice product variant...? I see two variants of the same template, one with code and other without it... why it happens?22:37

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