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SpartanWarriorhiya guys, is tryton(d) compatible with python3?22:25
pokoliSpartanWarrior: hi, not currently but AFAIK the main problem is GTK client22:35
nicoepokoli, SpartanWarrior: In fact the protocol between the client and the server is not tied to any python version23:34
nicoeSo people can port the server while keeping the client using python223:34
nicoepokoli, I think you're making a confusion with the change to GTK323:35
pokolinicoe: maybe, i heard something about some issue with GTK3 and tryton client in windows. Which prevents the migration to GTK323:36
nicoeSpartanWarrior: All the library are ready, so the switch to python3 is a matter of taking some time to make it happen23:36
pokolinicoe: I have in my mind that python2 runs GTK2 and python3 runs GTK3, am I right?23:36
nicoepokoli: in fact there are modules for GTK2 and GTK3 for python223:36
nicoepokoli: but for python3 they decided not to support GTK223:37
nicoepokoli: which is getting old already23:37
nicoepokoli: but you're right the main problem with gtk3 is windows23:37
nicoepokoli: and maybe the GenericTreeModel we're using (that was the main problem almost two years ago)23:38
pokolinicoe: but windows issues are on latests versions or on older ones?23:39
nicoe I haven't tested gtk3 on windows yet23:39
nicoeI think it is only getting stable now23:39
pokolinicoe: for me is dificult to test windows versions :(23:41
pokolinicoe: Here i can see good news about gtk3,
nicoepokoli: good news, I wonder if the gobject introspection is also supported23:50
pokolinicoe: sorry but i don't know what gobject instrospection means23:51
nicoepokoli: there is a new architecture in gtk in order to make language binding creation easier23:52
nicoepokoli: it is the gobject introspection stuff23:52
nicoepokoli: it is the part that is needed to use gtk from python23:52
pokolinicoe: will try to read about it, thanks for the explanation23:53
nicoepokoli: it seems there is a windows installer23:53

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