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pokolinicoe: yes it seems to. But only 32 bit, haven't found 64bits (don't know if needed)00:01
pokolinicoe: I was reading the porting section
pokolinicoe: especially
pokolinicoe: So if we are running the client on pygtk 2.24 (I am running it), we can use pygtkcompat to run same code base on both versions00:11
pokoliI'm going to sleep right now, nice chat :)00:12
nicoepokoli: I'm going to sleep to see you !00:38
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WUDhi cedk09:43
WUDI am trying to use a form_relate from ir.action.keyword in my module, but it's not showing up in the GTK client but does exist as a record in Window.actions09:43
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jeancavalloWUD: could you pastebin the xml defining the keyword and the related action ?09:46
WUDthe relate button for my model doesn't show. jeancavallo09:49
WUDis there somewhere else also where I have to update this relate thing09:51
jeancavalloWUD: Did you restart your client ?09:52
WUDa couple of times at least09:52
WUDI'm using
jeancavalloWUD: did you check that both the keyword and the act_window exist in the db ?09:54
WUDyes. I checked through the client itself09:54
WUDthere is the same action defined and the keyword listed as I described in my xml09:56
pokoliWUD: module_name is the same name on both acctions?09:57
WUDnope its different09:57
WUDI was trying to not write the real names. small mistake.09:58
pokoliWUD: so both names are correct and existing on the database?09:58
WUDboth exist09:58
jeancavalloWUD: You mean they are not defined in the same module ?09:58
WUDboth exist on the database09:58
WUDno one is an already existing model09:58
WUDthe model on which i'm putting the keyword is the one I made09:58
pokoliWUD: so maybe you defined the keyword on the oder way round, and the relate is on the other model09:58
WUDI checked both the models09:59
WUDnone of them have the relate field active09:59
jeancavalloWUD: Or you forgot to add the module name before the id in the reference09:59
WUDi made exactly like this >
jeancavalloWUD: If the entries are in different modules, the references need to include the module name10:00
jeancavalloWUD: Something like : <field name="action" ref="module_name.id1"/>10:00
WUDoh that's not right jeancavallo the id exists in the same xml file10:01
jeancavalloWUD: Ah, ok10:01
WUDany more ideas?10:01
WUDjeancavallo: pokoli10:01
pokoliWUD: paste your current code :)10:02
pokoliWUD: probally there is a typo somewhere10:02
jeancavalloWUD: Two other ideas : Remove  context and domain and see what it does (check that they are indeed removed after updating, sometimes the update fails on those), or check view_toolbar_get10:03
pokoliWUD: so you try to open the relate from the product form?10:04
WUDno. product_node form10:04
pokoliWUD: the domain of the action is not correct10:06
WUDyes thats what I feel too10:06
pokoliWUD: I understand you want Eval('active_id', {}).get('parent')10:06
WUDi commented the domain and the context10:06
jeancavalloWUD: Try removing the domain10:06
WUDbut its still showing in the xml10:07
WUDi mean, the window actions view10:07
jeancavalloWUD: Change it manually in the db10:07
jeancavalloWUD: There is bug on domain updating10:07
WUDI removed the domain and the context but its still not updating10:10
cedkWUD: the keyword model is different of the act_window res_model10:16
jeancavalloWUD: Remove them manually in the database10:20
cedkWUD: nothing sorry10:21
WUDjeancavallo: pokoli its still not working10:36
WUDI tried changing the domain, removing the context, manually deleting from the db10:37
WUDit doesn't work10:37
pokoliWUD: comment action and keywork on xml and upgrade (the keywords should be remove)10:38
pokoliWUD: then uncoment and they should be loaded correctly on the DB10:38
WUDokay ty it works now10:40
pokoliWUD: you're welcome :)10:42
jeancavalloWUD: nice :)11:06
WUDthanks jeancavallo11:08
jeancavalloAnyone knows if there is a reason why view ids end with "view_form" / "view_list", act_windows with "form_view", end file names with "form" or "list" ?11:44
pokolijeancavallo: don't know but i think there are historical reasons for tihs13:07
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