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jvblascodoes tryton have any ticketing/helpdesk implementation?10:01
jeancavallojvblasco: Not that I know of... Would be interested to know if it existed though :)10:05
cedkjvblasco: no10:05
jvblascoi will need to implement one then10:05
jvblascoany blueprints or any work in this direction?10:06
jvblascofor not starting from scratch, if there isn't any i will10:06
cedkjvblasco: why not using an existing one, like roundup ?10:06
jeancavallojvblasco: Maybe openerp has something ?10:06
jvblascoyeah, openerp has one for helpdesk/ticketing10:07
jeancavallojvblasco: Could be a start10:07
jvblascoroundup, never heard of it, i will give it a look10:07
cedkjvblasco: it  is what Tryton uses10:07
cedkjvblasco: also we (B2CK) use it10:07
cedkjvblasco: like Python10:07
cedkjvblasco: it is in Python and easy customizable10:08
jvblascoi will give it a look10:09
jvblascoi will need to integrate it in tryton though10:09
jvblascobtw, jean u had a contract module for tryton, didn't u?10:09
jvblascoi'm in needs of implementing a contract management system for an IT consultant10:10
cedkjvblasco: I tought sometimes ago that we could tight more with Tryton10:10
jvblascoand thought  that going in the same direction as u is a good idea10:11
jvblascocedk: what do u mean with tight more with tryton?10:11
jeancavallojvblasco: Our try to contracts is tightly mixed with insurance so you'd better look here
jeancavallojvblasco: Here is an implementation which is more "tryton compatible" than ours :
jvblascothnx jean, didn't know it was tightly mixed10:22
jvblascojust remember it was for contracts management for insurances from the tryton unconference10:23
Laura87I have just started using Tryton on Windows 710:58
Laura87Where can I find a guide to build my own local database with products inventory management?10:58
pokoliLaura87: you can start by installing the stock module11:02
Laura87hello pokoli i will google it, thanks11:03
Laura87what does "neso" mean ? "server"?11:04
jeancavalloLaura87: All tryton names are from Neptune's moons (tryton, nereid, proteus, sao, neso)11:05
Laura87i like it11:07
Laura87so step number 1: i started neso.exe and created my test database11:07
Laura87step 2: configuration wizard11:10
Laura87i am going through it11:11
Laura87installing stock module11:15
Laura87how can i customize the stock inventory? I would like to add customized fields11:20
Laura87for the products11:20
jeancavalloLaura87: Depending on what you want to do, you can use the product_attribute module11:24
jeancavalloLaura87: Else you will have to manually extend the module11:24
Laura87jeancavallo: i already have a CSV generated from mySQL. i have got 2000 records, with fields like: lenght, diameter, description, date..11:25
Laura87It would be my pleasure to setup a database like that in tryton11:25
Laura87I am having a look at product_attribute11:25
jeancavalloLaura87: To load data from a csv file, you might have a look at proteus, which is python library to easily interact with a tryton server11:27
Laura87jeancavallo i have added some attributes in the attribute set. now i am trying to add a new product and set its new attributes: but i cannot see where to add details for my custom attributes11:35
prkrhi all11:38
jeancavalloLaura87: I do not use this module so I cannot be sure, but the code says you got to select the attribute_set in your product template before it appears on your new produts11:38
prkrwhen posting the invoices on tryton (v2.8), i am getting the error - The field "Debit" on "Account Move Line" has too many decimal digits.11:39
Laura87i disconnected and reconnected11:39
Laura87jeancavallo where can i find a guide/tutorial to learn Tryton?11:39
prkri have already increased the Display Digits of company currency to 411:40
prkrany ideas ??11:40
jeancavalloLaura87: Well it depends whether you are looking for the developer / end-user documentation11:40
cedkprkr: which currency?11:41
cedkprkr: I'm pretty sure USD should be 2 digits11:42
prkrActually my client asked that he wants to have the currency upto 4 decimal digits11:43
cedkprkr: but how will a customer pay $0.000111:43
prkrcedk: :) but he deals with prices such as $4.4352 per unit11:44
cedkprkr: unit prices are already with 4 digits in Tryton11:45
prkrcedk: yes... but still the same error is coming...11:46
cedkprkr: Are you using non-standard modules?11:47
prkrcedk: yes I have done a bit of customisation in invoice lines...11:48
cedkprkr: so you probably miss some rounding11:51
prkrcedk: i am also getting the same feeling... the only irony is the behaviour on development environment and on cloud server is different.... let me check it again11:53
prkrcedk: thanks for the help11:53
Laura87jeancavallo: I need to learn to setup my database (inventory and products)11:58
jeancavalloLaura87: Well user documentation is rather sparse. Right now, the best one I can think of is this one : but it is in spanish12:00
Laura87jeancavallo what about english? how can one learn to use tryton? i am sure such a beautiful software must have some guide :)12:23
jeancavalloLaura87: There is this project as well : but it is far from being complete, especially for endusers12:25
Laura87thanks i will have a look12:32
prkr@cedk: Thanks Cedk, the quantize method did the job12:36
Laura87do you guys know any ERP system with documentation?12:41
Laura87this is the first time i am using an ERP12:41
jvblascoLaura87: Depends on what u are looking for, is open source a requirement?12:47
Laura87jvblasco yes12:49
Laura87i am looking for an inventory management and requests of proposal software12:50
Laura87*requests of proposal manager12:50
jvblascoLaura87: Is plug and play requiered? Or u are going to do some custom development?12:53
Laura87jvblasco not required, thanks13:07
Laura87i need to setup custom fields, like: lenght, diameter, date, description, etc..13:07
Laura87and i need to be able to do advanced searches/filters13:07
jvblascoLaura87: i would lead u to and should be enough to get started with tryton, which i think fits your needs.13:09
jvblascoLaura87: Keep in mind that tryton is an erp with a great focus in the framework and not the erp product itself, someone correct me if i'm wrong13:11
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Laura87jvblasco what do you mean exactly with "tryton is an erp with a great focus in the framework " ?15:18
jvblascoLaura87: That tryton makes a great framework for building ERP applications. It has some ERP modules developed that can be used as a base for further developments, but the focus of the project i think it's the framework for building those modules15:22
Laura87tell me if i get it right: tryton allows you to shape and develop your ERP based on your needs15:24
Laura87since it is customizable15:24
Laura87also: how do i get a web interface?15:28
jvblascoLaura87: U have 2 options15:37
jvblascoLaura87: There is a web client incoming, same philosophy as the GTK client15:38
jvblascoLaura87: And u have nereid which allows u to create webs using tryton as a backend. It's developed on top of flask for the web functionality15:38
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jvblascocedk: what approach would u take for integrating roundup in tryton for helpdesk / ticket management?16:18
pokolijvblasco: what are you'r needs?16:29
jvblascopokoli: a ticketing system for a consultant IT enterprise16:37
jvblascopokoli: typicall after sales support16:37
jvblascoanyway i'm checking ppl repos to see if someone already did some work16:38
jvblascoand i'm finding some helpdesk modules in zik zak's repos16:38
pokolijvblasco: so the question is: why you need it in tryton? You need to invoice tasks from tryton? or what are your needs?16:42
jvblascopokoli: i'm "developing" a CRM for the enterprise i'm working on. It's an IT magento dev/hosting consultant enterprise16:48
jvblascopokoli: so i need a more advanced CRM than the sale_opportunity module16:48
jvblascopokoli: A ticketing system for helpdesk/issue tracking is necesary16:49
jeancavallojvblasco: openlabs may have something for this kind of use16:50
cedkjvblasco: I have no idea except maybe sharing users or link issue from roundup to task/project in Tryton16:52
jvblascojeancavallo: in the github repos i didn't see anything, neither in the bitbucket ones16:55
jvblascocedk: i found that zikzak and nan-tic did some work around this problem, i'm going to give it a look to check if i can reuse/extend functionality16:56
cedkjvblasco: what the point of having it in Tryton?16:57
jvblascocedk: having help desk integrated with project management and sales means u can invoice, for example, in a support contract with a few clicks18:11
jvblascocedk: i think the real point is project/sales integration with helpdesk18:11
cedkjvblasco: what are you invoicing?18:12
jvblascocedk: work hours, derived from tasks in a project18:17
jvblascocedk: and i need a ticketing system to manage those tasks18:18
jvblascocedk: we have a helpdesk department here18:18
jvblascocedk: that department generates the tasks for production teams18:18
jvblascocedk: a project manager assigns those tasks to the best team member18:19
jvblascocedk: and if those hours are out of contract, they get invoiced18:19
cedkjvblasco: so you just have to fill the timesheet18:20
cedkjvblasco: but why would you need to link the timesheet to the task instead of the project(/contract)18:20
jvblascocedk: mmmmm18:23
jvblascocedk: i'm still studying it, reading some examples, i haven't fully figured out how to really implement it18:24
jvblascocedk: but makes sense to link the timesheet to the contract instead of the task18:25
cedkjvblasco: at B2CK, we invoice on timesheet and we use roundup18:25
cedkjvblasco: we did not needed to link both for now18:25
jvblascocedk: i c18:25
cedkjvblasco: but one of the possible integration will be to create a task in Tryton for each issue created on roundup18:26
jvblascocedk: here all the flow starts in the helpdesk department, the answering the incoming calls, and support mails18:26
cedkjvblasco: and with some rule you can put it under the right contract18:26
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cedkjvblasco: the email is the hardest to develop in Tryton because you have to create a email processor18:27
cedkjvblasco: but tools like roundup already has such features18:27
jvblascocedk: with rule u mean ir.rule?18:27
jvblascocedk: yeah, right now they are using jira18:27
jvblascocedk: anyway zikzak already implemented it:
jvblascoi will give it a look18:29
jvblascocause i'm not sure about how hard will integrate roundup with tryton when i'm still learning tryton basics18:30
cedkjvblasco: but you can integrate with jira18:32
jvblascocedk: no api for the plan they have here i guess, already asked that18:33
cedkjvblasco: at first look, any bigtracker is more powerful18:33
jvblascocedk: sure, no doubts in that lol18:34
jvblascocedk: and how would u approach the integration, through tryton webservices?18:34
jvblascocedk: i mean bugtracker calls for data injection in tryton?18:34
cedkjvblasco: if tracker is in Python and has some hooks, I will write a small python script that does the job18:37
cedkjvblasco: depending of the architecture, I will just import trytond or use proteus or write xml-rpc queries18:38
jvblascocedk: ok, i will give it a look18:49
jvblascocedk: tomorrow if i have some time18:50
jvblascocedk: anyway i will give roundup a look18:50
jvblascocedk: if it's a full featured bugtracker, it should do the work18:50
jvblascosee u tomorrow guys18:52
jvblascoand thnx for the help18:53
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