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jvblascomorning everyone09:01
Laura87Good morning ! :)09:08
Laura87how are you doing ladies and gentlemen?09:08
Laura87hello pokoli how are you?09:40
Laura87<jvblasco> Laura87: And u have nereid which allows u to create webs using tryton as a backend. It's developed on top of flask for the web functionality09:41
Laura87where should i get nereid for tryton from?09:42
Laura87i just found the nereid store demo09:42
pokoliHello Laura87, I'm amb fine and you?09:42
Laura87i am so and so09:43
Laura87thanks pokoli.. i don't find tryton to be so easy09:43
Laura87i thought there were some docs about installing and configuring custom fields09:43
Laura87and webUI09:43
Laura87i will have 5 people sharing the database09:43
Laura87(products and inventory)09:44
pokoliLaura87: for custom fields you should develop a custom module09:44
pokoliLaura87: webUi is still in development but you can get some notes (in spanish) on
sharoonthomasLaura87: feel free to ping if you have questions on nereid.. happy to help09:46
Laura87pokoli what's the right way to share the database with 5 people?09:50
Laura87sharoonthomas hello, thanks :)09:50
pokoliLaura87: just make the server accessible for the 5 users, and create a user for each people09:51
pokoliLaura87: so if all the 5 people is in the same local LAN you can use a local server, if they are spread on the world you can install your tryton server on the cloud09:52
Laura87pokoli we will be working on our LAN09:55
Laura87it is not clear to me wheter the 5 users will have to use a web UI or will have to install tryton .exe client09:56
pokoliLaura87: i will remocmend you tryton client as web is not finished. It's usable but not finished.10:01
Laura87so pokoli i now need to import my CSV database, which has custom fields like: lenght (mm), lenght (in),  diameter (mm), diameter (in), description, client, etc..10:13
Laura87you said i have to create a custom module, should i?10:14
jvblascoLaura87: u need to create a module to make the product template / product model fit your needs10:17
jvblascoLaura87: once done with the module, i would use proteus for the import10:18
Laura87jvblasco thanks10:18
Laura87jvblasco where can learn to build module10:19
jvblascoLaura: that combined with
jvblascoLaura87: should do the trick10:20
nicoeLaura87: I have the impression that your custom fields would better fit the product_attribute module where you can specify usefull information about products in a dictionary like structure10:22
sharoonthomasLaura87: also there is this elaborate hello world if you want to learn to build a module:
pokoliLaura87: you can have a look at the product_measurements module, maybe it's usefull for you :)10:30
Laura87dear jvblasco pokoli nicoe sharoonthomas  thank you all. i will have a look at your links and try to develop my erp12:02
Laura87what a pity there is not an official "stable" user-friendly WebUI12:02
jvblascoLaura87: It's nice to have one, but they usually aren't very usable12:18
jvblascoLaura87: Key shortcuts and working without geting your hands out of the keyboard is usually more efficient.12:19
jvblascoLaura87: And if u need something to be mobile, u have nereid12:19
Laura87have got to reboot now12:22
Laura87talk to you later12:23
cedkjvblasco: nereid is not a client12:25
jvblascocedk: i know, but it's a module that can be used for creating a web interface (custom client) for some module or whatever u need.12:38
jvblascoalso i discovered in the tuc, credits to sharoon here, that nereid can be used to easily create restful APIs for tryton12:39
cedkjvblasco: tryton has already json-rpc12:44
jvblascocedk: and it's what i used so far :)12:49
sharoonthomascan someone give me the name of a module which uses trytond_account_invoice_line_standalone ?13:11
Laura87excuse me for my arrogant question:13:12
Laura87which are the differences between tryton and Adempiere ?13:12
cedkLaura87: I don't know if anyone here knows Adempiere enough to provide such comparison13:13
cedkLaura87: by the way, for which topic are you looking?13:15
maxwellHi everyone, I'm trying to insall tryton server 3 version on ubuntu server13:17
maxwellbut I get python error – ImportError: cannot import name Table13:17
jeancavalloLaura87: Adempiere is Java13:18
Laura87jeancavallo what do you mean by that?13:19
Laura87is that bad ? haha13:20
jeancavalloLaura87: And its latest release looks rather old (2011)13:20
jeancavalloLaura87: yes it is ! :)13:20
jeancavalloLaura87: But cedk is right, I do not know if anyone here has a real experience with it13:21
Laura87ok :)13:23
maxwellgogole chrome crashed13:33
maxwelldoes anyone answered me?13:33
corromaxwell: yes, on the mailing list13:34
maxwellthx a lot13:36
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thegphi, I' am currently trying to install and configure trytond on ubuntu, and I can't seem to connect to it20:07
thegpscanning the host with nmap also doesn'T show any open ports for the client to connect to20:07
thegpI followed the documentation and have set up a user named tryton for the postgresqldb20:08
pokolithegp: you're using the default trytond.conf?20:11
pokolithegp: as the default config listens only on localhost20:12
thegpso I need to whitelist client IPs?20:12
pokolithegp: no,  you have to change the ip to listen. You can use *:8000 to listen on all ips, so it can be accessible from other hosts20:13
thegpalright, I'll try that20:13
thegphm, with that it doesn't restart20:16
thegp interface = *:800020:16
thegplike this?20:16
thegpand /etc/init.d/tryton-server start20:16
pokolithegp: jsonrpc = *:800020:36
pokolithegp: you can get the default configuration file from
pokolithegp: so in this file you must change line 6 to jsonrpc = *:800020:37
thegphm, in my conf file the default enabled wat netrpc, not jsonrpc20:50
thegphm, ok, so this changed the error message I get20:53
thegpit tells me incompatible version of the server, but i have 1.6.1 running on both (checked with --version)20:54
thegpby the way, is there a good documentation somewhere so I could RTFM?20:54 is a bit lacking, especialy in explaining the conf20:55
pokolithegp: you can use the same patern for netrpc20:57
pokolithegp: i'm not sure jsonrpc exist in 1.6, we are on 3.020:57
yangoonthegp: 1.6 is really outdated, better use some PPA from
pokolithegp: an 1.6 is not anymore supported, so i wouldrecomend you updating :)20:58
thegpah the joy of ubuntu repos20:59
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b0r7hi all; in trytond/modules/sale/sale.xml (line 109 for trytond 2.8) are two ids for 'act_sale_form_view' (act_sale_form_view1 and act_sale_form_view2), why is that? because the model 'ir.action.act_window.view' is used twice? because of the domains or the 'nested' sale_line_form.xml' ? or else?23:54
cedkb0r7: just because there are two views23:55
b0r7but there is only the one 'rendered' i'm seeing the one with the different domains etc.. and the sale lines.. etc..?23:57
cedkb0r7: no there are two views a form and a list23:58

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