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Piloucedk: codereview shows "old chunk mismatch" for the last four review (2951002 2941002 2931004 2931003).01:03
smarrormu: ping12:27
maxwellHi everybody13:13
maxwellI tried to install trytond into virtual enviroment13:13
maxwellit was successfull, but now I cannot connect to my server via client13:14
maxwellif I deactivate enviroment13:14
maxwelland run system trytond -- connectiong goes ok13:15
rmusmarro: pong13:28
smarrormu: have you solved your problem (some months agos) minimizing tryton client?13:31
smarrormu: i'm talking about 18:0313:33
smarrormu: because i have the same problem in some desktops upgrading to 3.0 version13:34
rmusmarro: i have to un-maximize first, then minimize13:37
smarrormu: ok, thanks13:37
rmusmarro: perhaps it's time to log an issue13:48
cedkrmu: to GTK so13:49
smarrormu: cedk: i noticed those machines have old packages... i'm updating... let's see...13:50
maxwellwhere can I get actual information about new module creation in tryton 3?14:05
maxwellwhere I need to place my new module files on server?14:25
maxwelle.g. trytond installed in virtual enviroment14:26
jeancavallomaxwell: Usually, you would develop your module in a separate folder then symlink them in trytond/trytond/modules14:48
maxwelljeancavallo: thx, but I cannout see trytond/tryond/modules folder14:49
maxwelljeancavallo: and directory i mentiond is empty -- is it ok?14:49
jeancavallomaxwell: Sry, meant trytond/modules14:50
jeancavallomaxwell: It is if other modules were installed with pip14:50
maxwelljeancavallo: ok, thx a lot14:50
jeancavallomaxwell: Tryton will look for them anyway14:50
jeancavallomaxwell: np14:50
cedkmaxwell: you can install your new module as far as it has an entry point starting by trytond.modules14:50
maxwelljeancavallo: can I use this manual? or it is too old?14:51
cedkmaxwell: the only one that is really maintained is the training:
cedkmaxwell: not yet available on 3.014:53
jeancavallomaxwell: I am not sure (I cannot open this webpage in chrome)14:53
jeancavallomaxwell: There is this one as well :
maxwellcedk: thx14:53
jeancavallomaxwell: But it may depend on the version you are using14:53
maxwelljeancavallo: ok, thx14:53
maxwelljeancavallo: I'm using 3.0.214:54
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hellhoundhey guys, I have a problem shutting down trytond with supervisord. I run tryton as a supervisor job but when I try to shut it down it hangs and stays as an orphan process23:56

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