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vaabcedk: ok... thx for the precisions. I guess it's hard to gather community and foster participation. I'll ponder that and wish you a good night.00:02
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pokolicedk: I have recieved an email from googleappengine that my tryton-rietveld account will be deleted10:24
pokolicedk: it is normal?10:24
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cedkpokoli: yes it is the old backend10:30
pokolicedk: ok, so i will just ignore it. Thanks10:31
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vaabHi, had some more time to try things and write doc, but still blocked at the "Create new Datase" part. I've managed to find a default trytond.conf, and set it up. I now get a "No connection" error, but I can easily netcat to the port and it's open.12:24
vaabIf you have any suggestions...12:24
vaabOf course the 3 suggestion given by the error message are all checked: if my nc manage to connect to the same IP/port, this means 1- the server is running (actually it's in a console in front of me), 2- The port is open (and additionaly it says it received my bogus netcat attempt), 3- No firewall ...12:27
vaabis there some special values to put in trytond.conf ?12:27
vaabAnd yes, my 'nc' was launched from the same host ;) ... (juste to avoid silly question).12:28
cedkvaab: probably ipv6 vs ipv412:30
vaabcedk: this doesn't tell me how to solve the issue.12:32
vaabjsonrpc =
vaabthat's ipv412:32
vaaband same thing on the tryton client side.12:33
vaabwhy the hell would we have to worry about ipv6 ?12:33
grasbauervaab: != ?12:34
vaabgrasbauer:  the server conf is told to listen to all interface with:, the client is told to connect to the server on his IP !12:35
grasbauervaab: don't know if in trytond is the same as * - but I would give *:8000 a try12:36
vaabcedk: and I should add that I get no error at all (the big red No connection) when putting a port/host that is unreachable. The Create database bouton is just disabled without any useful message of why it is disabled.12:37
cedkgrasbauer: * is for ipv6 if exists12:37
grasbauercedk: ok12:37
vaabgrasbauer: and my netcat wouldn't have been capable of reaching the server. So I'm pretty confident the server is up and listening the port I expect.12:38
vaabI'm receiving from the server a pretty HTML answer with "Error response" as title when sending rubbish on this port.12:40
grasbauervaab: sound very stupid - but 3 days ago a new emloyee was setting up trytond for first time - he got the same error. after checking his environment I detected that psycopg2 was not installed for the python in the virtualenv12:41
vaabAnd I get a pretty line in the server log saying it sent a code 400 to a bad request syntax.12:41
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vaabgrasbauer: I'll check that. I'm surprise not having any logs on the console side of the client neither. And Ctrl-C seems trapped. I don't really understand if it is a design decision or not, but it feels uncomfortable.12:43
vaabgrasbauer: well on the server side, I don't have psycopg2 available.12:44
vaabgrasbauer: I'll try install it.12:44
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vaabgrasbauer: Wow, that was it ! Thanks ! Why isn't there a proper error message displaying anywhere ? Didn't find an hint of that neither in the current docs. That's something I add in my docs.12:52
grasbauervaab: don't know if it is not documentet at the docs - if not, contribute ;)12:53
vaabgrasbauer: Yeah, I'm contributing. hum, the create button is still disabled... maybe it wasn't the sole hidden dependency that was needed...12:54
vaabTHe situation is like if it could'nt join AT ALL the server ;). I don't have the "No connection" displaying anymore, so I don't know if the situation is worse or not.12:55
vaabThere's defiitively somehting checked when the value change in the Server Connection field, but obviously it won't display if it is okay, but can occasionnaly display that something is wrong.12:56
vaabBut with or without the message, the message are of no help.12:56
grasbauervaab: check the requirements in the of trytond. Or you could just do a develop with your python - this will install the requirements12:57
cedkpsycopg2 is not a hard dependency12:57
vaabgrasbauer: and did your employee finaly succeeded to go through the "tryton" experience ?12:58
grasbauervaab: yes - he need to. no decision since there is a high unemployment in our region12:58
vaabcedk: Yes I understand this technically, however, I don't see any justification not to complain about it when launching the server if the trytond.conf explicitely asks for postgres ! ;)12:59
cedkvaab: agree there should be log error on server side12:59
cedkit is point I would like to improve in trytond is the logging13:00
cedknormally trytond should be installed if you want to use postgresql: pip instal trytond[postgresql]13:00
vaabcedk: what frightens me, is that you must have catched an exception and willfully ignored it. Or you have a global exception ignorer which is worse...13:00
vaabOr is there some "debug" options to let them loose ?13:01
grasbauervaab: the ugliest way to check is to put in your settings in client manualy without a profile - than connect - you will see all the exceptions13:01
cedkvaab: I think the exception is send to the client but the database creation popup should show a failure message13:01
vaabgrasbauer: I'm not sure to understand what you mean. I'm going through this only led by help given on this chan. So If I should do all this in other ways, please tell me !13:04
vaabok I'll tcpdump all this to see what's going on ;)13:05
vaabVictory ! ;)13:12
grasbauervaab: And, what did you fight for your victory?13:13
vaabgrasbauer: sadly, a lot of missing information had to be gathered (you can't get started with only the 'Install', 'getting started' or 'First steps' document that are available on the official website and on community doc efforts), packages available on PIP didn't work as advertised, and most of the errors of the applications are quiet errors or when a message is given it's often misleading.13:18
vaabgrasbauer: for the very last part, I must admit that it was my mistake, but I didn't have any hints about it. After so many tries I did a typo. Hopefully the tcpdump helped me sort this trivial error... not the UI.13:20
vaabgrasbaeur: I'm typing all these missing information as ReST and have already sent a few PR (a lot more to come of course). But there are part of the process that really should be simplified. The part where I must get the last trytond.conf on the mercurial to get a sample of it. I've seen a bug request about this with a patch proposal that is waiting since 2011. All this is trivial to do when you've done it once, but It's deal breaking badl13:25
vaaby, because it doesn't give a very good picture of the final product. And I think this is sad because I really love much of the underlying choices that were made.13:25
grasbauervaab: I never had to download a trytond.conf - it's included as default in the package. Which issue you mean?13:33
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soumyadeepHello people.13:48
soumyadeepI am planning to use tryton for a hospital management system for a friend of mine.13:49
soumyadeepBut I am finding it highly confusing with the various module and how to go on using them.13:50
soumyadeepHow to go on with registering patients, and going on with other treatment and procedural works.13:51
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soumyadeepCan someone please guide me on how to begin with using the system, and distributing access to other users etc. :)13:52
soumyadeepA live working scenario would be great13:52
udonosoumyadeep: hi, do you know ?13:52
udonosoumyadeep: it is driven by tryton13:53
soumyadeepWill go through it once.13:54
cedkvaab: about trytond.conf soon, it will no more be needed13:56
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marius__how do I call some custom function on Model with proteus?15:15
marius__can I do something like Model.custom_function()15:15
marius__because now I get that there's no such attribute error15:16
grasbauermarius__: you must allow access via RPC15:17
grasbauermarius__: one moment - example follows15:17
marius__what does instantiate=0 means?15:21
grasbauermarius_: the position of the argument which gets instantiated when calling via rpc15:25
grasbauermarius__: see
grasbauermarius__: so lines are instantiates even if you call the method with ids only and you can operate on active records15:26
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marius__I get NotImplementedError from proteus :/15:29
grasbauermarius__: if you are doing what?15:34
marius__I specified context in call, now it's ok15:35
grasbauermarius__: if it is ok it is ok ;)15:35
marius__thanks ;)15:36
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vaabgrasbauer: didn't see your question sorry. The default config file is nowhere to be found when installing via pip. I had to get it in mercurial sources. I don't really now what to put in the doc on this case, because I can't figure out a stable link to get the file out of mercurial.17:24
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grasbauervaab: don't know because I always installing via hg nclone - but there is a trytond.conf in the package as well18:47
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