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TrYtalyGood morning ladies and gentlemen!08:58
TrYtalyI like Tryton and would love to remove the price fields and automatically show my custom attributes fields: is it possible/doable?09:00
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pokoliTrYtaly: you must develop some custom module in order to do that09:15
TrYtalypokoli: thanks. how can i learn about it?09:16
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pokoliTrYtaly: currently incomplete but a good start
TrYtalythanks. will have a look09:32
pokoliTrYtaly: and come here with your doubts if you have some :)09:33
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TrYtalypokoli: you are so kind!09:35
TrYtalyI am actually looking for a system to manage all the products, allowing me to store their specifications (several diameters, lengths, etc..) and their technical drawing pdfs. do you think tryton is the only free solution for this kind of manufacturing management system?09:37
TrYtalyI am sure experts like you pokoli can give a good opinion about the topic !09:38
pokoliTrYtaly: i'm prety sure you can do it on tryton09:41
pokoliTrYtaly: can't comment about other free solutions because I don't know them all09:41
TrYtalypokoli: I am afraid it will take too much time to create custom modules, since I am new to tryton.09:43
jeancavalloTrYtaly: Hi. I think that managing the custom properties of products (like diameters / lengths) is already possible in tryton. And you could store the technical drawings as attachments on the product. It depends on what you want to do with it though09:45
TrYtalyhello jeancavallo. thanks for your comment. what do you mean by "It depends on what you want to do with it though" ?09:46
pokoliTrYtaly: and product_attributes module is not right for your needs?09:47
jeancavalloTrYtaly: I did not see the start of your discussion, but using the product_attribute modules allows you to store custom data on your products09:47
jeancavalloTrYtaly: But it stores them in a special format which makes them difficult to search on09:47
jeancavalloTrYtaly: Meaning you cannot "Find all products with diameter > 10cm"09:48
jeancavalloTrYtaly: Which you could if you developed a custom module09:48
TrYtalyi need that search09:48
TrYtalyi need to be able to perform advanced searches09:49
pokoliTrYtaly: advanced searches like?09:49
jeancavalloTrYtaly: If you want to do it on your custom fields, well I think there is no other solution than creating your own module09:50
jeancavalloTrYtaly: Though just adding fields is pretty easy09:50
TrYtalyadvanced searches like09:50
TrYtalydiameter between 10 and 15 mm, and length above 100 mm09:51
TrYtalypokoli: and jeancavallo  forgive me for the following question: a friend of mine told me Adempiere can be a good solution as well: what do you guys think about it?09:57
jeancavalloTrYtaly: Sorry I only kjnow it by name09:57
pokoliTrYtaly: same on my side09:58
pokoliTrYtaly: if you use custom fields you will have no problems with this kind of searches09:58
TrYtalyok I am trying to figure out how to create modules on windows tryton10:06
TrYtaly*for tryton on windows 710:06
pokoliTrYtaly: tryton modules are python packages, you just have to create a python package and put it in the modules directory10:09
pokoliTrYtaly: once developed you have to upgrade your module list (by upgrading any module) and then install de module10:09
cedkTrYtaly: but don't try that with neso, you need a full trytond/tryton installation10:16
TrYtalywhat do you mean?10:16
cedkTrYtaly: neso is not made for developement10:17
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soumyadeepcan somebody tell me because of what reason invoice is not created automatically after i order a labtest?12:06
cedksoumyadeep: ask on gnu health12:07
soumyadeepif i ask gnuhealth they dont reply...this is all crap ur software12:08
cedksoumyadeep: you are asking about something specific to gnu health12:09
cedksoumyadeep: and being rude will not help12:09
soumyadeepya i m sorry for being rude....if i post anything on tryton u say ask gnuhealth ,when i ask gnuhealth they dont reply..tell me what should i do now...i need help12:12
cedksoumyadeep: try the mailing list maybe12:12
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jonans_Is there any documentation on price_lists ? They dont appear to have any effect on pricing on sale for associated products.12:30
cedkjonans_: have you the sale_price_list module?12:35
soumyadeepgnu-health has helped me a lot. Tryton is indeed a great software.12:54
meanmiciosomyadeep: We all have a bad day ;-)12:55
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jonans_yes sale_price_list is installed. formula for product is "unit_price * 0.95" @ qty 1013:24
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cedkjonans_: and is the price list selected on the sale13:47
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jonans_That was it. Was missing price list selection on sale, thought it was by product only. Thanks.14:08
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newzenhello im trying to make this to work but i get                nuevo-proyecto/tasks/", line 9, in <module>16:43
newzen    from path import path as lpath16:43
newzenImportError: No module named path16:43
newzensorry for pasted16:44
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jeancavallonewzen: You got to pip install path.py17:13
pokolinewzen: on the tasks repo and the config repo there are all the requirments.txt files for both projects17:19
pokolinewzen: just install them17:19
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newzenthank all17:25
pokolinewzen: ping me if you have some doubts about those tools17:27
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newzenNB at end never hear about pip module with .py ext :)17:33
newzennow is cloning all17:33
pokolinewzen: so just get a cup of coffee and wait17:44
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jvblascohi guys18:14
jvblascoi'm trying to filter the content in a relation window, of a o2m field using a m2m widget, tried with the views, and using a domain in the field with no success18:14
jvblascowhen using the domain in the o2m field i always get an incorrect domain error in the client side when saving18:15
jvblascoi guess i have the error in the server side too (i guess it's the server who rises the exception)18:15
jvblascoi have a machine form with a m2m widget for ipaddresses, and i need to show only the unassigned ipaddresses18:16
jvblasconot sure where to go now18:16
jvblascoi've tried creating a view with an action filtered with a domain18:17
jvblascobut didn't have any success either18:17
jvblasconot sure where to go from here18:17
pokolijvblasco: maybe you need add_remove on the o2m field
pokolijvblasco: and use the o2m widget instead of the m2m18:18
jvblascobut i need to pop the ipaddresses list18:19
pokolijvblasco: what do you mean by pop?18:19
jvblascoas i create them b4 being able to use them18:19
jvblascothat's why i use the m2m widget18:19
jvblascoi mean i need the widget to show the list available in the other side18:19
jvblascoof the relation18:19
pokolijvblasco: with this option you will have a + sign in the o2m form to select existing records18:19
jvblascobut i think i will be stuck with the same problimg18:20
jvblascotrytin it anyway18:20
jvblascopokoli: thnx18:21
jvblascopokoli: OMG18:27
jvblascopokoli: falling in love with pokoli. i only can say THANK YOU18:28
pokolijvblasco: one beer will be enough :P18:28
jvblascopokoli: sure it will18:29
jvblascobtw, is there any date / place for the 2014 TUC?18:29
pokolijvblasco: for TUC currently no, for TUL see!topic/tryton/XTYcpHLolx018:30
jvblascopokoli: TUC != Tryton Unconference18:31
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pokolijvblasco: don't know what you mean18:35
cedkjvblasco: there are TUL = Tryton Unconference Li├Ęge, TUB = Tryton Unconference Barcelona18:36
cedkand now there will be TUL = Tryton Unvonference Leipzig18:36
pokolicedk: will npush work with ssh:// ??18:54
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pokolicedk: I just noticed it only work on local repos19:20
cedkpokoli: it must work as npull works19:21
pokolicedk: i got abort: repository 'ssh://' is not local :S19:22
pokolicedk: nevermind i pushed it manually19:22
cedkpokoli: I think the path is wrong19:23
cedkI got: ssh://
cedkand ssh://
pokolicedk: because you clone from ssh? I ncloned from http and then replaced19:24
cedkpokoli: so what is the path?19:26
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pokolicedk: ssh://
cedkpokoli: and pull works?19:28
pokolicedk: it works with http:// so it must work with ssh19:28
cedkpokoli: no you must test with ssh, it is not the same19:29
pokolicedk: yes, npull works, but not npush19:30
cedkpokoli: npull with ssh ?19:32
pokolicedk: yes19:32
pokoliwith the path i copied previosuly19:32
cedkpokoli: for me the path is wrong19:32
pokolicedk: so i must use ssh:// ?19:32
cedkpokoli: make a clone using ssh and see the result19:36
pokolicedk: i did and the result is the path you say it's wrong19:36
cedkpokoli: and you can not push19:39
pokolicedk: no :(19:39
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cedkpokoli: tested with similar setup as you and it works20:00
pokolicedk: how did you do the nclone?20:01
cedkpokoli: hg nclone ssh://
pokolicedk: this is what i did :S20:03
pokolicedk: nevermind, thanks for your feedback20:03
cedkpokoli: I use hgnested 0.6 + last fix20:04
pokolicedk: I'm using an older version for sure20:07
pokolicedk: sorry i got confused with hgreview, I'm using 0.6 without last fix20:10
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