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marius__why does tryton calculate assigned quantity as available quantity when stock_assign?08:00
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marius__why does tryton calculate assigned quantity as available quantity when stock_assign?09:25
pokolimarius__: don't understant the question :S09:33
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marius__i have 3 locations: storage, pre-production, production09:34
marius__to make a production i do internal move from storage -> pre-production09:34
marius__in production I do pre-production -> production (input moves)09:35
marius__pre-productions -> productions moves are 1) draft, 2) assigned 3) done09:35
marius__and I'm unable to assign such moves when there are no quantity in pre-production location (aka done storage->pre-production) moves09:36
marius__problem is that I'm able to assign pre-production->production moves when there is assigned move storage->pre-production09:37
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marius__and that looks wrong to me, storage->pre-production move should be done before i'm able to assign the quantity09:37
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pokolimarius__: are you sure you don't have any stock for the products in the pre-production location?09:41
pokolimarius__: is pre-production child of any location?09:41
marius__pokoli, sure09:42
pokolimarius__: maybe you're issue is related with child locations, if you have any stock in child locations, that stock will be picked on assing_try09:43
marius__pokoli, pre-production doesn't have child locations09:44
marius__and stock_assign is = True in assign_try09:45
marius__question is why is that?09:45
cedkmarius__: because we don't want to assign twice09:51
cedkmarius__: but for assignation on internal move of course it is a little bit wrong09:51
marius__what's correct way of doing it ? making production without pre-production location?09:52
marius__aka direct moves from storage to production?09:52
cedkmarius__: I don't know09:54
marius__documentatios says: Inputs: The moves between the storage location and the production location (as defined on the warehouse) for products used for production.09:55
cedkwe probably need more fine tuning for stock_assign value to be applied on in, out or both kind of moves09:59
marius__I still don't get the point how stock_assign solves assigning twice problem10:01
cedkmarius__: it doesn't assign twice10:02
cedkmarius__: it allows you to assign a product that is not yet arrived but should because it is assigned10:02
cedkthis come from historical reason where only outgoing move were assigned but with the production, there is a internal assignation process10:06
marius__but I believe it's wrong because I'm able to assign / consume quantity which didn't arrive yet10:08
marius__into storage location10:08
marius__cedk, do we remove stock_assign at all then?10:10
cedkcreated issue438410:10
cedkmarius__: no because otherwise it will allow to assign this time twice a product10:11
marius__ok, now I get it10:22
marius__i'll try to make a patch10:23
cedkmarius__: the difficulty is to not duplicate all the code for incoming and outgoing10:27
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cedkmarius__: I doubt it is right to create one more method11:39
pokolimarius__: cedk maybe better a function instead of a method?11:42
cedkI think the change should be a small as possible11:44
cedkso I guess we can have a method to generate in/out clause where stock_assign is playing11:44
cedkand others function where it is needed to avoid code duplication11:45
cedkor using copy but I don't know if it works on python-sql11:45
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marius__so what should I do?12:55
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cedkmarius__: don't create new method but just create small lamdba or function to avoid code duplication13:00
cedkmarius__: and also try to use copy of python-sql statement if possible13:01
cedkmarius__: normally copy should work on sql statements13:02
marius__why would I need to copy?13:02
cedkmarius__: to apply same statement many times13:04
marius__i haven't seen copy + sql in tryton13:07
cedkmarius__: that's not a reason to not try it13:13
marius__do you want to use copy in period clause?13:15
cedkmarius__: yes13:17
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marius__state_date_clause_in &= deepcopy(period_clause)13:19
marius__TypeError: 'Column' object is not callable13:19
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cedkmarius__: strange13:29
marius__it's somewhere deep in stack13:30
pokolicedk: i've got the same error, maybe it's related with
pokoliwhich is not yet released13:30
cedkpokoli: will probably do a new release when CTE is commited13:32
cedkmarius__: so better to use for new small lambda/function13:32
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cedkmarius__: don't forget to add the issue number in the description14:20
cedkmarius__: still too much code moved14:21
marius__I don't know how to do it more "efficiently" and according to PEP14:22
marius__basically it's just indent + context.get('stock_assign') change into stock_assign variable14:23
cedkmarius__: that's not what shows the diff14:25
cedkmarius__: by reading the diff, I can not validate that14:25
marius__diff tool is wrong ;)14:25
cedkmarius__: especially when I find a elif becomes if14:25
marius__cedk, yes, cause it was if context.get('stock_date_start'): ... elif PeriodCache: ...14:30
marius__when I extracted the first if into the function, elif PeriodCache became if PeriodCache and not context.get...14:31
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hiaselhanspokoli: you there?15:21
pokolihiaselhans: hi, yes, I'm here :)15:24
hiaselhanspokoli: cool! what do you think about documentation? something to improve, some comment?15:25
hiaselhanspokoli: should i send you a rendered version of the pr to read through maybe..?15:25
pokolihiaselhans: sorry but it's a big diff and I want to review it in calm15:26
pokolihiaselhans: and I haven't found the time to get in calm15:26
hiaselhanspokoli: of course, thats cool!15:26
hiaselhanspokoli: just asking if you might prefer a rendered pdf i could send you if you want ;)15:26
pokolihiaselhans: but feel fre to ping me if you have something to discuss15:26
pokolihiaselhans: don't worry i just clone the repo and render it in the format I want15:27
pokolihiaselhans: and then i usually compare it with rtfd (which is master branch) :)15:27
hiaselhanspokoli: perfect, thanks! :) if you have a question i am available.. (also mostly it is just moving things as the example is split into two parts..)15:29
pokolihiaselhans: yes i know, but i have to review if nothing is lost from in the split15:30
pokolihiaselhans: that's why i want to get some calm :)15:31
hiaselhanspokoli: of course! thanks for the effort! :)15:32
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pokolicedk: there is any method of filling review description from comandline?18:07
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cedkpokoli: my PL on hgreview18:20
pokolicedk: I imagine that with this + reviewbot it's faster to push a review as review and issue get automatically linked if you put issue number on review description18:24
cedkpokoli: yes18:24
cedkpokoli: I also plan more improvement on hgreview18:24
pokolicedk: do you have an expected date for release?18:24
cedklike storing the initial message to prefill the commit message18:24
cedkpokoli: no18:25
cedkpokoli: ask nicoe18:25
pokoliok, well try to ask him, as we have a patch for multi-account and maybe it's the time to merge it on master18:25
cedkpokoli: hgreview uses now so maybe your patch is on rietveld18:27
cedkI also would like to have for hgreview, a list of rietveld server to pick and stored in .hg/18:27
pokolicedk: that what we have :)18:28
cedkand also being able to manage many review from the same repo using bookmark18:28
pokolicedk: why stored in .hg? to be able to link each review with each server?18:32
cedkpokoli: to not have to ask each time review is called18:32
pokolicedk: ohh that will be a good improvement18:34
pokoliACTION reviewing latest hgreview changesets :) 18:35
pokoliohhh reviewid it's automatically picked in commit message?18:37
cedkpokoli: no18:38
cedkpokoli: but I would like18:38
pokolicedk: so what's this?
cedkpokoli: I don't know18:41
cedkpokoli: at least it doesn't work here18:42
pokolicedk: ok, thanks :)18:43
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CZ-ZNCould I ask a question about how partial vs full payments work in the Tryton account invoice module?22:11
CZ-ZNFor example I have an invoice of $1000 with 30% deposit to be paid on receipt.22:12
CZ-ZNThe payment term defined is first line 30% and second line remainder.22:12
cedkCZ-ZN: you can use the pay wizard on invoice but it is better to use the statements to register bank statements22:13
CZ-ZNThe pay wizard via the "pay" button?22:14
cedkCZ-ZN: yes22:14
CZ-ZNwhen I use the pay wizard... I pay the 30%, but when I pay the remainder, the invoice still isn't in status "paid"22:15
CZ-ZNI've paid both amounts to fully pay the invoice, why isn't the invoice "paid". I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.22:15
CZ-ZNEven if I pay the entire invoice in a single payment, it still doesn't switch to status "paid".22:16
cedkCZ-ZN: that's sound strange22:16
CZ-ZNThis only happens with invoices with multiline payment terms.22:16
cedkCZ-ZN: what is the value of the amount to pay?22:16
CZ-ZNThe exact amount on my latest real invoice is 1606.5022:17
cedkCZ-ZN: I mean the field on the invoice form22:18
CZ-ZNsorry... the amount to pay is 481.9522:19
cedkCZ-ZN: so not everything is paid22:20
CZ-ZNYes.. but then I pay the remainder with the pay button... and invoice still sits posted.... not paid.22:20
CZ-ZNEven if I pay the full amount 1606.50, the invoice sits posted (not paid).22:20
cedkCZ-ZN: but what is the value of the field "amount to pay"?22:22
CZ-ZNAmount to pay today is the 30% of 1606.50 which is 481.95. Amount to pay is 1606.50.22:23
cedkCZ-ZN: so it seems you are paying nothing22:27
CZ-ZNI click "Pay", I enter "1606.50" as the Payment Amount. and click "Ok"22:29
CZ-ZNThe next window offers a choice of Type (Partial Payment or Write Off)22:29
CZ-ZNWhat should the type be?22:29
CZ-ZNI don't understand why it seems I'm paying nothing? Can you elaborate?22:30
cedkCZ-ZN: the choice is because the amount doesn't pay the all invoice so the system ask how to manage this payment22:31
CZ-ZNbut the amount I enter (1606.50) balances the complete invoice (1606.50).22:32
cedkCZ-ZN: are you sure you are using the same curreency?22:33
CZ-ZNyes... single currency22:33
CZ-ZNAnd here is the invoice form after a "partial payment" of 1606.50:
cedkCZ-ZN: so still 546 to pay22:36
CZ-ZNYes... but how is it possible that there is still 546 to pay if I already submitted the full amount of the invoice to pay?22:37
cedkCZ-ZN: what is the amount of the invoice?22:37
cedkCZ-ZN: 1606.5 - 1060.5 == 1606.522:39
cedkCZ-ZN: so all numbers look correct22:39
CZ-ZNHmmm...  If the numbers are correct, shouldn't the invoice status be paid? It is still "posted":
cedkCZ-ZN: no because you did not record a full payment22:43
cedkCZ-ZN: 1060.5 != 1606.522:43
CZ-ZNI'm an imbecile22:44
CZ-ZNI see now that I mistyped the amount 1060.50 insteat of 1606.50.22:46
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CZ-ZNOne more question... disregarding entering the incorrect amount above which I did in my test database. The invoice in my production db was paid correctly in full before the 30 day  term. Will it show posted until 30 days after the invoice date at which it will show paid?22:55
cedkCZ-ZN: it will go to paid state once it is paid22:59
CZ-ZNPayment Lines:
CZ-ZNI've triple checked this time... the payment is in full on the payment tab; yet, the invoice state isn't "paid"23:02
cedkCZ-ZN: that's strange23:04
CZ-ZNYeah... thanks for sticking with me on this... I appreciate your patience.23:04
CZ-ZNHere's the payment term:
cedkCZ-ZN: you should check if the account move lines are reconciled23:13
CZ-ZNThis here?
CZ-ZNThat did it...23:17
cedkCZ-ZN: strange they were not reconciled23:18
cedkCZ-ZN: but if you reconcile them, the invoice will be paid23:18
CZ-ZNYes... that definitely cleared up the issue. Strange. Should I submit this is a bug?23:18
CZ-ZNIf I can reproduce it, would you consider this a bug?23:19
cedkCZ-ZN: yes23:30
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CZ-ZNcedk: Thanks again for your help.23:54
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