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mathsniperhello everyone.08:46
mathsniperDoes tryon 3.4.2 support python 3.4?08:46
cedkmathsniper: no only 2.708:46
mathsniperWill tryon support python 3 in future?08:47
mathsniperThanks. I am newbie on tryton. Is it possible to develop a paypal-like platform with tryton?08:51
cedkmathsniper: I guess yes, you can use
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cedkmathsniper: but paypal is quite a beast and there are already other simplier services like stripe.com08:54
mathsnipercoz the software will be used in China. The service traffic that not controlled will not work probably09:01
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guillemBarbaHi. I'm pretty sure it isn't possible but... there is a way that tryton_flask access to trytond throw jsonrpc?09:56
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cedkguillemBarba: no this will be such performance penalties09:57
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guillemBarbacedk: ok, thnks10:02
guillemBarbacedk: and why tryton_flask requires a running trytond instance?10:03
cedkguillemBarba: it doesn't10:03
guillemBarbacedk: ok10:05
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cedknicoe: incredible12:49
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pokolicedk: ping15:03
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cedkpokoli: pong15:33
pokolicedk: about this error I'm wondering if it should be fixed on trytond or in the module15:33
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pokolicedk: basically i'm calling create with a list of 11k dictionaries15:34
cedkpokoli: probably on trytond using in_max15:35
pokolicedk: yes, i have the fix for the module using grouped slice15:35
pokolicedk: thanks, I will provide a patch for it :)15:36
cedkpokoli: by the way, why are you still using this module instead of the import script of country?15:38
pokolicedk: there are some diferences with our data and the import script15:39
pokolicedk: and we find our data more precise15:39
cedkpokoli: geonames uses the data from ines:
cedkpokoli: I found strange that you have "better" data15:42
pokolicedk: it was discused on the tryton-es mailing list, that all I remember15:44
cedkpokoli: what is the source?15:45
pokolicedk: not sure, this is the discusion i mentioned you!search/country_zip_es/tryton-es-dev/q4VfA56-J3o/0LGWBn5-gY8J15:51
guillemBarbacedk: it's spanish public service, you must expecte everything except good things ;-P15:52
pokolicedk: by the way, in the threat is mentioned that importing with script lasts 10 minutes, 30 seconds with the wizard15:53
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cedkpokoli: improvement is welcome because it means improving proteus16:04
pokolicedk: i imagine it will improve with create/write multi on proteus16:07
cedkfor what I see, there were no really good reason to duplicate the effort16:20
cedkthe argument on zip having many cities is wrong16:21
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guillemBarbacedk: the INE/Geonames data doesn't have accent, what makes the names wrong (I think your name is C├ędric, not Cedric)16:37
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cedkguillemBarba: better to try to improve existing than duplicate efforts16:41
cedkbut anyway, I see a recurring pattern16:42
guillemBarbait's the intention, but until it's done, we have this module to have the correct data. anyway, it's our effort.16:55
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guillemBarbacedk: what is the roadmap to remove fields.Property? I made a proposition to convert them to fields.Function using a common mixin18:00
cedkguillemBarba: I don't understand the question18:08
guillemBarbacedk: I will formulate it better on monday18:16
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