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meanmicioGood saturday everyone.12:37
meanmicioI'm starting to work on a general canvas for GNU Health on the Tryton client, that I think the Tryton community could find it useful too12:38
meanmicioThe idea is to be able to annotate on graphical models from the Tryton client itself12:38
meanmicioSo, models such as odontograms, surgery, forensics can be annotated directly, without the need of a third party application.12:40
meanmicioI see this functionality embedded on the GTK client12:40
meanmicioIf anyone is interested in collaborating on this, please let me know. As I said, I believe there will be other scenarios aside the medical field that will find it useful12:42
cedkmeanmicio: I think it could be implemented as a plugin for the client12:45
cedkmeanmicio: what tools do you plan to use?12:45
cedkmeanmicio: and what will you store, a bitmap?12:46
meanmiciocedk : It would be great if we can work on it as a plugin.12:48
meanmiciocedk: I started to look at pygoocanvas, but I'm sure there are other options too12:49
cedkmeanmicio: when I saw your bug report, I discussed briefly with nicoe and I get (maybe crazy) idea to use gis fields12:50
meanmiciocedk: The idea is to have pre-defined "background models" (eg, odontogram) stored at server level, and then we can have them displayed on different scenarios for different tasks12:51
cedkmeanmicio: in some way, it is still geographical information with referencial being the body12:51
meanmiciocedk: I think we need two type of  tasks. One is to map a specific region of the bitmap into a meaningful value related to that position (eg odontogram, on a specific tooth). The other is being able to stketch in a more free way on a diagram (eg, forensic diagrams)12:55
meanmiciocedk: The first one can use the concept of "gis" or something to referenciate. The second scenario won't need it.12:55
cedkmeanmicio: is it something link "Paint"
meanmiciocedk: For the sketch part, yes. Even simpler. We would have a pre-defined background image in most cases.12:59
cedkmeanmicio: I don't think goocanvas is the right tool because it is embed into canvas "objects"13:02
meanmiciocedk : What do you think about the ?13:02
cedkmeanmicio: for free drawing, I think you should use a GTK DrawingArea13:02
meanmiciocedk : Ah, ok You just answered :)13:02
meanmiciocedk: I guess we can start with a PoC with the idea of plugin .13:04
meanmiciocedk: I am looking now at
meanmiciocedk: It seems like it has what we need, at least for the sketch :)13:05
cedkmeanmicio: here is a tutorial:
cedkmeanmicio: the ending example seems a good starting point13:06
cedkso it means it will be a widget to edit binary field which will contain a bitmap (or png) of drawing + a ref to a background image13:07
cedkit will also requires a size in pixel13:08
cedkmeanmicio: normally, current version of Tryton has all the tools to allow the definition of such plugin: client and server side13:09
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meanmiciocedk: That's great. I guess we can have different models with the pre-defined background image, that we can reference and do the annotations . That by itself will be a great start !13:54
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mathsniperHi, everyone18:11
mathsniperIs there any tutorial about developing tryton webapp?18:11
mathsniperI found that "Nereid" project is the only one web framework of tryton, and it is open source.18:12
cedkmathsniper: there is also flask-tryton18:24
mathsniperIs it up to date?18:26
cedkmathsniper: don't understand18:28
mathsniperIs it still maintained by the author?18:29
cedkmathsniper: I'm the author18:31
mathsniperThanks! I will take a look at it18:34
mathsniperStill playing around it. Just bootstrap the db only18:34
mathsniperIs there any example about building webapp with flask-tryton?18:57
cedkmathsniper: there is an example on the website18:59
mathsniperlike building model, passing logic to controller and then render it18:59
cedkmathsniper: read the Flask tutorial19:00
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