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csotelohi people, I am working on invoices on tryton for my country, Peru. My question is related to taxes, on Peru, enterprises, who pays taxes uses a Identification that is different to a person, and persons dont pay taxes03:56
csotelowher can I configurate this kind of rules? ( I was looking into taxes rules, without sucess 0) thanks03:57
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farhoudim farhoud from iran15:39
farhoudim translating tryton to persian15:39
farhoudbut i have problem we use jalali calender instead of gorgian15:40
farhoudand i need to add jalali calender support first15:41
farhoudcan i just mask date field to show and read date in jalali and then convert it to  gregorian15:42
farhoud* gregorian15:42
farhoudi need some help15:44
farhoudto understand how field work15:45
farhoudor is it possible at all15:45
nicoeHello farhoud16:16
nicoeThat's great to see people translating tryton in foreign languages16:19
nicoeAnd especially since there is this calendar issue that is quite interesting16:20
nicoeOn the database level postgresql (and I suppose other databases) follow the SQL standard of storing dates in the gregorian calendar16:21
farhoudyes sure im software engineer student16:21
nicoeSo you're used to this kind of issue :)16:21
farhoudyes our calender is rar16:21
nicoeI suppose there is a way to compute from gregorian to jalali and vice-versa16:22
farhoudyes python librery jalaji calender is also exist16:23
farhoudits very simple and do the casting16:23
nicoeSo my first idea would be to extend the date and datetime field of the client to enable to input jalali dates (and display gregorian dates as jalali)16:24
nicoeACTION is browsing through the code source16:25
farhoudhuum i was thinking i should change date field and try to understanding it16:25
farhoudso the client is my target16:26
farhoudi was try to modifying date field in model lib16:26
farhoudthank u nicoe im start reading the client code16:28
nicoeYou'll need to define a client plugin to replace the date / datetime widget we use (but maybe GTK already support those I don't know)16:28
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nicoeAnd then in tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/ in the display and get_value method do the conversion16:30
nicoeYou also have to know a reliable way to detect which kind of calendar a user is using16:30
nicoeprobably a config or an environment variable16:31
farhoudim also willing to make little team from my university16:32
farhoudwe have accounting major and computing major16:32
nicoefarhoud: great16:32
nicoewish you luck16:33
farhoudthank u nicoe16:33
farhoudopen project is not very popular in my country and we want to make a change16:34
farhoudand we like to depend on tryton community16:34
farhoudyour very help full16:35
farhoudwish u luck too16:35
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aronceroHi, I have a view B that inherits from A19:01
aronceroCan I call A or Be as needed? or always boing to be B19:02
cedkaroncero: inherits always change the views so you must always refers to the original and all the inherits will be applied19:12
cedkaroncero: except if you put on the inherit a domain which can make the application conditional19:12
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aroncerocedk: I read that in the doc. Where can I see an example? I tried "things" without success19:16
cedkaroncero: I think there are no usage of it for now in core modules19:17
cedkaroncero: domain must be a PYSON expression that will be evaluated into a Boolean using the context19:18
cedkaroncero: it is in line 299 of modelview.py19:18
cedkACTION bbl19:19
aroncerocedk: ok, thanks.19:19
aroncero<field name="domain" eval="[('is_robot', '=', True)]" pyson="1" />19:22
aroncerocedk: is that the way?19:22
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cedkaroncero: no but it should be: Eval('context', {}).get('is_robot', False)20:36
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aroncerocedk: thanks, so if I create a action that do  <field name="domain" eval="[('is_robot', '=', True)]" pyson="1"/>20:51
aroncerocedk: must check is_robot to True and load the inherits view20:52
aroncerocedk:... or not, because does not works20:54
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cedkaroncero: it can not work because you are still not using the right syntax I gave you22:20
aroncerocedk: I use the syntax in the view and it works ok22:21
aroncerocedk: I created a domain in the action that it worked (before put the domain in the view) and marked the boolean field in the view22:23
cedkaroncero: don't understand22:24
aroncerocedk: sorry, I start again22:24
aronceroI have a view B inheriting from A22:25
aronceroIf i use this domain in the action from menu22:26
aroncero<field name="domain" eval="[('is_robot', '=', True)]" pyson="1"/>22:26
aronceromarks the field is_robot to True and it is ok22:26
aronceroand the original menu open the view with is_robot to False22:27
aronceronow I want that the original menu open the original view22:27
aronceroso I use22:27
cedkaroncero: what do you name "marks the field is_robot to True"22:30
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aronceroTesting i noticed that the view B never is open, althought is_robot is True22:52
aronceroso <field name="domain" eval="Eval('context', {}).get('is_robot', False)" pyson="1" /> does not work as expected22:53
cedkaroncero: when you talk about "open", I think you don't understand how inherit works22:55
aronceroI understand how inherits works (I think)22:56
aroncerobut when i read "...the inheritance will be proceeded." in the doc22:57
aronceroi undertand that you can decided "open" (proceess or not) a view or the other22:58
aroncerorespect a, in this case, a field evaluated in the field domain22:59
cedkaroncero: no there is only one view23:00
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