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jp111cedk: Hi  I am trying to setup tryton on my system. Can you describe the database setup in detail. I have cloned tryton and trytond and ran python install for each. I am new to postgres.15:31
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cedkjp111: it is explained here:
jp111cedk: I follwed the steps as mentioned15:43
jp111I first ran bin/trytond15:43
jp111This is my config file
jp111Then i ran the command sudo bin/trytond -c config.ini -d trytond --all15:44
jp111It is stuck at this point15:44
jp111Also I am behind proxy, can that be a problem ?15:44
cedkjp111: was there a problem to run the command?15:47
jp111Initially there was an error but then I ran bin/trytond in another tab and after that rerunning the command.. but it's stuck like this since15:49
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jp111This is how I created a postgres db -15:50
jp111sudo -u postgres createdb tryton-db15:50
cedkjp111: since how long?15:52
cedkcedk: you can run it with the verbose option15:52
cedkjp111: by the way, why are you using sudo?15:53
cedkjp111: you must also create the database using the same user as the one you run trytond15:53
jp111This is the verbose output15:55
jp111the user is root that's why I ran with sudo15:55
cedkjp111: but you create the database with the postgres user15:56
cedkthis is very strange to use root (and particulary unsecure)15:57
jp111cedk: Can you tell me how to create database with particular user.15:58
pokolijp111: from postgresql use you can run: createdb <db_name> --owner=<username>16:00
pokolifrom postgres user (or another postgresql admin user)16:01
kstengeralso use the same database name when you pass the -d parameter to trytond16:01
cedkjp111: also you should create a user in postgresql with command: createuser16:03
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vivekjaincedk: Hi while setting up the databse using  bin/trytond -c config.ini -d testdb --all17:24
vivekjainI am getting the following error17:24
cedkvivekjain: looks like you did not define correctly in the configuration the backend name17:28
vivekjaincedk: My config.ini file
vivekjainI have placed it in the root dorectory of trytond17:30
cedkvivekjain: or you don't have psycopg2 installed17:33
vivekjaincedk: Thanks it worked.17:37
vivekjaincedk: When i try to host/databse information in the tryton. It shows connection error: Bad username/password.17:43
vivekjainI am entering the correct username and password17:43
vivekjainsame as i have specified in config.ini file17:44
cedkvivekjain: this is not that credential17:44
cedkvivekjain: in config file it is for the database connection17:44
cedkvivekjain: when you have initialize the database, trytond should have ask you to set the admin password17:44
vivekjainno it din't asked me to set the password17:45
vivekjainThis is the log of the command
cedkvivekjain: if you had a crash before then it will not ask at the second tentative17:47
cedkvivekjain: you have to drop the database and redo the initialisation to succeed in one shot17:47
cedkthere is an issue to allow to set the password after:
vivekjaincedk:  Again after dropping the database it asked for the password. I have kept it same as my db password.18:02
vivekjainBut it is giving me the same error again18:02
vivekjainWhat is the username ?18:02
vivekjain*What is username ?18:02
kstengervivekjain: admin18:02
vivekjainkstenger: Still giving Connection error18:03
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cedkvivekjain: maybe the client is not talking to the server18:06
vivekjaincedk: Host is localhost:800018:07
kstengerthe port is not set un the config.ini uri, should it?18:07
vivekjainno port is not set in the config.ini18:08
vivekjainI have kept the profile empty18:09
cedkvivekjain: is the server running?18:11
vivekjainYes i have run the server using bin/trytond18:11
kstengerdid you add -c config.ini ?18:11
vivekjainkstenger: no18:11
kstengerdo so18:11
vivekjainkstenger: Thanks it worked18:12
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carlos__hi, to connect to a tryton server i must configure trytond.conf with: [jsonrpc] listen= 192.167.1138*:8000 ? is this correct? do i have to configure something else?19:46
cedkcarlos__: you must remove '*', it is not a valid IP19:46
carlos__ok, and then it should work like that or i need to configure anything else?19:47
cedkcarlos__: see
carlos__right, there are lots of instructions there but cant find a clear guidance related to what are the configurations to acces your server from external connection...19:57
kstengercarlos__: is the port open for outside access? what do you get when you try to connectfrom outside? does the local connection work?20:10
vivekjainkstenger: Where are the docs for web client for tryton sao ?20:11
kstengervivekjain: as sao is pretty new it seems no docs are available, is this right cedk?20:17
kstengeraltough you may find a lot of information on how to install it in the mailing lists20:17
vivekjainkstenger: I found one but it seems to be in spanish
kstengervivekjain: that happens, there is a lot of unofficial docs around for all tryton stuff, and it's still pretty good as the spanish community is pretty large20:19
kstengerwhich was your question about sao? it may help to get the right answer :-)20:20
jp111cedk: I was able to initialize the database. What credentials do  I provide at the login prompt20:24
vivekjainjp111:  username: admin20:24
vivekjainpassword: you would have been prompted for password while setting up the database,that password20:24
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kstengerjp111: you may like to read the chat above as we just helped vivekjain do the same20:27
jp111kstenger: sure20:27
vivekjainkstenger: While trying to install sao, when i ran npm install .I am getting following error.
vivekjainI am behind proxy20:32
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carlos__The local connection work. The por is open! when i try to connect with the client from an external connection it is not able to connect!20:38
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kstengervivekjain: sorry that's not question that I can answer20:46
carlos__cedk: my configuration file is like this: . Locally i can  acces the server from other machines. Port is open what are posible reasons i canot connect the server?20:48
kstengercarlos__: try putting 'listen = *:8000'20:50
carlos__going to try that... brb ; )20:51
kstengervivekjain: googling a bit I found this, but I can't tell if it's accurate as I'm not familiar with js development (yet). I suggest read it and carefully try out suggestions.
vivekjainkstenger: Thanks I installed it finally. I needed to make a .bowerrc file where i can set the proxies20:58
kstengervivekjain: I'm glad you figured it out!20:58
vivekjainkstenger: I am struggling with a doc a little bit. What we have to do after running grunt. grunt command created the dist folder.20:58
vivekjainNow how do i see it on localhost20:58
kstengervivekjain: as far as I know, you should run the server, and it should allow access to both clients (web and gtk)20:59
vivekjainkstenger: How to run the server ?21:00
vivekjainyou mean trytond ?21:00
kstengervivekjain: yes21:00
vivekjainkstenger:  Is there no index.html file present ?21:01
kstengervivekjain: yes, I see it in the sources root folder21:01
vivekjainIs there any url which i can hit to ensure that the installation was successfull21:02
vivekjainkstenger: ^21:07
kstengervivekjain: I don't remember if the port is the same as for tryton gtk client, but you should visit the same url you connect to from the client in the browser. If it doesn't work, try port 80 as I'm not sure what it expects, otherwise someone else will have to clarify this21:08
kstengervivekjain: maybe there is some information on the output of the server, try --verbose if no output21:09
cedkvivekjain: the webclient is served on the same address and port as the GTK client21:12
vivekjaincedk: It says in the doc in the lastline something about jsonpath_data ..21:12
vivekjainwhere do we need to set it ?21:12
cedkvivekjain: in the configuration of trytond21:13
vivekjaincedk:   mean config.ini ?21:13
cedkvivekjain: be careful if you use the trunk the configuration section has changed21:13
vivekjaincedk: is it in in the trytond directory ?21:15
kstengercedk: is there no official docs on sao yet? Would be helpful for those trying to understand the sao world *points at self* :-)21:16
cedkvivekjain: no the configuration of trytond21:16
cedkkstenger: there is in the README21:17
kstengervivekjain: the config.ini in your case, but it can be called however you want as it is a parameter to the server21:17
kstengercedk: oh thanks :-)21:17
kstengerI was actually meaning something more verbose, but ok :-D21:18
cedkkstenger: I don't see what could be said more21:19
shroxcedk: After I make changes and reupload code for review (after making changes as mentioned in the first review), all I have to do is use the same utility file again as is, correct? And I should also send a message on the bug tracker, if I understand correctly.21:23
vivekjaincedk: under what section should i write jsonpath_data should it be webdav or jsonrpc ?21:23
cedkshrox: you must pass the review id with '-i'21:25
cedkvivekjain: jsonrpc, it is written in the README of sao21:25
shroxshrox: Ah, okay. Okay.21:25
vivekjaincedk: Can you point me to the README of sao. Unable to find anything about sao except
kstengervivekjain: the sao source files
carlos__still cant conect to the server from external connection. i still have this configuration file ( which i tried also with (listen = *:8000) and port is open in the pc i have the server ( do i have to do somethin in the pc i have the client?21:30
cedkvivekjain: it is in the repository21:30
cedkcarlos__: which version?21:30
carlos__all last version21:30
cedkcarlos__: number?21:30
carlos__client 3.8.4 server 3.8.3รง21:31
vivekjaincedk: Login is same as tryton gui ?21:32
vivekjainI am unable to login ..21:33
cedkcarlos__: and trytond says it is listening to the IP address in verbose mode?21:33
cedkvivekjain: yes21:33
vivekjainusing the same credentials as in GUI but not able to login.Database: testdb21:34
vivekjainLogin: admin21:34
vivekjainpassword: which the trytond server asked initially21:34
carlos__dont know how to check that...21:35
carlos__trytond 6381 root    3u  IPv4  60301      0t0  TCP (LISTEN)21:35
kstengercarlos__: run the server with the --verbose parameter and watch the output21:35
cedkcarlos__: in log in verbose mode21:35
cedkcarlos__: type: trytond --help21:35
cedkvivekjain: then you are not connecting to the same server21:36
carlos__yes it says starting json protocol on the ip+port21:36
cedkcarlos__: so you should have a firewall somewhere21:36
carlos__already allowed in ubuntu where i have the server... do i have to open port or something on client also?21:37
carlos__is the correct to listen listen=*8000 or listen="ip":8000  ? just so i get that out of the way....21:38
vivekjaincedk:  I think i am connected to the same server. Because whenever i enter a wrong url the server log says code 404, message File not found.21:38
cedkcarlos__: don't understand the question21:39
cedkvivekjain: it is not possible that the password works for GTK and not sao21:39
carlos__the correct configuration in the server configuration file (trytond.conf) is [json...] listen = :*8000 or listen = "serverip":8000 ?21:40
cedkcarlos__: any of them21:42
cedkcarlos__: it is: or *:800021:43
carlos__so i probably have to check for firewall on both machines then...21:43
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shroxcedk: The 'For committers' in the tryton 'how to contribute' is for seasoned contributors, right?23:15
cedkshrox: yes23:20
shroxcedk: Okay. Thanks for the review.23:24
shroxcedk: "Please try to submit both reviews in the same time, it will be easier to review." Can you elaborate on this? Didn't understand what you meant. Do you mean the patches to the reviews you've made?23:36
cedkshrox: no I mean the patch for the other module23:43
shroxcedk: Oh the account_invoice module you mean?23:44
cedkshrox: yes23:45
shroxcedk: I actually wasn't aware that I was supposed to edit that too. I'll do that. Redundant code, of course. I'll use the same issue number and append the patch to that.23:48
cedkshrox: yes it is one changement23:52
shroxcedk: cool23:53
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