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cedkshrox: for the GSoC, don't forget to fill your proposal00:05
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eeshangargI am trying to initialize an SQLite database using trytond, but I'm getting this exception. I'm just trying tryton out. <>. it would mean a lot to me if someone could please tell why I am getting this00:07
cedkeeshangarg: are you sure you don't have old directory trytond/ir/module/00:08
shroxcedk: Yes, I'll start with it in a day or two. I'm interested in 'FODT support for relatorio' and 'Migration to ldap3'. I'll read up on these two more and ask you for clarifications, if any :)00:11
eeshangargcedk: No I can't find any such directory. I just cloned the repo00:11
eeshangargcedk: I installed it in a virtual env in develop mode. Could that have anything to do with it?00:12
eeshangargcedk: Wait, if I'm not mistaken, isn't this directory supposed to be a part of the repo?00:17
shroxcedk: I'm having difficulty in understanding  the modifications I need to make view/configuration_form.xml. I understand that the attributes that I have used come under the xpath tag, so they are invalid. Do I use the <record> tag? However, I can't find <record> in trytond/ir/ui/form.rnc. So I'm not sure how to use it.00:19
kstengereeshangarg: how did you clone the repo?00:27
eeshangargkstenger: hg clone
kstengereeshangarg: that's weird... unless you did some 'hg update' at some point, you should be running 3.9. which version does the server say it's running?00:31
cedkshrox: no the view should just be view tags00:34
cedkshrox: so you just have to place the content of data inside the view00:34
cedkeeshangarg: it is an old directory but hg doesn't clean no empty old directory00:37
eeshangargkstenger: I didn't make any updates. Cloned it again, still no trytond/ir/module directory. Are yo talking about hg's version?00:39
shroxcedk: The form tag, in this case?00:39
kstengerah, no, if you cloned twice check what cedk just said00:40
kstengereeshangarg: ^00:40
cedkeeshangarg: did yo follow:
eeshangargcedk: I did. Although, when I use the --all option, trytond says that there is no such option.00:44
eeshangargcedk: I do have a config file, but just to change the database path00:44
cedkeeshangarg: trunk changed recently, so read the doc from the source00:44
cedkeeshangarg: it is trytond-admin and some configuration section also00:45
cedkeeshangarg: or you can read from:
eeshangargcedk: Yes, you are right. the docs in the source are different. I'll read them and let you know how it goes. Thanks so much! :-)00:47
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shroxcedk: When you said that I place the content of data inside the view, do you mean inside the form tag? I don't know what you mean by 'inside the view'.01:15
kstengershrox: yes, that's the way to do it01:20
shroxkstenger: Thanks!01:22
shroxkstenger: When I use, how does it take into consideration files that I have deleted? Because I don't see files that I have deleted mentioned on rietveld.01:29
kstengershrox: use 'hg remove <path to filename>' to remove a file (the information should stay linked to your next review), use hg --help for other options01:37
kstengeryou can also use hg status for information on this at any time01:38
shroxkstenger: Ah, I knew that about hg. I just wasn't sure how works to be sure if I'm to use an hg command before running it. Thank you!01:41
kstengeryes, should take the information from hg, it should upload whatever 'hg diff' says01:44
kstengershrox: just *don't* use hg commit for this01:44
shroxkstenger: Haha, sure. Confirmed with cedk that it was for seasoned developers earlier.01:45
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eeshangargkstenger, cedx: Thanks for the help! Got everything working!01:52
kstengereeshangarg: glad to know :-)01:54
eeshangargkstenger: BTW, my name is Eeshan Garg. I am a prospective GSOC applicant. Currently working on <>. Hoping to help out with the migration to ldap3.01:59
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kstengereeshangarg: ok, welcome! Dont forget to 1) assign to yourself the issues you are working on (except those related to the GSoC), and 2) Register yourself for the GSoC if you didn't, 3) start working on your proposal since the the period to apply already started. Ask out anything you need02:06
eeshangargkstenger: Got it, thanks! Is there like any tutorial that I can go through, like a superficial introduction to tryton?02:07
kstengereeshangarg: the best I can think of like a 'quick' start is the 'training' module, it is on the repos, and there you have the description of how it works, it's a mercurial queue, takes you step by step on the construction of a new module.02:23
kstengereeshangarg: the description of the module explains you how to use the queue02:27
eeshangargkstenger: I'm sorry, but where is it? Is it a part of the main repo?02:28, there are all the modules listed, start there as it is where the description of the modules show02:29
eeshangargkstenger: Found it, thanks a lot! :-)02:30
eeshangargkstenger: Can you please give me a pointer as to how to find out how these modules are interacting with the database I just setup using trytond-admin?02:46
kstengereeshangarg: I don't understand02:46
kstengereeshangarg: which modules? and, which kind of interaction you want to find out?02:48
eeshangargkstenger: Ok, I'm sort of new to this, so I may be missing something here entirely. I guess my question is more like, if I have the training module, how do I "run" and test it manually with an instance of the server running and see how it is interacting with one of the databases that have been setup?02:49
kstengerah, yes, make sure your module is in the trytond/modules/ directory. Then treat it as any normal module, updating the database for this module particularly. Re-run the server and you should be able to see the changes from any of the clients.02:52
kstengereeshangarg: updating the database for the module particularly should install it if it's not, but you can make sure of this from within the client going to Administration/Modules/Modules02:53
eeshangargkstenger: Ok, it's starting to make sense. I did put the training directory in trytond/modules. And now with the server running, I should setup a new database with trytond-admin with -all, right?02:57
eeshangargSo that all the modules are updated?02:57
eeshangargkstenger: Another question, what do you mean by "from any of the clients"?02:59
kstengerwell, you could set up a new database, but for your testing purposes you can just update the current one, so do use -d <dbname> -m <modulename> (-m is to install/update any changes you made to the module) If you use --all it will just update the modules that are already installed.02:59
kstengereither the GTK or the web client sao03:00
eeshangargkstenger: Alright, thanks! I'll do that and experiment a little. I'll post here if I have any questions.03:03
shroxkstenger: What does it mean when reviewbot gives me the following message - patch is not applicable?03:35
shroxkstenger: I guess it's because I have uploaded two modules for the same issue. Do I make a separate issue?03:35
kstengershrox: I'm really not sure, I see it a lot, ask cedk tomorrow (no it has nothing to do with having two patches in the same issue, it is correct way to do it put the two patches together as they depend one on another)03:36
shroxkstenger: Okay, I shall :) Thanks!03:37
shroxkstenger: Do you know which time zone he is in, by the way?03:40
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eeshangargkstenger: I am getting this error when i try to run the server after putting the training module in trytond/modules.
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kstengereeshangarg: when a module is installed with -m and there is some dependency module not installed you should also add it to the -m parameter so it get's installed altogether, so try -m party training (I think order matters). Or you can try each of them independently (order matters again, dependencies first)04:36
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eeshangargkstenger: Is there a default server password?04:43
kstengereeshangarg: no04:43
eeshangargkstenger: Okay, I was able to do everything. I setup a database, passing the the modules as arguments to trytond-admin, and I ran the server specifying the database to connect to. And then I ran the client, logged in to the database as admin, but when I clicked ok on the module configuration wizard, it gave me an error that the database is locked.04:47
kstengereeshangarg: never saw this before, would you give me the exact message ?04:49
eeshangargkstenger: This is the exception in the terminal, <>04:50
kstengerthis is the error on the client's terminal, do you get any traceback on the server side ?04:52
eeshangargkstenger: No traceback on the server side.04:53
eeshangargkstenger: Everything seems okay, I'm running the server on verbose, but when I start the client and log in as admin, the same thing.04:57
kstengeryou do not have more than one process running on this db do you?04:58
kstenger(altough I'm not sure this is the issue04:58
eeshangargkstenger: I don't think so, this is weird. Could it be that the gui is not working correctly or something?05:00
kstengerI'm trying to figure out, you are on linux, right?05:01
eeshangargkstenger: yes, I'm on debian05:01
kstengerok, then, in a terminal run "ps aux |grep tryton" and show me the output pls05:02
eeshangargkstenger: Here:
eeshangargkstenger: Here's a screenshot too: <> of the gui client05:04
kstengerok, so it seems it's failing at the first attemt to make some change on the database. I just find it strange that the server doesn't complain05:06
kstengerwhat db did you say you were using?05:06
eeshangargkstenger: sqlite05:06
eeshangargkstenger: I did pass in a config file with a different path to the database to the server05:06
eeshangargkstenger: If that means anything! Otherwise, I would complain that the database doesn't exist05:07
kstengereeshangarg: what do you mean "with a different path to the database" ?05:07
eeshangargkstenger: Well, according to the docs the default path to the database is /var/lib/trytond. So I put a different one in a config file05:08
kstengerwhy? did you create another db ?05:09
kstengeranother sqlite db I mean05:10
eeshangargkstenger: Ok, so I setup a database with a config file with a different path using trytond-admin and registered the training module using the -u option to trytond-admin. And then I ran the server, and passed it the same config file so it would know where the database is, otherwise it wouldn't. And then in a separate terminal window, I started the client and logged in as admin and then I got the error. No I did not create another one.05:11
eeshangargkstenger: My apologies if this isn't making any sense.05:12
kstengerno problem, I'm just trying to figure out the puzzle in my mind05:12
kstengerI have to check one thing, give me a minute05:13
eeshangargkstenger: When I open up the client and try to create a new database entirely, it asks me for the trytond server password, but I didn't set any.05:15
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kstengereeshangarg: I think you are missing this to set up the super_pwd which allows you to manage databases from tryton client (not sure if the lack this could block the db tho) check here
kstengerthis is the "tryton server password" it asks you for from the client when you manage db's05:22
kstengerit should be encrypted and saves into the config file05:23
kstengerthe link explains05:23
eeshangargkstenger: Do you have to remember it though?05:25
eeshangargkstenger: Or does it automatically go into the config file05:25
kstengereeshangarg: yes, if you want to be able to create or drop databases from the client that is :)05:26
kstengeryou place the result of the encryption to the config file, but you remember the passwd not the encryption ;-)05:26
eeshangargkstenger: Oh, I got it, so in the config file, it would look something like this, right?05:27
kstengereeshangarg: exactly05:28
vivekjainkstenger:  I am not able to login in sao with the databse as testdb and login as admin and password as the password which set while setting up the database. I am able to login into gui with same credentials.05:29
vivekjainBut when i connected the database i have not added the jsonpath in my config file.05:30
kstengereeshangarg: so now, I suggest, drop the database from the sqlite prompt, and re-create it from tryton client using this password, plus an admin password to login. After that, run a database update, and then re-login05:30
vivekjainShould i connect the database again05:30
kstengervivekjain: if you changed the configuration file, you have to restart the server, this should be enough05:32
eeshangargkstenger: Okay, I'll do that. Thanks so much for your help! It means a lot.05:32
kstengereeshangarg: I know :-), I hope I wasn't too confusing for you at times05:33
vivekjainkstenger: still am not able to login This is my config file Am i missing something
eeshangargkstenger: No not at all. I think it was the other way around. It's still not working. If I try and create a new one from scratch, I get this <>. This is going to be a long night. haha05:35
vivekjaini am able to login to tryton with same credentials05:35
kstengervivekjain: jsonrpc needs to know where to 'listen' check this value on the docs05:40
kstengervivekjain: also you'll need to follow this process as I see you haven't, it explains how to create an encrypted password for database management, the result of the encryption should go in your config file (maybe not the problem you are trying to solve, but still necessary)05:40
eeshangargkstenger: I think I'll work on this with a fresher mind tomorrow morning. Thanks a lot for the help! I'll see you tomorrow! :-)05:42
kstengereeshangarg: you put the database name on the config file, right?05:43
eeshangargkstenger: Wait, what do you mean?05:44
kstengerno, nevermind me... I think I'm too tired already :-)05:45
vivekjainkstenger: I changed my config.ini to this
vivekjainIs this ok. Still i am not able to login05:45
vivekjainversion of trytond installed on my system is 3.805:46
eeshangargkstenger: Haha, me too! We'll take a look at this in the morning. Have a good night!05:46
vivekjaintherefore following these docs
kstengercu eeshangarg!05:46
kstengervivekjain: yes, your config file looks fine to me, and since I have not experience with sao it makes it impopssible for me to help you more on this point05:47
kstengervivekjain: in about 4 or 5 hours you may find more help from the other side of the world, where they handle this better than me :)05:48
vivekjainkstenger: ok Thanks for your help.05:48
kstengervivekjain: sorry I couldn't help you more, cu later, I'm off to sleep05:49
vivekjainkstenger: cu05:49
kstengervivekjain: when you see cedk explain him your case05:49
vivekjainkstenger: ok05:49
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vivekjaincedk: Hi, I am not able to login to sao.This is my config.ini file Am i missing something
vivekjainI am able to login to tryton with the same credentials.09:15
vivekjainAlso when i conected the database with tryton my config.ini was different, So do i need to drop the database and again connect it ?09:15
vivekjainCredentials with which i am logging are:09:16
vivekjaindatabase: testdb09:16
vivekjainLogin: admin09:16
vivekjainpassword: vivekjain09:16
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cedkvivekjain: have the same series for trytond and sao09:34
cedkvivekjain: same 2 first numbers09:34
vivekjaincedk: How to know the version of sao ?09:38
cedkvivekjain: in package.json09:38
vivekjainIn th changelog it says 3.8.0 and trytond version is 3.8.509:38
cedkvivekjain: the latest in 3.8 series is 3.8.4 for sao09:39
vivekjaincedk: ok thanks sao version is 3.9 that's why it was not working09:39
cedkvivekjain: you should use this one09:39
vivekjaincedk: I installed sao version 3.8.409:48
vivekjainStill i am not able to login09:48
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vivekjaincedk: Hi when i run bin/trytond -c config,ini --verbose it shows following Is it normal behaviour ?11:08
vivekjainAfter that when i try to login it shows11:09
vivekjain8181 139997478909696 [2016-03-17 10:08:44,311] INFO trytond.backend.postgresql.database connect to "testdb/"11:09
vivekjaincedk: Database to entered is testdb only or something else11:10
cedkvivekjain: the trailing '/' sounds wrong11:12
vivekjaincedk: Why it is entering trailing / by default. I am only entering testdb in the database name .11:13
cedkvivekjain: but it is a selection box on sao?11:16
vivekjaincedk: No it shows a text box
cedkvivekjain: which versions?11:17
vivekjain3.8.4 sao versionm11:17
vivekjaintrytond version 3.8.511:18
vivekjaincedk: ^11:18
cedkvivekjain: it looks like trytond can not list the databases11:19
cedkvivekjain: are you sure of your configuration?11:19
cedkvivekjain: especially database connection11:19
vivekjaincedk: It is getting connected in tryton11:20
cedkvivekjain: look in the browser console11:20
vivekjaincedk: my config.ini
vivekjaincedk: in browser console it shows post xhr http://localhost:8000/testdb/11:22
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vivekjaincedk: command by which i created database:  sudo -u postgres createdb --owner=testuser testdb11:25
vivekjainafter that i have to change this /etc/postgresql/9.3/main/pg_hba.conf file to allow non-default user testuser to login to PostgreSQL server,11:26
vivekjainlocal   testdb      testuser                          md511:26
vivekjainadded the above entry in the file11:26
vivekjainthe command by which i created the user sudo -u postgres createuser --login --pwprompt testuser11:26
cedkvivekjain: I think you still are not running the same series11:28
cedkvivekjain: do you rebuild sao after update to 3.8.4 ?11:28
vivekjaincedk: yes i rebuilded sao11:28
vivekjaini used npm install11:29
vivekjainbower install11:29
vivekjainand then11:29
vivekjaingrunt to rebuild it11:29
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vivekjaincedk: my npm version is 1,3,1011:31
vivekjainbower version 1.7.711:31
cedkvivekjain: did you refresh your browser?11:33
vivekjaincedk: Finded the problem. Thanks. Sorry for missing out such a trivial mistake.11:34
vivekjaincedk: I would like to start contributing to tryton.11:39
vivekjainI would like to work on this issue
vivekjainCould you help me get started.11:40
cedkvivekjain: you can pickup any issue by just assign it to yourself11:44
cedkvivekjain: then just follow:
vivekjaincedk: Also all the changes need to be done in the latest version, so i need to get the latest version of both trytond and sao11:52
cedkvivekjain: yes11:58
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jp111cedk: Hi, I am following this for installing module account invoice. Do I have to manually make the and  tryton.cfg files12:10
cedkjp111: you don't need to follow this to install an existing module12:11
cedkjp111: this topic is about creating a module from scratch12:11
jp111cedk how do I install an existing module such as account invoice?12:12
cedkjp111: from the client in administration>modules12:14
jp111cedk: I cannot see account invoice module here12:16
cedkjp111: you must install the corresponding python module12:16
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shroxcedk: Do I have to update the .po files in the locale folder of the account module?12:29
jp111cedk: I am getting this error after installing the account invoice by apt-get12:31
cedkshrox: no12:31
cedkshrox: translation process is done one month before a release12:32
shroxcedk: Okay.12:32
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cedkjp111: you don't install same series modules12:32
jp111cedk: during login prompt12:32
cedkjp111: should have the same 2 first number12:32
shrox@cedk In the bug tracker, how do I mention the number of the second review?  Right now I have one - 20851002. I also want to add 20871002 if it's possible to.12:38
cedkshrox: if you have correctly put issue number in the description, it will be added automaticaly12:39
shroxcedk: Okay12:40
cedkshrox: but also it is always good to drop a message on the issue refering the new review with the syntax: review1234512:40
shroxcedk: Sure.12:40
shroxcedk: Reviewbot has given me some basic (lack of) import errors. Which is funny because I had run the module tests before uploading the first time.12:45
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cedkshrox: please try to follow the schema for description from the howto contribute guide13:05
cedkshrox: you don't need to put the issue number in the title13:05
shroxcedk: Yes, I shall. Sorry for the mess.13:08
vivekjaincedk: While running the latest dev version of trytond I am getting the following error13:08
vivekjainImportError: cannot import name CursorInterface13:08
pokolivivekjain: which database backend? Have you installed the drivers?13:11
vivekjainpokoli:  i have done sudo python setup.py13:12
vivekjainDoesn't it automatically install the prerequisites ?13:13
pokolivivekjain: yes, but database drivers are not required as you can run it with sqlite13:14
cedkvivekjain: 'python' does nothing13:14
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pokolivivekjain: so if you run with postgresql you must install psycopg213:17
vivekjainpokoli: I have installed psycopg2I haven't run it with any database yet i am just trying to run bin/trytond --version13:18
pokolivivekjain: can we see the full traceback (uploaded to pastebin or something similar)13:19
pokolivivekjain: it seems that you don't have the latest version of company module but you have the latest version on trytond13:24
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cedkI think it is better to avoid the Python package installer when begining, it is very buggy13:31
cedkso it is probably easier to download tgz or to use mercurial13:31
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pokolicedk: at least give and advice on the docs to install only modules and the package installer will download dependencies13:40
cedkvivekjain: also you should probably use virtualenv instead of installing as root at the OS level13:40
shroxcedk: For issue5386 (, I can find format_currency in But I can't find it being used anywhere. How does unit price use it for formatting then?13:49
cedkshrox: it is used in invoice.odt14:01
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ccazI saw that in 2011 the GSOC project idea about GANTT views in the client. Does the project forward ?14:06
shroxcedk: Ah, no wonder I couldn't find it. So all that needs to be done is to replace format_currency with format_number in the odt?14:07
cedkccaz: no14:07
cedkshrox: yes with correct parameters14:07
shroxcedk: And is this why we want to shift from odt to fodt? So that they can be searchable?14:07
nina_Hi! Could anyone explain me about this error "get_client() got an unexpected keyword argument 'factor'"?14:13
cedknina_: looks like an incompatible field type and widget14:14
nina_cedk: Ok. I'll verify. Thanks14:15
cedkshrox: about reviewbot comment, you must fix them even if the code works14:33
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ccazcedk: a blueprint somewhere?15:05
cedkccaz: no15:16
jp111cedk: apt-get showpkg shows only 3.0.1 version of tryton-modules-account-invoice15:17
cedkjp111: and?15:18
kstengerjp111: if you are developing you need to download from repo15:18
jp111can you please point to a link15:19
kstengerjp111: and don't mix installs from repo and from package system of your OS15:19
kstengerjp111: hg.tryton.org15:19
cedkjp111: a link for what?15:19
jp111cedk: I meant for the modules15:19
jp111cedk: I have pasted the account_invoice folder under trytond/modules but I keep getting this error-15:30
jp111while logging in15:30
cedkjp111: it is now the currency module15:32
cedkjp111: all modules must have the same series as trytond15:32
cedkjp111: series == two same first number15:32
jp111how can I find series of specific module15:35
kstengerjp111: after you clone, you update to the series you want (by default it's development version)15:36
kstengerjp111: are you aware of the nested extension for mercurial that allows to handle server and modules at the same time ? (I don't know where in the docs this is mentioned)15:37
jp111kstenger: unfotunately not15:38
cedkjp111: series are branch in mercurial15:38
jp111is there any good documentation to hgnested that  i can follow15:41
kstengerjp111: check it here
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vivekjaincedk:  When i installed the 3.9.0 version of sao with trytond version of 3.9.0 I am getting the following
vivekjainThe login is not showing16:30
cedkvivekjain: your browser seems strange because it appens always /16:33
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cedkvivekjain: you get it works, what did you change?16:33
vivekjaincedk: I din't change anything. I just changed the version of trytond and sao to be 3.8.16:34
vivekjainNow the problem is occuring in 3.9.16:34
vivekjainThis time it not even showing the login prompt.16:35
vivekjainjust displaying whatever is the url16:35
cedkvivekjain: remove the ending backslash16:37
vivekjaincedk: I am not adding any backslah in the address bar.16:37
vivekjainIt is what being displayed by the browser16:37
vivekjaincedk: Oh sorry i think i messed up by config.ini file.16:38
cedkvivekjain: I can not see the URL in your screenshot16:38
vivekjainIn the version 3.9. the config file will be changed. ?16:38
cedkvivekjain: yes see doc folder16:39
cedkvivekjain: mainly the jsonrpc section is changed into web and data into root16:42
vivekjaincedk: yeah thanks it worked16:42
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vivekjaincedk: In this issue  we need to remove the self.widget list present at /tryton/gui/window/  this file ?16:59
cedkvivekjain: widgets17:00
vivekjainyeah widgets so we need to remove it in tryton ?17:01
cedkvivekjain: but need to test if the assumption is correct17:01
vivekjaincedk: Isn't it used in line 90 of tryton/gui/window/ ?17:03
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cedkvivekjain: I don't know, make tests17:08
vivekjaincedk: How to make tests. Are there any examples ?17:09
cedkvivekjain: run the application and make so it run the view board17:11
cedkvivekjain: you can find a board in the timesheet module17:13
cedkvivekjain: but maybe this is  not the best issue to start with as it requires to know how to use the client17:13
vivekjaincedk: Can you point me to some easy issues from which i can start ?17:14
vivekjaincedk: Ok so in this issue, When the user logins he can change his name. We don't want him to change his name. Is that what we want ?17:20
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cedkvivekjain: no the name is translatable (small flag) and it makes no sense to translate the name of someone17:24
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cedkvivekjain: did you find?17:53
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shroxcedk: Did you have a look at review20871002 and review20851002. Do they seem okay at least superficially?21:38
cedkshrox: not yet checked22:04
shroxcedk: okay22:04
cedkshrox: you must fix all reviewbot comment22:05
shroxI did.22:06
shroxcedk: Since the difference is only of two characters, I thought that it wouldn't be a problem. Okay, I shall change this too.22:14
cedkshrox: did you run the tests?22:15
cedkshrox: because they should fail according to my remarks22:16
shroxcedk: I had run them for the first patch. I'll do them again. I'll have a look.22:17
shroxcedk: When I run ./trytond/tests/ -vv -m account account_invoice it says - Ran 0 tests in 0.000s22:31
cedkshrox: yes because there is an import error22:32
cedkshrox: try to run just the server, you will see22:32
shroxcedk: I ran the test on the same modules after downloading them again on a different repo. But it still says the same thign22:35
cedkshrox: don't understand what you did22:35
cedkshrox: just run the code, you will see22:35
shroxcedk: just run the  It doesn't show an error.22:40
shroxcedk: What I meant was I cloned another repo and run the module tests on them and it showed the same thing, that is, ran 0 tests in 0 seconds.22:40
cedkshrox: run the server22:43
cedkshrox: if the tests doesn't work in clean installation, it means the installation is broken22:44
cedkshrox: can you just run the server and connect to it with the client?22:44
shroxcedk: I haven't run the server from the source code before. Should I just ./trytond on the bin file or do I have to set up the database before?22:53
cedkshrox: see
shroxcedk: I have seen this. For the purpose of checking these modules. Just running the trytond executable is enough, correct?22:57
cedkshrox: no running tests also23:00
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shroxshrox: Yes, yes. I meant I don't need to make a database or configure it. Tests are essential, I know.23:03
cedkshrox: I think it is good to do it23:05
cedkshrox: and it will help you debugging23:05
shroxcedk: I wanted to do it after I start working on my proposal. It would take some time and I'm already a little later on it than I would have liked.23:10
shroxcedk: I installed trytond from the source code and ran the tests again and got this
cedkshrox: those modules are missing23:28
cedkshrox: I really think it is important to be able to run tryton if you want to develop on it23:29
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