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prayashmcedk, could you help me, trying to figure out the cause of an error when using a mixin like ?08:35
prayashmcedk, I see an error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'states' of undefined"08:36
cedkprayashm: you should give the line number08:38
prayashmcedk, Sorry. Line number 632.08:42
prayashmcedk, this is the stack trace:
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cedkprayashm: it is strange, it looks like init was not called08:47
prayashmcedk, Shouldn't line number 711 call the init?08:49
cedkprayashm: normally09:00
cedkACTION bbl in few hours09:00
pokoliprayashm: you can continue asking your any question, I will try to answer them ;)09:05
prayashmpokoli, Hello!09:31
prayashmpokoli, This is in regarding to review24001002 to fix issue5243 for the SAO client.09:32
pokoliprayashm: i know ;)09:33
prayashmpokoli, cedk asked to share code b/w Label and Separator. While making a mixin I am encountering an error09:33
prayashmpokoli, I was making a LabelMixin to be inherited by Separator and Label later.09:34
prayashmpokoli, I made changes Line no. 654 to 691, and 708 to 721 in the form.js file at
prayashmpokoli, What I tried just now is console.log(text) after line 65609:38
prayashmpokoli, and ran it. I referring to the party_contact_mechanisms now09:38
prayashmpokoli, It showed the text for the 8 labels for which it is supposed to show.09:39
prayashmpokoli, how should I proceed to track this error?09:41
pokoliprayashm: AFAIU you should inherit from LabelMixin on separator too? shouldn't you?09:45
prayashmpokoli, Yes. I would have done that next after Label was working.09:46
prayashm^ please ignore this. Was exploring help options of irc. :/09:52
pokoliprayashm: BTW, the error seems that you are missing some init call09:57
prayashmpokoli, Can you suggest a way to identify the missing init?10:08
prayashmpokoli, I simply console logged from the init of Label. There was output for all the labels.10:09
pokoliprayashm: reading the code, I see that Statewidget init has only the attributes param, but the LabelMixin has the text and the attributes10:09
pokoliprayashm: so maybe you're mixin text and attributes10:10
pokoliprayashm: i will use some console.log statements (or debbuger ones) to see what gets assgined to attributes10:11
prayashmpokoli, You are right!10:11
prayashmpokoli, I feel so stupid now -_-. Thanks a lot!10:11
pokoliprayashm: BTW, you plan to work on the gtk client also?11:07
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cedkprayashm: did you find the problem?13:02
prayashmpokoli, Yes, I plan to.13:06
prayashmcedk, Yup.13:06
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prayashmcedk, Is there a 80 character wrapping rule to the js files?13:30
cedkprayashm: yes of course13:31
prayashmcedk, great!13:32
prayashmcedk, Is it okay if I submit the patch in a new review issue?13:38
prayashmcedk, unable to post to the same review, as I had re-cloned sao.13:39
cedkprayashm: no, you must update the existing review13:39
cedkprayashm: you just have to pass the review id with '-i'13:40
prayashmcedk, Oh thanks :)13:40
prayashmcedk, Done. Can you review the code?13:45
cedkprayashm: done, what was to problem?13:54
prayashmcedk, I was not sending the right arguments to constructor of LabelMixin from inherited Label13:55
prayashmcedk, pokoli pointed it out.13:55
prayashmcedk, LabelMixin's init required text and attributes, and Label was calling only with this, attributes.13:56
cedkprayashm: OK13:57
prayashmcedk, did the necessary changes14:11
prayashmcedk, Sorry again. I missed the last comment.14:15
prayashmcedk, done.14:20
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shroxcedk: I have updated my proposal. I am still to add the details of the reverse converter from ODT to FODT in the detailed description and timeline.16:27
shroxcedk: I will do that a little later. Can you check if everything else seems okay?16:27
shroxcedk: I have also emailed you the link in case you cannot view it via the official channel. (had disabled the link while editing)16:29
cedkshrox: you have create two proposal in gsoc application16:33
cedkshrox: I think you must delete one16:33
shroxcedk: Ugh. Okay. Shall check.16:34
cedkshrox: I will read it tonight16:34
cedkshrox: in the meantime, I think it will be good that you work on the GTK version of your patch16:34
shroxcedk: I am still to resolve the problems with the XML that were there. I didn't find between yesterday and today.16:36
shroxcedk: I will do so in the next few hours. We have an holidays until Monday beginning tomorrow, so I will have a lot of time for this as well as the proposal.16:37
shroxcedk: I am unsure what you mean by GTK version of the patch, though. Isn't the account modules only related with the server and not the client? (maybe I am completely mixing up terminology)16:40
cedkshrox: oops forget it. sorry, I mixup patches16:51
shroxcedk: ha, I was really confused for a moment.16:51
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prayashmWhat is a VBox in the gtk client?17:49
cedkprayashm: it is a vertical box where you can stack widgets17:51
prayashmcedk: thank you17:52
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lukiohi! i'm working with a client that create a lot of sales every day. This sales create the out shipment with the state == draft. The idea is that he can click assign all the out shipments that has the state == draft at once,. is there a way to do that?19:14
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prayashmpokoli: Can you help me solve issue5243 for gtk client?21:00
prayashmpokoli: Found what I was searching :)21:47
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prayashmcedk: are there any tests that I should run on the tryton client?22:46
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