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shroxcedk: Reminder to review my proposal! :P00:11
cedkshrox: I did00:13
cedkshrox: I'm just thinking that maybe it could go faster than expected to write the converter00:13
shroxcedk: We could add secondary goals if you think so.00:14
cedkshrox: maybe you could have this as extra:
cedkshrox: indeed it will depend on how different are the two formats00:14
cedkI think it doesn't hurt to have a plan B00:15
shroxcedk: I don't mind at all. Since I'm free for the next two days (though I have less than 24 hours remaining now to submit the final proposal), I could read up on this and add at least a rough idea of what needs to be done for this.00:17
shroxcedk: How soon do you think will I be able to finish the converter?00:17
cedkshrox: I think you could have it for the mid-term00:18
shroxcedk: I'll modify the timeline, but to be on the safer side estimate the completion of the converter by July 1. Would that be okay?00:23
cedkshrox: OK00:24
shroxcedk: Shall do. It's 5 am right now for me. By 11:59 pm I shall hopefully have enough information about the genshi migration project to be able to have written a fair enough proposal.00:28
cedkshrox: sounds good00:30
shroxcedk: Do you think I could finish the genshi project on time? Or better, with time left?00:31
shroxcedk: I've mentioned in my 'other commitments' that I would love a week or so's time to go traveling.00:31
cedkshrox: I don't think it should be a goal to finish it but more prepare the path to the migration00:33
cedkshrox: so I don't think it will be a problem that you go for traveling00:34
shroxcedk: Okay, that would be amazing! Thanks :)00:34
cedkshrox: also don't forget to work on your patch00:37
cedkwe freeze the development for the coming release on Monday and I would like to have this fix in it00:38
shroxcedk: I know. I'll get it done.00:39
shroxcedk: Or do it, rather. Haha.00:39
shroxcedk: Have a look at this please?
shroxcedk: I'm unable to figure out how to figure out the reason why the tests are failing01:06
shroxcedk: If there are any common pointers that I'm unaware of, do let me know01:06
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shroxcedk: Can you please have a look at this -
cedkshrox: you must update the proteus code09:51
shroxcedk: I'm not sure what you mean by proteus code. I thought it was a dependency that I should update via pip when you mentioned it earlier.09:54
cedkshrox: you must use the same series for proteus:
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shroxcedk: Should I clone this to  /trytond?09:59
cedkshrox: not to /trytond10:00
cedkshrox: it is a separate python module10:00
cedkshrox: it should just be in your PYTHONPATH10:00
shroxcedk: That solved it. Thanks!10:09
shroxcedk: How did you figure that that was the reason?10:09
shroxcedk: I had installed proteus via pip, why did that not work?10:10
cedkshrox: because we recently changed how Transaction is managed10:12
cedkshrox: so old version of proteus are no more working10:12
shroxcedk: Ah. Haha. Okay.10:14
prayashmcedk: Hello, could you give a look at my proposal too? :)10:20
cedkprayashm: put some comments10:31
shroxcedk: I have updated resubmitted my patch. Please review it.10:43
cedkshrox: I think you must update your mercurial repository because codereview shows strange changes11:07
shrox cedk: what seems to be wrong?11:11
shroxcedk: Got this message - patch is not applicable11:11
shroxcedk: And just when all the tests had passed..11:12
cedkshrox: normally, just doing: hg pull -u is enough11:12
shroxcedk: Done. And updated.11:18
cedkshrox: you can ignore the F403 error but not the E50111:41
cedkshrox: don't forget comments on 2087100211:44
cedkshrox: I think it is almost there, just fix the last remarks11:48
cedkshrox: also did you also run the test on account_invoice module?11:48
shroxcedk: I did.11:55
shroxcedk: I'll make the minor changes in a while.11:55
shroxcedk: Is this okay for the changelog? - 'Add tax_rounding configuration'11:58
cedkshrox: maybe just: Move tax Rounding configuration from account_invoice11:59
shroxcedk: Okay.11:59
cedkshrox: and similar for account_invoice but 'to account'11:59
shroxcedk: I made the changes to account_invoice but forgot to submit the patch. Will do so in some time. Have to go now.12:00
shroxcedk: Thanks for the help!12:00
udonohi, any idea if and how proteus is able to correctly show data from history-activated Models?13:32
cedkudono: just set _datetime in the context13:35
nicoeudono: you must use the context to pass the date13:36
nicoeudono: IIRC there is a context manager13:36
udonocedk: you mean _timestamp instead of _datetime?13:38
cedkudono: no I mean _datetime13:39
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udononicoe: yes, there is a context manager
udonocedk, nicoe Thanks14:04
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fil__Hi all, can anybody please help me with this importation issue? i get  a log error from import_csv related to defaultUOM:
cedkfil__: what error?14:25
fil__this above is the import log..14:26
cedkfil__: you can not import many2one value using /14:27
fil__using "/"?14:28
fil__can i configure a default value for that field, or make it not required?14:28
cedkfil__: no14:29
cedkfil__: the header "Default UOM/name" should be "Default UOM"14:29
udonofil__: and the name is Unit not unit14:30
fil__did the fixes but the error persists: Field Default UOM is required but not value found in record ['testtesteteste', 'goods', '10,000', '25,000', 'Unit', 'fixed']. Record skipped!14:31
fil__fixed the file header also...14:32
udonofil__: prices maybe 10.0 or 25.0?!14:33
fil__did what you said, changed the profile configuration for .=decimal separator and ,=thousands separator. still get same error with UOM...รง14:35
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udonofil__: and without decimal or thousands separator, like 10000 25000?14:37
udonowithout using14:37
fil__Same defaultUOM error14:38
udonofil__: no idea14:38
cedkfil__: do you import product or variant?14:39
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fil__i am trying to importo the product14:40
fil__there is somethin going on with the many2on default_uom field...14:41
cedkfil__: do you say it is just "Default UOM" and nothing under14:42
fil__rec_name is my product template name14:43
fil__it is the first field i try to import...14:44
cedkfil__: I'm talking about Default UOM14:44
fil__so i canot create many2one field value, and this value is needed?14:45
fil__this makes me think that module import_csv canot work for products...14:47
cedkfil__: you can not create but you can link14:47
cedkfil__: many2one is link14:47
cedkfil__: I think you must post a screenshot of your configuration otherwise we will never understand what selection you are doning14:47
fil__you meant the import_csv profile configuration right?14:52
cedkfil__: I don't know what is this screen, I never saw it14:55
cedkfil__: i guess you are not using the standard CSV import of Tryton14:55
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fil__right i am using a module named import_csv. using the standard CSV import i get this error  using this configuration:
cedkfil__: don't select "Default UOM/Name" but only "Default UOM"15:00
cedkfil__: and for number you must use the Python format aka English format so '.' for decimal separator and no thousand separator15:01
udonofil__: in the standard csv import skip 1 line, when you have a line with field names15:01
fil__it worked now...15:01
fil__thanks guys!15:01
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cedkfil__: where does it import_csv come from?15:06
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fil__sorry i was eating lunch... will post you a link...15:32
fil__udono: link above for the import module. In the spanish documentation there are explanations... suposely it should work for imports that are a bit more complex... but i have to figure out what goes wrong with it...15:34
cedkfil__: if you are migrating data from old system, I strongly encourage to write a script with proteus15:42
cedkfil__: script are much better because you can test and reproduce case but also you can version control it, you can collaborate on it etc.15:43
cedkI personnaly think that any attempt to create a kind of ETL is a waste of time, Python is the ETL for Tryton15:44
fil__i am adding products from a calc spreadsheet, i am interested in learning how to use proteus, i found this documentation to start: do you suggest other sources for me to study?15:45
cedkfil__: and I suggest to read the README of proteus from the same series15:49
fil__cool thanks!15:50
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shroxcedk: I've made whatever changes you wanted me to make.16:17
cedkshrox: OK I will take a look16:18
shroxcedk: I hope it can finally get incorporated. Will be a relief :P16:19
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udonocedk: nicoe I wrote a scenario test for account_invoice_history but at the end I have a problem with history and proteus.16:54
udonocedk: nicoe: Is there transparent handling of history implemented in proteus? Do I always need to set the context by my self?16:55
cedkudono: yes but I don't think it is so much work to do it16:57
cedkudono: it is just about using the context manager to set _datetime16:58
cedkudono: why don't you write scenario for trunk?16:58
udonocedk: I will transpose it later16:59
udonoto tip16:59
cedkudono: OK I think I understand what you mean17:00
cedkudono: you want transparent managemtn on datetime_field on Many2One17:00
udonocedk: yes, exactly17:00
cedkudono: I think it makes sense to add it to proteus17:01
cedkACTION bbl17:02
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fil__cedk i am expanding the fields to import untill, when i try to import the suppliers information: i get this error: , i am using this csv: anyone knows how to fix it?18:40
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fil__cedk: i am expanding the fields to import, when i got to suppliers info i got this: , using this csv: , and this configuration: do you know how to deal with it?23:19
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cedkfil__: for me, it makes no sense to have a column "Suppliers"23:31
fil__ok, what i want is to add a party as a supplier for the product, with its supplier name and code, this is what i meant with that column23:33
cedkfil__: but you already are creating suppliers with the two other columns23:34
fil__but in none of them i fill the name of the supplier23:35
cedkfil__: so add a column "Suppliers/Party"23:36
fil__will check23:38
fil__cedk: it doesn't accept "Suppliers/Party"  it says that occured an error procesing file at field  Suppliers/Party23:42
cedkfil__: the value must be the rec_name of an existing party23:55
fil__i am using this name:

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