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sisalpis there a plan to publish Trytond 4.0 on pypi ?09:30
pokolisisalp: it's published
pokoliprayashm: ping11:33
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prayashmpokoli: Yep?12:38
pokoliprayashm: I see you commited some code to your github fork, have you thought how to update it from latest changes?12:39
prayashmpokoli: I thought I will keep pushing code to my fork. And later hg review to the codereview.12:43
prayashmpokoli: Do I need to keep my fork updated with the tryton/sao mirror?12:44
pokoliprayashm: we expect the review to be based on the latest version of sao. You don't need to update, but normally it's easier to update step by step, than a big update at the end12:45
prayashmpokoli: If that will be easier, I will do that. How should I proceed?12:48
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pokoliprayashm: I will create a branch of all of your work, and merge from origin/develop whenever you want to update12:49
prayashmpokoli: Alright, so here on, I will write code and push on to a different branch then?12:54
pokoliprayashm: it will ease things if you use a branch12:58
prayashmpokoli: yes... I realised. I made one12:58
pokoliprayashm: btw, if you have any doubt about coding, do not hesitate to ask12:59
prayashmpokoli: I have been wondering on something.12:59
prayashmpokoli: How would I push the changes to codereview now? As the copy of sao I am working it is in hg13:00
prayashmpokoli: in git*. sorry.13:00
pokoliprayashm: once finished, you can make a diff between your branch and develop branch and export as diff. An the apply this diff to a mercurial repo13:01
prayashmpokoli: :D okay!13:02
pokoliprayashm: please, ask those kinds of things when you doubt start wondering about it :P13:03
cedkprayashm: rietveld works also on git repo13:22
cedkprayashm: but you have to use and not of course hgreview13:24
prayashmcedk: alright ... I'll keep that in mind13:24
prayashmpokoli: I tried merging from the tryton/sao:develop to prayashm/sao:prayashm ... can you have look at it?13:47
pokoliprayashm: it's okey, but you don't need to open a PR to merge code from sao:develop13:48
prayashmpokoli: then how to I do it?13:49
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prayashmpokoli: Thanks! I finally got it right... :)15:11
pokoliprayashm: great! what is your next step?15:17
prayashmpokoli: I will be making the views when the import modal opens15:18
prayashmpokoli: and then I will resume setting up a cloud9 instance where I'll put the changed version of sao for you to see15:20
pokoliprayashm: great. Remember to mimic the gtk code as much as possible to ease maintenance.15:21
cedkprayashm: don't forget that it should be as close as possible of the gtk design (code and UI)15:21
pokoliprayashm: for me you don't have to worry about deploying the code, as I can download and build in my laptop ;)15:21
prayashmpokoli and cedk: Yep... resemblance to GTK is important. Noted.15:22
prayashmpokoli: okay ...15:22
cedkprayashm: but also the code to ease the maintenance15:23
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prayashmcedk: would a cloud9 instance to see changes be helpful to you?15:24
prayashmcedk: yes ... i'll keep code resemblance in mind too15:24
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cedkprayashm: don't know what is cloud915:50
cedkprayashm: but usually reading code is enough for me15:50
cedkprayashm: also we can fetch your code and run it on our machine15:51
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prayashmcedk: It's give a free ubuntu machine. Okay then ... won't go into that16:06
pokoliprayashm: just ping me when you have something that can be shown, and I will download the code and test it :)16:13
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prayashmpokoli: okay16:41
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