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pokolicedk: about, should be linked to issue2350 instead of issue5221?09:58
cedkpokoli: not it is about view_header_get10:01
pokolicedk: yes, view_header_get is removed in issue235010:01
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gr8dudeHi, are there any books on Tryton?11:05
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cedkgr8dude: I don't think so11:41
cedkgr8dude: there was an attempt to create one at:
gr8dudeThe guide is rather incomplete, there are gaps in certain sections (such as setting up the database, for example)11:44
gr8dudeIf I end up using Tryton, I will submit some changes to the docs11:45
cedkgr8dude: database setup depends on the exact version11:46
gr8dudeI see, thanks. Is there something similar related to the web-client?11:47
pokoligr8dude: you can contirubte to the guide in
cedkgr8dude: what do you mean? The database creation is on the server-side11:51
gr8dudeI understand that, what I mean is that I am looking for some specific instructions related to setting up the web-server that acts as a client that connects to trytond.11:52
gr8dudeThe goal is to reap the benefits of Tryton using a web-browser client, rather than the desktop client.11:53
cedkgr8dude: you don't need a web-server11:56
cedkgr8dude: trytond is a web-server11:56
cedkgr8dude: the sao setup is described in the sao's README11:57
gr8dudeMust `sao` be installed on every machine that wants to use the web-interface? Or can I run it on the same machine as trytond, so users can rely on their web-browsers to get their job done?12:02
cedkgr8dude: sao is served by trytond12:03
gr8dudeHm, which part requires nodejs then? I have seen some documentation saying that it is served by Werkzeug, but the readme of sao says that nodejs is required, so I do not have a clear picture of what depends on what yet.12:10
cedkgr8dude: nodejs is needed to run grunt which compile the source code12:11
cedkgr8dude: it is also needed to run bower12:11
gr8dudeOk, it seems a bit clearer now. I will get back once I try it all out in practice. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it.12:29
cedkgr8dude: indeed if you use the release archive, you don't need Gruntjs12:33
cedkgr8dude: and you can manage to install manually the bower dependencies like jquery etc.12:33
cedkgr8dude: so in this case you don't need at all nodejs12:33
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pokolicedk: I'm unable to create issues on the bug tracker, I always get a "An error has ocurred page". There is any problem on the servers?15:42
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cedkpokoli: I check15:43
cedkpokoli: could you retry?15:45
pokolicedk: fixed, thanks :)15:45
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cedkpokoli: I was experimenting on
pokolicedk: so I see it's working correctly, a good improvement :)15:49
pokolicedk: I'm wondering why this has a hardcoded mime-type15:54
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cedkpokoli: should ask nicoe but I think it is required to have a type15:59
pokolicedk: nicoe , yes but my doubt is why not guessing it from name using file_name16:00
pokoliussing Sao.common.guess_mimetype (sorry)16:00
cedkpokoli: I think it could be an improvement but only for opening16:01
cedkpokoli: when saving octet-binary force the save dialog16:01
nicoepokoli: indeed the octet-binary force to save dialog16:02
nicoepokoli: I think that's the reason why16:02
pokolicedk: nicoe, ok so I will look at it, and try to provide a patch. Thanks!16:02
cedkpokoli: of course other extentions could be added like png, jpeg etc.16:03
pokolicedk: yes, that's the second step ;)16:04
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prayashmIs there any sao specific documentation?18:10
cedkprayashm: not realy except the README18:11
prayashmcedk: okay.18:43
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