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cedksisalp: I guess you did not receive answers for yesterday questions12:17
cedksisalp: the database is optional for trytond-cron because it re-use the same code as other command12:18
cedksisalp: so if no database is given it will run but for no database12:18
cedksisalp: and there is no run once option because it will be less effective as the pool will need to be rebuild at each run12:19
sisalpcedk: thank you.12:23
sisalpcedk: my problem is when I create/destroy a database. I have to restart trytond-cron with the new list of db.12:24
sisalpced: what happens if a database no longer exists ?12:24
sisalpcedk: and can I start trytond-cron as many times as databases ?12:24
cedksisalp: I think it will crash12:25
sisalpit will crash for all databases of the list ?12:25
cedksisalp: the program stops12:26
cedksisalp: it is probably better to run one cron per database12:27
sisalpcedk: does it cost much ?12:28
cedksisalp: just some memory as you will have one Pool per program12:28
cedksisalp: otherwise you can just restart the cron with a cleaned DB list12:28
sisalpcedk: restarting it needs I watch it all the time12:29
cedksisalp: watch?12:30
sisalpcedk: detect it has failed andrestart it with a re-evaluated database list12:30
sisalpcedk: by the way, I see this new design as a progress12:31
sisalpcedk: is stopps cron tasks on all non-production databases12:32
sisalpcedk: and likely, cron tasks will be activated on only one db per trytond server12:33
cedksisalp: normally, it should fail only if the database is dropped12:33
cedksisalp: if the database creation/drop is managed externaly, you can make this management at this external application12:34
cedksisalp: the database management from the client will be removed on the next release, so you can already prepare12:35
sisalpcedk : I will have a thought about all this. and will tell here.  Seems cron on multiple databases should be an exception and so multiple cron processes is an attractive way12:39
sisalpcedk: everybody agree to remove it from the gtk ?12:39
cedksisalp: nobody complained until now:
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shroxcedk: I have done three of the five things you asked me to. Namely, removed the global variables, replaced concatenation with string format % and replaced classes with functions. I'm skeptical about the other two. Can you guide me how I should proceed with 1) creating the manifest file directly without reading the file list after they have been made. 2) handling images while making content.xml instead of reading it again.17:45
shroxcedk: Of course though, since today is a Sunday, we can talk about this tomorrow.17:46
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