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greg__hello, I try to create a new contact along with new party, but it gives me error11:25
pokoligreg__: the error is clear, you are setting the kind field which does not exist in the contract relation11:30
greg__isn't it works like if not exists then create it & assign to party?11:32
greg__because I also used same syntax for address then its working fine.11:32
pokoligreg__: yes. but you are facing another problem11:33
pokoligreg__: in your contacts relation the field "kind" does not exists11:34
greg__pokoli, it is there because when I am fetching contacts of party then "kind" is exists11:35
greg__pokoli, if I removed "kind" then same error shown for "value"11:36
pokoligreg__: so the problem is on the contract One2Many which is not poiting to the right model11:36
pokoligreg__: can not give better advice without seeing code11:36
greg__pokoli, thanks a lot for your help! I solved it!11:45
pokoligreg__: just for curiosity: which was the problem?11:46
greg__instead of "contacts", use keyword: "contact_mechanisms"11:50
pokoligreg__: so it was the wrong relation :) great!11:51
greg__actually, my colleague Michale solved it!11:52
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Guest91043Hello, does anyone know why in __register__ of stock_forecast, forecast moves are deleted?
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Guest91043No one has an idea about this?16:12
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kstengerGuest91043: I imagine the cleanup was needed due to a change in the criteria that the forecast moves should only be created on user request. This is just a guess since it comes from 2.0, but it's what the commit message makes me think.16:18
Guest91043kstenger: Do you know the commit hash for that one? I searched the history but couldn't find it.16:22
kstengerGuest91043: 6d690b8bb8ed16:23
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Guest91043Thanks, I wonder if it would ever be possible to get this code removed? Our deployment script upgrades all modules and thus deletes forecast moves. kind of a pain.16:26
pokoliGuest91043: at least it has to be made idempotent, that only runs when it's needed (not on every upgrade)16:31
pokoliGuest91043: it's similar to
pokoliGuest91043: so for me you can fill a bug16:32
Guest91043pokoli: Ok thanks, I'll submit a bug report.16:35
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udonohi, is down?16:58
pokoliudono: no, i just updated a issue16:59
udonopokoli: strange, I can not open any issue16:59
pokoliudono: I just opened and without problems16:59
pokoliudono: maybe there is a net split that affects your internet provider17:00
udonopokoli: con not open both links :-(17:00
udonopokoli: thanks17:01
pokoliudono: you are welcome17:03
udono… strange now it works :-)17:04
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