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shroxcedk: I need some help. I begun with going about simplifying the understanding of my code by getting the split_file function to return a dictionary with filename: string for all the tags. Then I made another method that reads this dictionary and writes the files to a zip. This goes fine.10:34
shroxHowever, when I read content.xml for the images (something that I want to change later), something inexplicably goes wrong and my generated odt is no longer readable without fixing.10:34
shroxcedk: I am sure my new method which writes the split files to the zip works fine because if I don't run the handle_images method, the generated odt is still good. But because of something that I cannot figure, just reading the zip_file breaks something. Which is funny because I was reading it earlier, anyway.10:37
shroxcedk: I've updated the codebase on github if you want to have a look.10:37
pokolishrox: which is the github url?10:37
pokolishrox: can be that your replace the previous generated context.xml and then write a invalid structure?10:45
shroxpokoli: I am only reading the content.xml. Not writing anything back. I read the same file again and it has the same string. So I don't think that is the case.10:53
pokolishrox: AFAIU it's written on
shroxpokoli: That's correct. But I commented out the whole thing to understand where the odt is breaking and it breaks on the very first line itself.
pokolishrox: sorry I thought, that all the commented code was which was wrong10:56
pokolishrox: do you have any exception? Or how it breaks?10:56
shroxpokoli: No problem. It doesn't give me an error. Just generates an odt that is broken. I cannot unzip the odt properly, but it seems that the problem isn't with content.xml at all but one of the other files. meta.xml and/or styles.xml10:57
pokolishrox: sorry but i can not see the relation11:03
shroxpokoli: exactly :/ it seems very bizarre to me. I'm doing just what I was doing before.11:03
cedkshrox: I think you must debug11:09
cedkshrox: look at the value at each point11:09
cedkshrox: also look at the generated xml in the zip11:09
shroxcedk: I did look at the generated xml files. something goes wrong with meta.xml and/or styles.xml. And reading the meta.xml file from the zip_file gives the expected output.11:12
shroxcedk: Making a dictionary of the split_files is okay, right? Asking so that I can look into this more, provided that I'm on the right track.11:14
cedkshrox: if you have the expected result than it is something else11:17
shroxcedk: Like I mentioned earlier, what I've broken it down to right now is that "content_string ="content.xml")" breaks something. If I pass the whole method then the odt is generated just fine. The problem is there, but why I don't know.11:20
cedkshrox: you have to find what is broken11:22
shroxcedk: Yes. On it. If there's something obvious that I might have overlooked that strikes you, let me know.11:24
cedkshrox: only think I can image is that read call move a pointer and so after that you read something else11:26
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shroxcedk: Okay. Will check from scratch.11:31
pokolicedk: do you mind if I push ??11:43
cedkpokoli: yes I do mind because I think it is wrong11:45
pokolicedk: so your comments will be apreciated :)11:49
pokolicedk: don't worry, I think I know what's the problem. Thanks11:51
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pokolihi, anyone know which startup script is included in debian ubuntu packages?12:58
yangoonpokoli: speaking for Debian: sysvinit + systemd service files included13:09
yangoonand ubuntu pulls from Debian13:10
pokoliyangoon: thanks13:13
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