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plantianWhat is streetbis for ?  Company name ?07:43
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prayashmI am able to generate the csv for the data10:38
prayashmwondering how should I save that to a file10:38
prayashmshould I use:
prayashmor something like:
cedkprayashm: yes like the Binary widget10:39
prayashmcedk: I didn't get you10:41
pokoliprayashm: you can use the CreateObjectURL, as the Binary widget does10:43
prayashmcedk: oh understood. Thanks!10:45
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prayashmThe file gets downloaded with a random filename. Should I present the generated file as a link, So that one can right-click and choose "save link as ...", and then give the filename?11:01
pokoliprayashm: on the GTK client the file is openend with a random file name11:03
pokoliprayashm: so you should do the same11:04
prayashmpokoli: On GTK client, it asks the file name11:04
pokoliprayashm: you must set a valid content type in order to make the browser open the file with the correct application11:04
pokoliprayashm: BTW, there is the option to save or open it :)11:05
pokoliprayashm: in binary fields, if open is selected we set a content type so the browser opens it by default, and if save is selected we don't set it to it ask to save by default11:05
prayashmpokoli: Yes, I understand that part11:06
prayashmpokoli: I am working on the save now11:06
pokoliprayashm: it's all here:
prayashmpokoli: I am using the mimetype "text/csv" but it downloads the file, doesn't prompt for any application11:12
pokoliprayashm: maybe you don't have any application on your system configured to open text/csv files11:20
prayashmpokoli: alright11:28
cedkpokoli: I'm working on my comments on review 1393100211:29
pokolicedk: ok11:30
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cedkpokoli: it will be good to make a summary of what is still waiting in
cedkpokoli: and maybe split it into smaller issue which are easier to review12:16
pokolicedk: understood. I will review it latter and split into smaller issues12:16
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JohnnyHello good morning17:41
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csotelodear coders.. I have a question about account_deposit... I have notriced that this module recall a deposit, but, how I could do a deposit? any suggest?19:47
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cedkcsotelo: create an invoice using a deposit account20:42
csoteloLet me try20:44
csoteloI have tried but the invoice just let choose receivable account20:48
cedkcsotelo: I doubt about that, there is a scenario20:52
csoteloprobably I forget some configuration or setting20:53
csoteloI am trying to follow accounjts and charts20:53
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csoteloI guess I need to update account chart from template21:04
csoteloi have done that.. however.. on my account chart no appear deposit account21:04
csotelomy question is.. the right flow before using deposite is update the account chart? or something else?21:18
csoteloI have trying again to use "update chart account from tempĺate" and chart account wasnt updated21:25
csotelois there a way to generate a disccount to the incoice total payment?21:30
csoteloWhwn I create a new database I am gtting this eeror21:46
csoteloDependency must be unique by module!21:46
csotelowhat is the reason on this error?21:47
csoteloI have found it21:47
csoteloI have created a new database21:54
csoteloclear with minimal for manage deposits21:54
csoteloand create an account chart21:54
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csoteloI have tryed on diferent ways on create an invoice where the account is deposite22:23
csoteloalso creating a new clear and minimal datrabase22:24
csotelona dno way on create an account with deposit account22:24
csoteloany suggest?22:24
csoteloor url?22:24
csoteloI am using 3.8 version22:29
csoteloprobably doesnt work on this version?22:29
cedkcsotelo: it works, there are tests22:30
cedkcsotelo: the minimal chart of account is extended with two accounts by the module22:30
csoteloI am completely lost.. I couldnt get it working.. then if it works.. I am completely worng22:31
csoteloyes cedk ... I have create a new database with the minimal modules for deposit22:31
cedkcsotelo: any way, you can create yourself the account22:31
csoteloI have create an account chart from template using minimal chart account22:32
csoteloand I see deposit onm the minimal chart acount22:32
cedkcsotelo: so what is the problem22:33
csotelothen I create a new invoice, then on "other info" tab, on the "account" box, I have try to choose deposite, however when I select it, I juts could choose "Main receivable".. then...22:34
cedkcsotelo: no it is on the line22:34
csotelolet me try22:35
cedkcsotelo: the account directly on the invoice is always a receivable of the party22:35
csoteloI have notice it... sorry....22:35
cedkcsotelo: usually the best way to understand a module is to look at its test scenario22:35
csoteloi was completely worng22:35
csoteloas most of the time... thanks a lot22:35
csotelocedk, Really.. I am so glad on you22:49
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