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cedkshrox: hi, I do not see a lot of progress for the GSoC09:37
cedkshrox: are you blocked? Do you need help?09:37
shroxcedk: Hi, I am sorry I have been having some personal difficulties. I was working on the bug and I have given your review comments a look and am working on them now. The next 20 days are going to be all GSoC, I assure you. I apologize again.09:40
cedkshrox: OK, I hope everything is OK now for you.09:43
cedkshrox: Next time, it will be good if you can notify us09:43
shroxcedk: Yes. Everything's fine. Yes, I know I should have, but I wasn't expecting it to take so many days. I will put in double the work. Thanks for understanding.09:44
cedkxcodinas: Hi, do you want to become core dev? It will give you push access.09:52
cedkxcodinas: I see that you take care of the all code base09:53
xcodinascedk: It would be a pleasure.10:00
cedkxcodinas: you can fill your ssh key in your roundup profile10:01
xcodinascedk: Done.10:07
cedkxcodinas: you will have access in 24h10:09
cedkxcodinas: you must use: ssh:// as base url10:10
cedkxcodinas: I will let you commit review2546100210:10
xcodinascedk: okay, thanks:)10:12
cedkxcodinas: also having push access does not prevent from the review process :-)10:13
xcodinascedk: I already had it in mind :-)10:19
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xcodinascedk: Could you please approve my discuss account?11:24
cedkxcodinas: I approved the post, the account is something automatic depending on your behaviour11:25
xcodinascedk: Oh, I see, thanks.11:27
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pokolicedk: althought I don't aggree in why there is any advice in the doc about now using it?12:08
pokolicedk: BTW, which is the correct method of customizing the string of a field (I'm using override translations for that)12:08
cedkpokoli: change a string is via extention, override is only for translation12:12
pokolicedk: but if I change the string via __setup__, translations are not updated and the same original string is shown :$12:17
pokolicedk: I changed the string via extension, but I also need to override translations otherwise the old translation is shown when the user have a diferent language12:38
cedkpokoli: I do not know12:39
cedkpokoli: for me, there is no reason to change a string or a translation (except if there is a fault)12:40
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cedkpokoli: override is a manual process12:42
pokolicedk: we override the translation to use another word with a similiar meaning because the company is used to use this word instead of the one used in tryton.12:44
pokolicedk: yes, I understand it's a manuall process, and that's why I manually created the override file with the translation12:44
pokolicedk: Everything works well, except other translations are deleted and this is my only problem and that's why I reported the issue12:44
cedkpokoli: but it is the design "overide" == overide12:45
pokolicedk: yes, but I override a translation of another module while I add other translations of my module12:45
pokolicedk: Other module translations are done on the tryton comunity, so I can not change that and I need to override it12:46
cedkpokoli: I do not seen any problem12:47
cedkyou can not translate standard module with non standard module12:47
pokolicedk: I don't do it. I only override standard module translations on a non standard module12:48
cedkpokoli: so no problem12:49
pokolicedk: the problem is that the non standard module also add some fields, which also have translations, and those translations are deleted when the overriden translations are loaded12:49
pokolicedk: the problem is in this delete:
pokolicedk: which deletes the module translations when the overriden file is loaded, as transition import is called twice when loading the module12:50
cedkpokoli: OK12:53
cedkpokoli: all files should be imported at once12:54
pokolicedk: yes, files are imported once, but there are two translations files on my module (one for module translations an other for override), so that's why its called twice12:59
cedkpokoli: so import function must take a list of files13:00
pokolicedk: ok, I'm working on a patch :)13:14
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xcodinascedk: In what should i understand as pointer?13:28
cedkxcodinas: the mouse representation13:29
xcodinascedk: Alright, thanks.13:30
shroxcedk: I have uploaded another patch set. If things look okay, I will move on to working with improving the handling of images. Have a look whenever you can :)14:01
pokolishrox: for me you move on on the images while waiting for feedback :)14:03
shroxpokoli: Okay then. I aim to submit a review for that as well by tonight. Got to catch up ;)14:04
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cedkxcodinas: for hg configuration, do not forget to correctly set your username15:11
xcodinascedk: Done!15:16
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rooty__hi all23:08
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