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shroxcedk: I'm not doing the final gsoc evaluation right now, but when I do, do I link it to rietveld where I've uploaded the patches?00:13
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cedkshrox: yes or of your github repo09:40
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prayashmcedk: What is a customizator?10:17
cedkprayashm: I mean people who will customize Tryton10:19
cedkprayashm: we expect that people will use at least a custom css on sao to make it fits with company theme10:20
cedkprayashm: that's why we want to have only strictly needed CSS rules10:20
prayashmcedk: I get it. Thanks!10:20
cedkprayashm: by the way, about the expand of the fields when using auto-detect10:23
cedkprayashm: I think it will be good to try to fix it any way10:23
prayashmcedk: That's fixed10:23
prayashmcedk: I am just removing the css and pushing the patch10:24
cedkprayashm: I mean that it expands the tree10:24
prayashmcedk: Yes. It doesn't do that now.10:24
cedkprayashm: I think you could have an extra paramter that says to collapse the node after expanding it10:24
prayashmcedk: I did that exact thing :D10:24
cedkprayashm: ha OK, how did you fix that?10:24
cedkprayashm: OK good10:25
prayashmcedk: Just kept note of the element at the highest level that is being expanded, and just collapsing that after everything is done10:25
cedkprayashm: I will check the code10:28
prayashmIs there a way to delete the last patch from codereview?10:51
cedkprayashm: there is a delete button10:51
prayashmcedk: Oh yes. Thanks!10:53
prayashmcedk: about the missing scrollbar, which browser are you using?10:58
cedkprayashm: firefox11:09
cedkprayashm: I tested in mobile mode but I have to re-check11:09
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shroxcedk: To generalize for all FOD files, I need to save the mimetype initially in a global variable. Would that be okay to do?15:09
cedkshrox: global variable is always bad15:13
cedkshrox: it will prevent to use the lib in parallel15:13
shroxcedk: I know. But the thing is that to figure out the required mimetype of the file to add to the manifest is becoming difficult. I already do it once when I create the mimetype file, but the second time around I have lost access to the file name which prevents me from recognizing the kind of file. Do you understand the problem here?15:16
cedkshrox: it should not be a problem if you had a good abstraction design15:17
shroxcedk: I think I have got this without a global variable. Let me have a look.15:20
shroxcedk: In __main__, when I write file object to system, currently I am renaming to file by default to xyz.odt15:28
shroxcedk: Which is obviously something that I do not want to do15:29
shroxcedk: I will have to create a function to rename the fod to equivalent od, I think15:29
shroxcedk: So is it okay to write this function within __main__ itself?15:29
cedkshrox: why not just ask the user to pass the name?15:38
cedkshrox: explicit is better than implicit15:39
shroxcedk: that'll simplify it for me as well, haha. Sure, I'll do that.15:40
shroxcedk: Hey, can you reply to the review comment about the zip_file, please?16:43
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cedkpokoli: did you tested the GooCalendar and issue5786 ?18:32
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