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csotelohi coders02:46
csoteloI have a question related to accountant states on tryton02:47
csotelo specifictly these ones: statement of changes in equity, balance sheet, cash flow, profits and losses02:48
csoteloI would like to know if tryton have these stated implemented or there are some modules for them02:48
csotelothanks a lot02:48
csotelohi cedk , excuse me for the direct question02:48
csoteloprobably you could give me a suggest02:49
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brunnenschachthi, is someone using the webdav vcard module?09:13
pokolicedk: no I didn't test issue5786, but I will try to test it today09:17
pokolibrunnenschacht: personally I'm not using it know, but maybe we will use it in the future09:19
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cedkall the webdav stuffs are not in good shape09:32
cedkwe should replace pywebdav but a WSGI implementation09:32
cedkthe code should be refactorized09:32
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pokoliand we should write a good test suite for it09:38
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brunnenschachtlets say i write some more tests for the party_vcarddav module, is this a new issue?11:42
pokolibrunnenschacht: yes11:43
brunnenschachtpokoli: ok11:44
pokolibrunnenschacht: but as ced pointed, there is a plan to migrate to wsgi implementation (see:
pokolibrunnenschacht: so It will be great if tests can be used to ensure the migration is working correctly11:45
cedkit is not possible to write test for now11:57
cedkit is only possible to write scenario like in calendar module11:58
cedkbut if we migrate to wsgi protocol, tests should be written to not require the network stack11:58
pokolicedk: so better to migrate first to wsgi12:00
cedkpokoli: which version of jshint are you using?12:09
pokolicedk: 0.11.3, the one that get installed with sao12:10
cedkpokoli: you should upgrade, I got 2.8.012:12
pokolicedk: I imagine all the sao devDevependencies can be upgraded12:13
cedkpokoli: it is not a dependency12:16
pokolicedk: but it's a development dependency and it's version number is specified on package.json12:17
pokolicedk: maybe we should specify only minimum versions12:17
cedkpokoli: it does not really make sense to me12:21
cedkpokoli: it should always be the latest12:22
pokolicedk: but we should specify it on package.json otherwise drone will use the older versions12:26
cedkpokoli: why will it use the older version12:26
cedkpokoli: it is exactly the opposite, it will use the latest12:26
pokolicedk: because npm install installs the pinned version from package.json, which is what i have run12:26
cedkpokoli: what pinned version?12:28
cedkpokoli: it is not jshint12:29
pokolicedk: so I don't have another jshint installed12:31
cedkpokoli: jshint is a dependency of grunt-contrib-jshint12:35
cedkI just tested and jshint does not warn about trailing comma12:37
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cedkindeed trailing comma is valid es5:
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pokolicedk: i have jshint v2.9.3 so latest version is installed, I think everything is ok12:51
cedkas IE9 accepts trailing space, I think we will allow its usage12:51
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prayashmcedk: Thanks for explaining at the code review.14:48
prayashmI have exams for 3 days starting tomorrow. I'll work on the Without DOM Fetching from 28th.14:50
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brunnenschachtis there a reason, why i cant edit issue messages?15:48
brunnenschachton bugs.tryton.org15:49
pokolibrunnenschacht: messages are sent to email, so if you edit the edited content is not sent.16:04
pokolibrunnenschacht: you should add a new message16:05
brunnenschachtpokoli: ok16:07
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shroxcedk: Hey, can you review the latest patch when you get the time? I can work on them (if that's okay). Hopefully there won't be a lot :D22:37
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