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pokoliAnyone know which is this error related to?
cedkpokoli: I do not think you can pass argument to click11:48
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cedkpokoli: indeed change is valid argument11:50
cedkpokoli: did you override reset_bom?11:50
cedkpokoli: it is probably 48ca7078f8ca11:52
cedkbut does it make sense to check button access on a button_change?11:58
pokolicedk: this is the standard production module. I didn't change anything of the scenario12:02
pokoliACTION checking12:02
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pokolicedk: for me we can skip the button access on the button_change if transaction is readonly as on on_change12:07
pokolicedk: and furthermor:, they do not modify anything on server. Their modification will be checked by ir.model* checks when saved12:08
cedkpokoli: the transaction is readonly by default see line 203 of modelview.py12:09
pokolicedk: then for me it's not needed to check access12:13
cedkpokoli: but maybe it will be good to have the button rules on it12:13
pokolicedk: I don't see why we should define a rule for something that may not be saved (as the user may discard the changes)12:15
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pokoliHi giovanni_ :)12:17
giovanni_been a while :(12:18
cedkpokoli: a kind of confirmation12:18
cedkpokoli: but indeed I see one interest, it is that it is called with check_access after12:20
pokolicedk: don't understand12:23
cedkpokoli: in ModelView.button func is called without _check_access12:24
cedkpokoli: but indeed I think my thoughts will be part of a larger change which will make on_change* calls checked only on the border12:27
pokolicedk: after reading the issue you created, now I understand and I agree that it will be great to have such behaviour12:34
pokolicedk: the review fixed the production scenario, thanks!12:38
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