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drlIs there a PPA for Tryton 4.0?01:13
drlCan Tryton download data from banks?01:43
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JanGBcedk: ping10:32
cedkJanGB: pong10:35
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JanGBcedk: is the datetime_field functionality on many2many implemented in an other way or is it missing?10:50
cedkJanGB: I do not remeber but setting the context there will not work any way10:51
JanGBcedk: ok10:52
cedkJanGB: indeed it is managed by the parent_datetime_field on the Group10:52
JanGBcedk: ok11:03
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pokolicedk: do you have any remarks about ? I will like to include it for 4.2 version12:24
cedkpokoli: I do not like too much the keyword/default_keyword12:30
cedkpokoli: why not make the call to add_name_suffix inside a test for each case12:31
mrichezhi, how could a scenario have a different behaviour than doing the same things in the client ??? (my workflow create a new draft line and change state... in the scenario, state is changed but no draft line)12:49
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cedkmrichez: proteus is not guarantee to be 100% identical to tryton but it tries to be12:59
cedkmrichez: sometimes it is because the order of the inputs, sometimes it is because you rely on an unsupported behaviour from proteus13:00
cedkmrichez: sometimes it is just about the user configuration13:00
cedkmrichez: I mean the Tryton's user13:01
pokolicedk: thanks, i will review it latter :)13:25
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notizblockin the party menu there are two entries "Parties associated to Purchases" and "Parties associated to Sales". AFAIK those lists are populated using a wizard. Is it possible to get the same list of records using proteus?14:06
notizblockfor example by querying with proteus I can get a list of parties associated with sales but it contains duplicates14:08
cedknotizblock: run the wizard from proteus14:09
notizblockcedk: Wizard('sale.open_customer').execute('open_') ?14:18
notizblockcedk: gives xmlrpclib.Fault: <Fault 1: '(\'UserError\', (u"You try to read records that don\'t exist anymore.\\n(Document type: ir.session.wizard)", \'\'))'>14:18
cedknotizblock: the session is expired14:19
notizblockcedk: ah interesting, the records are available in wizard.actions14:36
perillacedk: about the test of cost_price for recompute_cost_price? what do you mean with "It should talk about changing the test because of Function field."...15:50
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cedkperilla: link?16:10
perillacedk: sorry16:14
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cedkperilla: I mean that the message should explain why it is changing not what it is changing16:31
perillacedk: ok16:32
cedkperilla: for example, your current message seems to say that before there was no test16:32
cedkperilla: but indeed it is because of a change in product that the test is no more valid16:32
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cedkperilla: also it does not need to be long indeed it is better short16:37
cedkperilla: but it should correctly talk about the change16:37
perillacedk: I try to write the message :)16:48
perillacedk: today I try to do write a review to add testing scenario16:49
cedkperilla: better16:50
cedkperilla: OK, I'm waiting the scenario to push the fix16:51
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csotelo_at_workhello coders21:29
csotelo_at_workI need a sugest on implement a server on amazon21:29
csotelo_at_workwhat do you think is a good option on aws ec2 for development / implementation? thanks21:30
csotelo_at_workm3.medium or t2.large?21:32
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csotelo_at_workant suggest???23:14
cedkcsotelo_at_work: I do not think it is possible to advise without knowing more about the project23:18
cedkcsotelo_at_work: also each time I checked amazon, I found it too expensive23:19
csotelo_at_workany suggest? I need just something for a development team as a stage server23:19
cedkcsotelo_at_work: indeed any similar hosting solution is expensive for business application because they are design for website (no computation, just waiting request)23:19
csotelo_at_workI see23:20
cedkcsotelo_at_work: for staging, just take the cheapest dedicated solution23:20
cedkcsotelo_at_work: and if your team work on the same lan, just take an old machine23:21
csotelo_at_workdo you think amaazon is ok? or do you have any suggest, please23:21
cedkcsotelo_at_work: never used amazon because for me, it is too expensive23:21
csotelo_at_workhm,,,, sorry for the new question.. any hosting suggest?23:21
cedkcsotelo_at_work: at b2ck we use
csotelo_at_workthanks alot23:23
cedkcsotelo_at_work: but as I said, often local machine is much cheaper23:24
cedkfor example, the testing server of the foundation, is a simple machine not hosted23:25
csotelo_at_workfor prod we use local, but the team works from home23:25
csotelo_at_workI am staring on it, no yet an office23:26
cedkcsotelo_at_work: but you can run localy when developing23:27
csotelo_at_workYes, we work each one on its own home, on a city, and our first client is on a different city, I need a way on deploy to stage and client could test it, the prod server is located inside the business23:28
csotelo_at_workbute yes, for development ia hev set a docker for work each one on it local machine23:29
csotelo_at_workthat is the reason23:30
csotelo_at_workI also were thinkning on using the same client server, but I am no really sure about that23:31
csotelo_at_workon using the same phisical machin for stage and prod23:31

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