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Joywhat is difference between cost_price,list_price & unit_price of product?10:22
pokoli_Joy: cost_price is updated based on the cost_price_method10:32
pokoli_Joy: list_price is the default sale_price that's used on price lists10:33
pokoli_Joy: and about unit_price it depends on the model used, but normally the unit_price of the product on this model, than can be diferent from cost_price and list_price10:34
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Joypokoli: ok,thank you very much!10:40
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Joyhow much precision on amount in tryton? 2 digits or 3 digits?11:30
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pokoliJoy: the amount (that refers to money) use the currency digits11:36
pokoliJoy: which normally is 211:36
pokoliJoy: and by default the unit_prices of products uses 4 digits (that can be customized) and then are rounded to the currency digits11:36
pokoliJoy: I'm not sure if that fully answers your question11:36
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cedkpokoli: is not documented?11:42
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pokolicedk: it is on the currency module:
cedkpokoli: it is always better to refer to the documentation and when there is none write it11:50
pokolicedk: understood11:51
Joypokoli: thank you!12:18
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vapoHello. I installed trytond last week with your guys help. (U: Doflamingo). I have now been testing different modules...13:06
vapoNow I have a problem with the sales module. When I fill out a new quotation/sales offer, I does not let me finish the process:13:06
vapoWarnung: You try to bypass an access rule. (Document type:
vapoany hints?13:06
pokolivapo: which access groups have your user?13:07
vapopokoli: I'm using admin, which has all groups available13:35
pokolivapo: I just tested on demo database ( and I can not reproduce13:36
vapopokoli: same with me13:36
vapopokoli: I tested it there on friday13:37
pokolivapo: could you execute your server with --verbose and --dev option to see if there is another error hidden?13:38
vapopokoli: ok. will try that13:38
vapopokoli: doesn't seem to tell much more. let me try to resetup the complete installation. maybe I have contaminated the installation during testing.13:51
pokolivapo: could you tell the id of the sale_group in your database?13:57
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pokolivapo: forget it13:58
pokolivapo: I think the problem is about company. You don't have any company defined and there is an access rule by company13:59
pokolivapo: have you created a company? Have you assigned this company to your users?13:59
vapopokoli: company created: yes, assigned: no ... let me try that13:59
vapopokoli: the question is, where to assign the users14:01
vapopokoli: I have created a party with the company information14:01
pokolivapo: on the user form you should assign it on the main_company field14:01
pokolivapo: an then In the user preferences you should be able to select the company as current one14:01
vapopokoli: afterwards i went on party configuration companies companies and created a company with said party14:02
vapopokoli: ok... will check that14:02
vapopokoli: assigning the user to the company did the trick. Thank you!14:18
pokolivapo: you're welcome14:18
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pokoliHow can I define reference field via xml? I've tested using the "search" attribute but it does not work14:23
pokolisorry using the ref attribute, not search14:24
pokoliindeed reading the code, None of them will work. So i'm going to write a patch :)14:26
mrichezhi, how can i debug when i save data? i change some data in my model, when i save i get "record saved" but it keeps old data14:26
cedkpokoli: construct the string14:27
mrichezand strange, it's working in another view ?14:27
pokolicedk: but I don't know the record id, as I want to reference it another xml_id14:28
pokolicedk: so how can I construct it14:28
pokolimrichez: you may override the create and write methods of your model to do some printing14:28
mrichezpokoli: ok will try14:29
cedkpokoli: eval="'module.model,' + ref('xml_id')"14:33
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pokolicedk: it worked thanks14:35
pokoliI'm using this on menuitems to open more than one actions from the same menu14:36
cedkpokoli: probably better: eval="'module.model,%s' % ref('xml_id')"14:37
pokolicedk: I think so. Indeed in the previous example I added a str cast, otherwise it fails14:37
cedkWe should probably try to use more often this option on multi action per menu14:38
cedkThis could reduce the number of menu entries14:38
pokolicedk: I think so14:39
pokolicedk: btw, how you created ?14:40
pokolicedk: which software you used?14:40
cedkpokoli: manual screenshot :-) and gimp14:45
mrichezpokoli: i override write but when i save, method write seems not used ?14:51
pokoli cedk I tought it was a video exported to a gif14:54
pokolicedk: I think we can use it (at least) for invoices (supplier and customer ones)14:54
pokolimrichez: if it's a new record the create method is used14:57
pokolimrichez: in fact, starting the server with --verbose and --dev flags will show all the requests, with methods and parameters14:57
pokolimrichez: and same applies for client with --verbose mode14:57
mrichezpokoli: no, i'm trying to update. And yes both are in verbose mode14:58
mrichezpokoli: don't understand, it's working now...14:59
pokolimrichez: maybe a cache issue?15:00
mrichezpokoli: probably, but i reloaded trytond...15:00
mrichezpokoli: anyway, it's working now. thanks!15:01
vapoif I would like to document on how to do some things (mostly step by step howto's) like installation of tryton or configuration... where would be the best place for that?15:03
vapoI personally document such stuff in my dokuwiki, but I would happily share that information concerning tryton.15:03
pokolicedk: for next time
pokolivapo: but step by step instaltion may be diferent depending on the OS15:20
tryingtrytonIs it possible to see how many sales were logged by a specific user with Tryton?15:20
pokolivapo: and oficial documentation should be generic enough to run on all OS15:21
pokolitryingtryton: you can search be create user or write user (depending on what do you understand by specific user :P)15:21
tryingtrytonInteresting. Thanks.15:22
tryingtrytonNo way to get a running total of product quantity and purchase amounts for a party though?15:23
pokolitryingtryton: you can use a specific model (created with table_query) for that15:25
vapopokoli: i see15:27
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cedkpokoli: no package for OpenBSD15:54
pokolicedk: indeed i finally joined manually 6 screenshots because with the video I got a file so big16:00
cedkpokoli: your tweet could probably go into tryton-tips (without the screenshots)16:10
pokolicedk: ;)16:29
pokolimrichez: thanks but imagemagic can do the same with: convert *.jpeg output.gif16:30
mrichezpokoli: :-)16:31
tryingtrytonpokoli: How do you use that from the client?16:39
pokolitryingtryton: what do you mean with that?16:40
tryingtrytonpokoli: The ModelSQL doc you referenced. How do you use table_query from the client?16:41
pokolitryingtryton: it's not possible, you create a custom module with a custom model16:42
tryingtrytonEh, that's not ideal.16:43
pokolitryingtryton: why not?16:45
tryingtrytonBecause it's code we have to maintain and something else to teach users how to use.16:58
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