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flachtassekasseIt seems the dpd modul was developed against an obsulte api.10:13
pokoliflachtassekasse: obsulte? do you mean oboslete?10:23
pokoliflachtassekasse: do you have the reference of the new API?10:23
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flachtassekassepokoli: yes i mean obsolete10:26
pokoliflachtassekasse: but there is a new api that replaces the current one?10:26
flachtassekassepokoli: yes it seems the old is working only for older dpd customers/accounts10:27
pokoliflachtassekasse: but older customer/accounts can upgrade to the new one?10:29
flachtassekassepokoli: I have no idea10:30
flachtassekassepokoli: first you need to login to DPD then you can see the API Documention.10:31
nicoeflachtassekasse: which DPD account are you using ?10:32
nicoeflachtassekasse: because the DPD API changes according to your country of origin10:32
pokoliflachtassekasse: I think a new feature request should be opened with the specifications of the new API, so we can upgrade the current one10:35
pokoliflachtassekasse: and older customers should be able to use the new one also10:35
nicoeflachtassekasse: IIRC we developped it against the BE / NL API10:41
nicoeflachtassekasse: You're using DPD Germany10:42
nicoeflachtassekasse: +1 for the feature request10:42
cedkis it possible to have access to all DPD API's documentation?10:43
mrichezhi, i'm editing a report with libreoffice. Do you have also a small screen to edit fields like this ?  If i resize window, Substituant Field doesn't resize.. I'm using LibreOffice
Timitosnicoe: where did you get access to your api docs for dpd? i cannot find a link at the NL-Site of dpd11:01
nicoeTimitos: the support from belgium gave me a link to a wiki11:10
nicoeTimitos: let me search for it11:10
cedkmrichez: yes it is a UI issue of libreoffice11:20
cedkmrichez: maybe you can report it11:20
mrichezcedk: ok11:20
cedkbut soon we will be able to use flat OD:
mrichezcedk: i report bug to libreoffice
cedkmrichez: great11:44
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pokolimrichez: next step i to propose a patch to libreoffice :)11:55
mrichezpokoli: :-)11:58
nicoeTimitos: Apparently DPD BE/NL killed their wiki12:01
nicoeTimitos: it was there
Timitosnicoe: thx for searching for it. it would be interesting to hear from dpd if the api may be deprecated12:02
cedkany way, we need to have a open documentation for the API otherwise we will have to remove the module12:03
nicoeTimitos: The belgian guy I talked to told me they used the german api before but switched to something else12:04
Timitossounds strange for me12:05
nicoecedk: +1 it's a PITA DPD have different APIs for different countries12:07
cedknicoe: do not care about different API but open documentation12:07
nicoeTimitos: Sometimes the corporate mind is not rational12:07
Timitosthats right12:10
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flachtassekassecedk: what do you mean by open documentation?, Access without to register or a account.12:12
cedkflachtassekasse: access with link that anyone can consult12:12
cedkflachtassekasse: requiring an account is not a problem if anyone can have an account12:12
cedkfor free12:12
cedkor if the Foundation can share it12:13
Timitosi think this should explain it: its not one company but a network of independent companies12:15
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Timitosso the naming of the module may be not optimal12:16
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cedkTimitos: I think the module should support all the APIs if we have the doc12:21
Timitoscedk: you can register here to get access to the documentation of the api flachtassekasse and me found:
Timitosregistration is free12:22
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Timitoscedk: ups. wrong link12:23
cedkTimitos: but it is only for Deutschland12:28
cedkin this case, I think we should make a copy of the documentation12:29
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Timitosas i said. i think the module name is wrong as there is not only ONE DPD12:31
cedkTimitos: I think we should manage all API12:34
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cedkACTION still see no issue filled12:47
Timitoscedk: for what? managing all api in one module?12:50
cedkTimitos: for the problem raised12:51
cedkor nobody cares and we just remove the module12:51
cedkSo one mroe useless conversation13:18
cedkI will create an issue to remove the module so13:18
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pokolicedk: for me it can be removed13:33
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