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mrichezhi, has anyone problems with hgreview ? i get this error : AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'path'10:24
pokolimrichez: no, everything works well on my side10:25
pokolimrichez: can you post the full traceback?10:25
mrichezmaybe because i'm using pip version10:27
pokolimrichez: i have the same error with your review10:31
pokolimrichez: i belive it is due to purchase.odt file10:31
mrichezpokoli: ok10:31
pokolimrichez: on the output you will see that hgreview creates a temporary file with the patch (applying /tmp/tmpE_65Kl)10:32
pokolimrichez: if you remove the odt part for this patch and apply it will work10:32
mrichezpokoli: i can specify not to include this file with the hg review command ?10:34
pokolimrichez: The only option that I now is to edit the downloaded patch10:35
mrichezpokoli: ok10:35
mrichezpokoli: thanks !10:39
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cedkI guess nicoe should do a release as previous is 1.5 years old10:46
mrichezcedk: would be nice :-)10:48
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notizblockI have a custom report for product.product and now I'd like to open this report from the incoming_moves in stock.shipment.in14:08
notizblockRight-click on this report allows me to open product -> reports -> the report14:08
notizblockThis only works for one entry. As soon as I select more entries, the context menu only has 'copy' in it.14:09
notizblockWhat can I do to generate the report from multiple entries in the incoming_moves list?14:10
notizblock(a relate does not seem to work because it is executed in product.product where I could not find a way back to
cedknotizblock: contextual menu works only for 1 record at a time15:07
notizblockcedk: ok, thx for the info15:15
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notizblockcedk: I'll install OpenOffice tomorrow and check (review29161003)16:16
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