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notizblockhas anyone experienced ProtocolError messages (403 FORBIDDEN) on the client the session times out (4.2.1)?09:56
notizblockseveral of our users reported this since the upgrade to 4.209:56
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pokolinotizblock: not me. But you can reproduce by deleting the ir.session table, which will cause a session timeout on the next client request10:00
notizblockpokoli: thx, I'll try to reproduce10:02
pokolinotizblock: indeed the server returns 403 when there is no session:
pokolinotizblock: so both clients should manage it. This is the case for sao
notizblockprevious versions just asked for the password again10:05
pokolinotizblock: yes, that's the expected behaviour10:05
pokolinotizblock: about gtk client: just tested on trunk and it's working as expected (sorry but can not find the code)10:06
notizblockpokoli: hmm, interesting.10:06
notizblockpokoli: the linux client does so as well10:08
notizblockwe use nginx in front of trytond, maybe the setup is causing issues.10:08
pokolinotizblock: I have a try with nginx proxy and it's also working correctly. I can share my config if that can help10:15
notizblockpokoli: we have a rather high session timeout (3600), I'm currently testing against the production server and see if I can reproduce with such a long timeout10:16
notizblockpokoli: sure, would be interesting to see10:17
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notizblockpokoli: might be interesting to have those configs published somewhere to help people start out10:18
pokolinotizblock: you can filter by create_uid to only delete the sessions of a specific user10:18
pokolinotizblock: yes, maybe we can create some tutorials to explain how to setup trytond with nginx and wsgi10:19
cedkpokoli: I do not think there is anything special with the Tryton wsgi10:27
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pokolicedk: nor me but it's usefull for newbies to know how to setup it in production.10:32
pokolicedk: indeed both django and flask provide such tutorial: and
cedkpokoli: past shows that we can not support that10:58
cedkpokoli: for me, this is the best we can offer:
cedkexcept if there are something else general to say11:02
pokolicedk: I imagine notizblock issues are related to nginx and not to wsgi, but lets wait for his input11:14
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notizblockworks as expected after on linux gtk12:45
notizblockthe client just asked for the password and that's it12:45
pokolinotizblock: so the issue is on windows?12:47
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notizblockpokoli: don't know yet. I'll try to reproduce and report back13:21
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gpI tried to post to the google group but my post never appeared.  Can tryton model a manufacture to order with financing by floorplan workflow? I.e. 1) order placed by customer. 2) loan taken out against order for cost (not sale price) required to manufacture and fulfill order. 3) Order fulfilled and paid by customer for sale price. 4) Loan amount plus interest repaid. 5) interest fee recorded and used to calculate profit/margin/roi18:09
gpfor individual order and overall18:09
cedkgp: there is moderation for new posters18:11
cedkgp: I moderated your message18:11
gpcedk: that explains it! thanks =)18:12
gpCould tryton handle this use case?18:13
cedkgp: probably with some customization but I will answer on mailing list18:17
gpcedk: okay I see the message on the group now =) thanks18:18
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gpcedk: I made a response but it said I am still being moderated19:27
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