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pokolirudewolf: hello, welcome to the room11:37
rudewolfhi, i'm trying to install tryton as per this guide:
pokolirudewolf: take care that in this post there is a self reply explaining the final process11:44
rudewolfYes, thanks. I've seen it. The sao parts differe in the first question and self reply. I've used self reply sao install instructions. It doesn't work for me - ubuntu server 16.04. Should I try the first?11:51
pokolirudewolf: what does not work? Which issues do you have?11:55
rudewolfnpm WARN deprecated minimatch: Please update to minimatch 3.0.2 or higher to avoid a RegExp DoS issue11:58
pokolirudewolf: it's just a warning, you can ignore it11:59
rudewolfok, I got the index page in browser now.12:27
pokolirudewolf: nice.12:31
rudewolfbut its nothing there, just toggle menu option, which does nothin when clicked12:32
pokolirudewolf: have you initialized your database and installed some modules?12:44
rudewolfdo i have to install modules one by one with pip?12:46
pokolirudewolf: only the ones that not depend on each other. For example if you install sale module it will install product invoiceing and others. Because they are dependencies12:47
pokolirudewolf: and then, once you have installed them on the filesystem. You have to create a database and activate the modules on it12:48
rudewolfdatabase is set up as in guide12:49
cedkrudewolf: it is not clear what you describe as "nothing here"12:50
cedkrudewolf: have you any error in the console log of the browser?12:50
pokolirudewolf: you should see at least the Administration option in the application menĂº12:50
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rudewolfi made some mistakes... will fix12:51
rudewolfthanks for now. I must leave. will try again later.13:04
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