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pokolihi, about foundation budget. THere is the plan to build a crowdfunding? I think it will interesting. At least for the webiste and missing icons part :)10:39
cedkpokoli: no, foundation makes the priority10:39
cedkpokoli: there is no point to have new icons if we can not run the basic infrastructure10:40
pokolicedk: of course. But the crowdfunding will help to raise the amount for the webiste (and also the cover the basic infrastructure)10:40
cedkpokoli: so I do not understand your question10:41
pokolicedk: if there is a plan to open a indigogo (for example) to get this objectives10:41
cedkpokoli: no10:41
pokolicedk: ok. I'm going to spread the word a little bit :)10:44
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andrespolitihello, i have a client who really wants the notes to be in a tab in the main form of a model. I tried to convince them to use the notes button in the toolbar but there was no way. Is it possible to do this, adding to the model a function field to ir.note and writting getters and setters?20:09
andrespolitii already wrote the getter and it works, but i am having trouble with the setter because it doesn't set the default resource,id20:10
cedkandrespoliti: I think you can just define a One2Many20:19
andrespolitino function?20:19
cedkandrespoliti: no, there is a Reference field resource which could be used for a One2Many20:20
andrespolitiso it should be fields.Reference(fields.One2Many('ir.note', ...)) ?20:21
andrespoliticedk: or you mean using a reference in the 'field' parameter of the one2many?20:35
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plaesheya.. any ideas what I'm doing wrong here: ?21:10
andrespolitihave you tried adding the --force to the grunt command?21:15
andrespolitiplaes: what is the output of that21:17
plaesI'm not really sure whether it actually finishes the build...21:19
plaesI assume it should create bunch of css files in dist directory21:20
andrespolitihave you run npm install before that?21:21
plaesthis is on Debian stable and unstable21:23
plaeswill try Fedora next ;)21:24
plaesok, works actually in Fedora21:24
plaesnot sure what's wrong with Debian :(21:25
andrespolitimaybe a missing dependency21:25
andrespolitinpm install -U clean-css21:26
cedkandrespoliti: yes you can use reference field for One2Many21:27
plaesok, is there a simple way to create a tarball to transfer it to another machine?21:28
cedkplaes: did you run "bower install"?21:28
plaescedk: with bower install it works \o/21:30
plaesREADME needs to be updated :S21:30
cedkplaes: no because it is run by npm install but you probably did not see it21:31
andrespoliticedk: i don't understand how should i use a reference in the field parameter of the o2m21:31
cedkandrespoliti: as you would for a Many2One21:32
plaescedk: hmm.. could it be because I'm running this inside a container as root21:33
plaesand bower refuses to run as root when invoked by npm?21:33
cedkplaes: yes but we run it with the option: "--allow-root"21:34
cedkplaes: see package.json21:35
plaesthen I have no idea :(21:35
plaesbut yeah, when I run 'bower install' separately, it works21:41
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EdbOHello, I'm trying to use the new import-implementation ( to import my bankstatements. I got the wizard running and my file imported22:45
EdbOBut I now to return some values ..... the question is what?22:45
cedkEdbO: do not understand last sentence22:52
EdbO@cedk: I extended the wizard with a def read_mt940 and used another library ( to import the file.22:54
EdbO@cedk: The library gives me a dict with all the transactions in that file22:54
EdbO@cedk: but then? should I create origin-lines or statement-lines or just return the data?22:55
cedkEdbO: i think the patch is not ready23:01
EdbOcedk: Ah ok, I have also some other thoughts about it. I will add them to the discussion on discuss.tryton.org23:02
cedkEdbO: I think get_origins should return a list of origins23:04
cedkEdbO: on discussif it is general or on review if it is about the implementation23:05
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cedkEdbO: by the way, we have wrote also an mt940  lib:
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