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alexbodn1hello pokoli, all friends.10:58
alexbodn1about flask_tryton:10:58
alexbodn1to my best understanding, this is in fact a trytond replacement daemon. am i right?10:58
pokoliHi alexbodn1: It's not a replacement as you can use the trytond only for company employees and flask_tryton for exposing some of your ERP data to your customers10:59
pokolialexbodn1: they are complementari to each other10:59
pokolialexbodn1: flask tryton exposes the trytond ORM on the flask framework11:00
alexbodn1hi pokoli11:10
alexbodn1indeed i wanted to access the orm, but could this orm work in parallel with a regular daemon?11:12
pokolialexbodn1: yes11:12
pokolialexbodn1: indeed it's a separate process11:13
alexbodn1and,  is there a working version of the regular client over the web?11:15
alexbodn1for the admin part11:15
pokolialexbodn1: yes:
alexbodn1pokoli: is sao a working client? is it in sync with trytond?11:22
pokolialexbodn1: yes, we currently support tryton (desktop client) and sao (web client) with trytond11:22
alexbodn1wow, pokoli, i'm going for it.11:23
alexbodn1so any application based on tryton can be accessed over web with sao, or exposed through the orm.11:25
alexbodn1i will plug the orm in turbogears11:25
pokolialexbodn1: It can be accessed with the regular clients (desktop and web) or you can expose it's data in a custom website11:31
pokolialexbodn1: then you should create a MOdel layer for turbogears to access the tryton data (don't know if exists any)11:32
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alexbodn1pokoli: indeed, that's what i meant. i'm using tg for ~7 years. tg uses middleware to wrap each request in a transaction. the pool will be exposed to the code during the request. the authentication and authorisation in tg are repoze what and who, which i'll make tryton plugins for. i will share the components and recipes/13:17
pokolialexbodn1: indeed in tryton each request is a transaction too13:19
pokolialexbodn1: maybe you are interseted in using web user:
alexbodn1are the records in a model partitioned by the company?13:24
alexbodn1i see accounting and logistics software are usualy serving multiple businesses. does tryton have the same?13:42
alexbodn1i have to go over my limits and run the software, not only write and prepare ;)13:42
pokolialexbodn1: yes, there are some models that are partitioned by company13:49
pokolialexbodn1: IIRC the only shared data is parties and products13:49
alexbodn1pokoli: by shared, do you mean "visible in all companies"?13:50
pokolialexbodn1: yes, visible in all companies13:51
pokolialexbodn1: furthermore, the name of the party and it's addresses is the same for all the companies13:51
pokolialexbodn1: but, the payment term is defined for each company13:51
alexbodn1ok, pokoli, but in cas i want say, partitioned products, may i inherit the product class?13:54
pokolialexbodn1: yes, but another option is to use diferent databases for each company13:58
alexbodn1pokoli, ok, should be considered too13:59
pokolialexbodn1: if you want to share nothing I will go for a different database14:00
alexbodn1pokoli, i'd prefer same table with a differentiating field. in case this difference would miss somewhere, it may be added, probably14:02
pokolialexbodn1: but you should have to add this field everywhere14:03
pokolialexbodn1: in tryton its easy to create two databases with the same structure. It's only the matter of installing the same set of modules on them14:03
alexbodn1pokoli: the old school people say, that more than one should be infinite ;)14:06
alexbodn1i've seen there are a few fields added automatically. maybe there should be simple to add "company"14:06
pokolialexbodn1: yes, you should develop a custom module that adds the company field14:08
alexbodn1what are you doing with tryton, pokoli?14:09
pokolialexbodn1: we are implanting it on our customers :)14:11
alexbodn1local installations?14:12
pokolialexbodn1: on a cloud instance managed by us.14:13
alexbodn1and one db per customer?14:13
pokolialexbodn1: yes, because they share nothing between them14:14
pokolialexbodn1: they are free to create multiple companies on each database, but then parties and products are shared14:15
alexbodn1are you using multiple trytond instances, one per customer?14:16
pokolialexbodn1: yes14:22
alexbodn1isn't it heavy?14:24
pokolialexbodn1: what do you understand by heavy?14:51
alexbodn1pokoli: haha, i did small programs under dos. small programs for arduino, and other mini hardware. it's hard to count in gigabytes ;)15:05
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pokolialexbodn1: I picked a real example. A tryton stance is using only 80MB, so you don't have to count in gigabytes :)15:10
pokolialexbodn1: indeed, IIRC there where some people running trytond+postgresql on a raspberrypi15:11
alexbodn1dos had segmented 640k15:11
alexbodn1our first nokia had more ram than a mainframe :)15:12
alexbodn1but really, if possible, i'd keep one db, with self-service company addition.15:14
pokolialexbodn1: it's up to you, we try to make it as much flexible as possible :)15:15
alexbodn1i know cloud runners sell computer instances as records in a db ;)15:15
alexbodn1in case it will be needed, i'd like to enlarge the relevant records by a company field, and will share my thoughts15:17
pokolialexbodn1: I'll be here waiting to listen to your experiences :)15:22
pokolialexbodn1: we have an record level access rules to manage this cases:
alexbodn1thank you very much pokili :)16:03
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alexbodn1i appreciate very much the data management granularity.16:08
alexbodn1i have to go pokoli. have a good evening16:09
pokolialexbodn1: you'r welcome and same to you :)16:09
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