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alexbodn1hello friends. i fancy to build a web shop with the strong erp of tryton.17:54
alexbodn1nereid sounds to be the start point.17:54
alexbodn1but' as funny as it sounds, after more than 20 years of programming,17:54
alexbodn1installation and first time starting is allways my main achiles weakness.17:54
alexbodn1could some knowing friend point me in the direction to self learn the best way?17:54
alexbodn1it's ok to buy a book, preferable e-book, to be ready available.17:54
pokolialexbodn1: are you familiar with flask? If so you can use the flask_tryton plugin:
pokolialexbodn1: and then follow any of the flask ebooks available online18:03
pokolialexbodn1: sorry but I have to go18:04
alexbodn1thanks a lot pokoli. i'll learn :)18:06
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uha4Hi, could anyone give me a quick hint, when and why to use fields.Property ? I didn't get why there is such a thing...20:39
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cedkuha4: you should try to avoid them:
uha4cedk: so they are used to store different values in one field dependent on company? But the concept is at risk to change...22:00
uha4cedk: i just came across them studying how cost_prices work...22:00
uha4by the way: is there a way or a module to have prices per product not per template?22:02
uha4seems like this is prepared already in the product and stock modules22:03
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