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cedkpokoli: would you mind if I work on the notification_email module?10:34
pokolicedk: of course not, feel free to work on it10:35
cedkpokoli: I think to solve the recipients, we should just provide a Many2One to a field of the model which allows only field targeting Party, User or WebUser10:49
cedkpokoli: it can be a Many2One or xxx2Many10:49
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pokolicedk: ok, but we should be able to extend it by code11:02
cedkpokoli: yes just a matter of if/else11:03
pokolicedk: and about cc and cco?11:05
cedkpokoli: what do you mean?11:10
pokolicedk: who do you plan to manage the CC and CCO fields of the notification11:14
pokolicedk: or do you plan to send only using "TO2 to each recipient?11:14
cedkpokoli: I do not understand what is CCO and TO211:19
cedkbut I will add a field for To, Cc and Bcc11:24
pokolicedk: that what I was refereing. TO2 = To, CCO = Bcc11:25
pokolicedk: I'm wondering if we can simplify and omit Cc and Bcc11:26
pokolicedk: but send one diferent email per notification recipient11:26
pokoliusing only "to"11:27
cedkpokoli: I do not think it simplifies because you have to create many triggers11:27
cedkbut I'm still wondering if we should allow fixed email addresses11:30
cedklike a Cc that receives all emails11:30
pokolicedk: as the field accepts a XXX2Many, use this to have the list of recipients with a single trigger11:31
pokolicedk: that's one of the reasons for what I want to be able to extend by code11:32
pokolicedk: to include fixed email address that may be specified on a separate field. But I'm not sure if we will need this or not. As most of the time is used to now if the notification has been send correctly, and we have a log for it11:33
cedkpokoli: agreed11:34
pokolicedk: so for me we can forget about it for now, and wait and see11:36
cedkpokoli: for the language, I think we should send a unique email multipart/alternative with content-language for each languages12:03
pokolicedk: that will be great12:10
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cedkthere are just one issue with multipart is that we have to choose one language for the subject13:01
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wifasoii'm paying arround with the Sale Subscription Module ani have a question: Is there a way to generate the first invoice when i create the "subscription"? I tried but for generating the invoice it need to satisfy the rrlue (obviously). The user case is to generate the invoice the membership fee of an association.14:12
wifasoiignore the last sentence... my English is very rusty and proof reading is hard :)14:16
cedkwifasoi: I think you should customize the subscription object to create an initial invoice14:20
wifasoiahaa ok. I'll work on that. Is this feature welcome in the master branch or is too specific?14:26
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cedkwifasoi: don't know but at best it is for a separate module15:03
wifasoisorry,I intended to improve the subscription module... not the tryton master branch15:05
pokoliwifasoi: but I'm not sure will everybody will require this feature, so it's best to create a separate module15:08
pokoliwifasoi: and then interested people can activate it15:08
wifasoiahaa ok15:09
cedkprobably such module should take care of initial and closing invoice15:09
pokoliis there a cache for "ir.action.act_window.domain"? I've modified a count value but I don't see updated on sao (but yes on the database)15:13
cedkpokoli: I do not think so15:20
cedkpokoli: indeed there is no cache on sao15:20
pokolicedk: it must be on server side as I can reproduct it also on tryton15:24
cedkpokoli: there is cache for fields_view_get15:26
pokolicedk: i'm investigating, but I think is the ir_action_keyword.get_keyword cache15:41
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pokoliJFTR: I created which contains the fix16:48
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pokoligonzo___: hi :)17:47
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csotelohello coders18:40
csotelosome one has done a module for payment types including credit and debit card and their movements?18:41
cedkcsotelo: do not understand18:53
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csotelocedk, I mean.. I have seen this module, however what happend when a payment is done using a credit card or debit card, wghere accounting movements are no like a cash payment, they are comkission and other accountntant movements19:32
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cedkcsotelo: this module makes no sense to me19:49
csoteloneither me but is closer as I am looking for19:49
cedkcsotelo: what does not make sense to me is to store on the invoice information about payment19:57
csotelodo you know any other module like it, since there will be more than one ways on do a payment20:03
cedkcsotelo: Tryton has a generic account_payment module20:04
cedkcsotelo: and for now, it supports sepa and stripe20:05
csoteloprobably just use sepa or strip in order on adding estra payments types20:05
csotelolike a samples20:05
cedkcsotelo: but as you found usefull the account_payment_type, I do not know if we are talking about the same  thing20:06
cedkcsotelo: don't understand20:06
csotelofor been honest, I have installed payment type module, but this doesnt make sense to me, on the way on manage the payments. just for take an exmaple, a cash payment or bank tranfer is no like a credit card payment20:07
csoteloor a debit card, that is the reason on why I am looking for information20:07
csoteloI didnt see sepa or strip20:07
csoteloprobably it helps me20:07
csoteloI will check it for been sure20:07
cedkcsotelo: I do not know what you are trying to do20:08
cedkcsotelo: I do not understand what you try to manage? you do not manage payments20:08
csoteloI dont know how to make me clear on ir. I just could say that I need a way to let tryton do payment using cash, banks transfer or and credit and debit card20:09
csoteloand that is the reason that I found account payment type modle usable, however it make any kind of payment similar, taht dosnt make sense to me20:10
cedkcsotelo: "do payment" does not make sense to me20:12
csotelocould I know why??20:12
cedkcsotelo: it is customer who pay20:12
csoteloyes...customer is who pay, and customer could pay on cash, bank or credit debit card20:13
cedkcsotelo: so you want to register payment not manage20:14
cedkcsotelo: registering is just about creating accounting20:14
cedkcsotelo: for cash we have the pay button on the invoice20:14
cedkcsotelo: for others, it is statements20:15
cedkACTION bbl20:15
csotelook, and what about credit card?20:16
csotelocould be statements20:16
csotelosorry if these are dumb questions20:16
csoteloI understand that statement is more like bank transfer20:17
csoteloand is usefull for it20:17
csotelobut, what about credit cards20:17
csotelowher I register the payment like a cash, but is no cash20:20
csoteloI mean on the same way, I register the payment but instead of cash, I just register the payment and there is no money or cash given just a transaction number20:20
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csoteloDo you understand what I mean?20:22
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cedkcsotelo: you can register cards payment using a statement22:06
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cedkcsotelo: or if you want to communicate with the card reader using a specific workflow, you can use a payment like for stripe22:07
cedkas always it is a matter of compromise about how far the modelisation must go22:07
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csotelocedk, no card reader comunication is needed, just a way to resgiter the payment, since this kind of payment downt go to a cash account22:32
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