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cedkis there someone from m-ds GmbH ?09:32
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mrichezi left my tryton client open. When i come back from lunch, i get window asking me for password. I wrongly click on cancel button, program quit without advertisement and i lost my work.13:36
mrichezCould we prevent this behaviour or hiding cancel button ?13:36
pokolimrichez: which will be the expected behaviour?13:59
sisalpmrichez: IIUC, it happens when you ask to quit, this requires to close thumbnails and a valid session. If not it asks for password and it is very convenient to quit by closing the prompt.13:59
pokolisisalp: indeed the client is closed if you don't enter any password, despite clicking another option14:00
mrichezpokoli: i don't know about the behaviour, but not leaving client this way14:01
pokolimrichez: but as we don't have session, we can not do anything with the server14:02
mrichezpokoli: another window : "are you sure ?" or ??14:02
pokolimrichez: maybe triggering a disconnect from the server (that will ask to close all the windows) will be the right behaviour14:03
mrichezpokoli: indeed14:03
sisalpmrichez: if we can avoid this "are you sure ?" ...14:03
pokoliindeed, if you want to try you just have to execute DELETE FROM ir_session on the database14:03
cedkpokoli: cannot because no session14:03
mrichezsisalp: :-)14:03
pokolicedk: this will be calling sig_logout with disconnect=False:
cedkpokoli: require to be connected14:08
pokolicedk: we are (but session is expired)14:09
pokolicedk: indeed, the behaviour is reproducible by invalidating the session and clicking on the disconnect button14:10
cedkpokoli: OK rephrase: require to have a session active14:10
cedkpokoli: otherwise you go into an infinite loop of requesting password14:11
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cedkonly possibilities is to ask for confirmation14:12
pokolicedk: but why we get a session active to close all tabs?14:21
cedkpokoli: it is needed to save states, modified record etc.14:21
cedkpokoli: there is a reason why the code is like it is14:22
pokolicedk: ok, then the only option is to ask the confirmation before existing14:24
pokolii've checked on sao, and it asks for password for every request, so maybe we should unify both clients to ask for confirmation and close (calling window.close()) on sao14:26
cedkpokoli: not needed you can close the browser window14:29
notizblo1kfor supplier shipments in 4.2: wouldn't it be better to sync the planned date on all moves as is? Currently, the planned_date is only synced when the move's planned_date < supplier_shipment's planned date. See:
notizblo1kif the moves do not have a planned_date at all and a user sets a planned_date on supplier shipment it is ignored on the moves.15:12
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marc_Hi to everyone, I've come with a doubt and I don't see how to go through it. I have a wizard, with 2 filters: month and year. Then, in the same view, I have a one2many that refreshes when the filter changes. But, the items on it, become gray, like being deleted. I thought it would go empty without showing the old filter matches, but it doesn't. Any advice on it?15:26
pokolimarc_: how you compute the one2many?15:34
pokolimarc_: can you show the code?15:34
pokolimarc_: and why you need a wizard? For me it can be implemented with context_model on a normal action15:35
marc_its an on_change that searchs for contract lines having some specific dates, types and contract states and returns the id's of that contracts. Nothing special at all. After that the idea is to print one pdf with some letters with jasper15:36
pokolimarc_: i tought it was an on_change. It's the expected behaviour of on_change to show the items as delete on client side15:38
marc_it's there any workarround or another way of doing this? :/15:38
pokolimarc_: as it's a filter, I will use context_model15:39
cedknotizblock: could you show link to the repository instead of random review?15:42
cedknotizblock: the comment is pretty clear15:46
marc_pokoli: I'm sorry, I don't know what context_model is and I don't find it. related to active_model?15:50
notizblockcedk: let me reformulate the question. Is there a use case that the supplier shipment's planned_date differs from the planned_date of its moves?15:50
cedknotizblock: for me, we do not care about this question15:52
cedknotizblock: the shipment is created only when it is received and it is processed directly15:53
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cedkthe code is there to avoid to include the wrong move to the shipment and remove it after15:53
cedkin this case we do not want that the move is replanned earlier15:53
notizblockcedk: ok. Here is the way we currently use it. Our users create the supplier shipment as soon as the purchase is done. At this point in time, they know when the shipment should arrive, they create a draft supplier shipment and set the planned_date accordingly. This way they can easily spot overdue shipments.15:58
notizblockcedk: … which might be a wrong usage altogether, but our users use it this way right now15:59
pokolimarc_: context model is what you see here after the filters15:59
notizblockcedk: the users adjust the planned_date as discussed with suppliers and they expected that the moves have the same date15:59
pokolimarc_: it's explained on the 4.0 release news: (on the major changes for the developer section)16:00
cedknotizblock: for me, it is a wrong usage because you do not know what will be in the shipment16:00
cedknotizblock: they must adapt the planned date of the moves from the purchase if they have information16:01
notizblockcedk: each move individually?16:01
notizblockcedk: you are correct on the content of the shipment. How can we easily spot overdue supplier shipments then?16:03
marc_pokoli: it may be what we need. Is there any example/docs/further explanation of it? I'm developing over 4.2 . Thank you ;)16:04
cedknotizblock: yes each individually as they may have different dates but a tool to set a date to many at once will be welcomed16:06
cedknotizblock: I do not understand the overdue question16:06
pokolimarc_: it's used on account reporting, and I don't know in which version we introduced it to Product Quantities, but I think it was for 4.216:08
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marc_pokoli: will take a look to it :) thank you16:11
uha4Hi everyone,16:12
uha4can anyone tell me, how to tell the client to call the setter of fields.Function in a Wizard.16:13
pokoliuha4: why you have a function field in a wizard?16:14
pokoliuha4: but it's like any other model, just define a setter for the function with the proper signature16:15
notizblockcedk: in the past, we had the problem that workers forgot about shipments. Products were purchased and their arrival was planned in ~2 weeks after purchase. Most of those "problematic" products were produced by some small company and it was pretty common that they were overdue. The products were not there when we needed them. Our solution to this was: create supplier shipments right after purchase and16:15
notizblockset the planned_date. If we have shipments where planned_date < today() user would get an e-mail and could respond in a timely manner16:15
uha4pokoli: I have a Wizard preparing the Data to generate a record. I need a way to give the user chance to enter temporary data i do not need in the DB to several records of a list.16:16
pokoliuha4: I will probably use a diferent model on the wizard, with the extendend fields and then only save the required ones16:16
uha4pokoli: so i made fields.Function and wanted to save the data just needed in the Wizard in a Cache. but the setter fo field.Function do not get called until write, but The ModelView of the Wizard does not have write...16:18
uha4pokoli: this was my first try, but i don't want to create a new model in DB just for this Wizard. So how to save?16:19
pokolicedk: don't understand could you please clarify?16:22
pokoliuha4: you don't have to create a model on the DB, just use a ModelView (but not ModelSQL) so the data will be only available on the wizard16:23
uha4pokoli: does ModelView have a method save?16:24
pokoliuha4: the bast majority of StateViews use ModelView to not store the data on the DB, but only in the wizard session.16:24
pokoliuha4: don't think so, but you will have the modelview data filled the wizard translations16:24
cedknotizblock: there is a view for moves with a tab for "From Suppliers Waiting"16:24
uha4pokoli: the other problem with this try was, that these Records do not have ids to pass to the report.16:25
cedkuha4: don't create wizard that create records, form are much better16:26
uha4cedk: the idea is that the user marks records in usual tree view, than starts the wizard as triggering a report. but instead of generating the report directly, i want to show the user a list with the selected records, to add some comment and additional value that will be ussed in the report too.16:32
notizblockcedk: good point, I'll discuss this with my colleagues. thx for the insight.16:32
pokoliuha4: you can set does values on the context and read the context on your report16:34
uha4cedk: so the records are from original model, or automaticly generated at starting the wizard.16:34
uha4pokoli: my problem is to get my hands on them the first place, as they seem to live in the client only before saving16:36
cedkuha4: what the point to add data on report if you do not store them16:37
cedkuha4: just make user store those data on the records16:37
uha4pokoly: ok, this living in the client only was mainly a problem with fields.Function, i don't remember for extra model.16:37
uha4cedk: because it is an temporary solution, so i don't want to change the database.16:39
uha4cedk: i need to generate a list with shipping details for the carrier. They have another address format than tryton has in standard, and the need the parcel weigt.16:40
pokoliuha4: then you should probably modify the report16:42
uha4cedk: i nemore time to adapt adress handling, and for using package module i need to adapt accounting too. i will do this, but it could take several months, so until than i need a working solution without altering my database.16:43
uha4cedk: the carrier needs a csv file with defied fields for automatic import16:44
cedkuha4: quite strange that the address does nto work16:47
uha4cedk: address formats is a different topic with several points...   the carrier requires a salutation, firstname and lastname. If i have a company too, they want it in an extra field. I would have to squeeze all of this in when importing from the onlineshop, and separating again in the report.16:52
uha4cedk: right now i'm trying to pull these fields from the shop when generating the report.16:54
cedkuha4: who is the carrier that get such stupid data model?16:56
uha4cedk: but this works, my main issue is to let the user enter the total weigth of the package. I dont have it in the system yet, and don't want to ad afield in the databese, as i hope it is solved later when i'll be using package module16:56
cedkuha4: you should use identifiers if you need more way to identify parties16:57
cedkuha4: I do not understand why you do not put a field to store the weigth16:57
cedkuha4: it is much simpler than any other solution and at least you have data and history16:58
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pokoliuha4: i will go for the field as temporary solution, and then you can migrate the data if required16:58
uha4cedk: it's a relatively small local one in Dresden Germany. we do not have enough packets yet to get business conditions at the big ones like DHL or DPD16:59
uha4pokoli: perhaps i'm too afraid of database migration, due to my lack of experience...17:02
pokoliuha4: if the field is not required, when you don't need to use it you can leave as is on the database17:08
pokoliuha4: but don't be afraid, we will be here to help :)17:08
uha4pokoli: thanks very much. :) and as usual you give me another direction, than i was searching before ;-)17:11
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