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csotelodear coders, is there any xmlrpc default port???03:18
kstengercsotelo: if I remember correctly for older versions (when the tryton.cfg file was included) usually 5043 was used, however it was not active by default, so the right answer would be no03:25
csoteloI have see that on debian package 8069 is used03:26
kstengeroh, yes, that sould right03:26
kstengercsotelo: when it comes to ports, sometimes it's not the best to go for defaults, so really it makes no sense to me03:28
csotelokstenger, yes, you are right04:05
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_2cadzHi, is there a way to run periodicaly the wizard 'supply stock'.15:17
pokoli_2cadz: create a ir.cron that executes the wizard15:18
_2cadz<pokoli> I was thinking about that too, but I was wondering if there was not another way, I got my answer, thanks15:29
csotelomrichez, thanks15:35
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_2cadzWhen a production order is created by the wizard 'supply stock' the bom is not automatiquely selected, why ?16:19
pokoli_2cadz: you should define it as bom for the product16:22
_2cadzpokoli : Yes, and I saw my error .... I forgot to select it in order.point16:22
pokoli_2cadz: on the variants form, there is a BOM field, and you should add there the BOM used to produce the product16:23
pokoli_2cadz: IIRC there is no bom on the order point16:23
_2cadzpokoli: you're right, i have made this error because i accessed it from product in order point. thanks16:26
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_2cadzpokoli: I try to run the new ir.cron created (to run a wizard) but I have an error, what should I put in the field Model and Function ...17:22
_2cadz... i try '' and 'transition_create_' without sucess.17:23
kwmiebach___Hi, could someone explain to me, how can I modify a patch in an issue that is under review? I am new to the tryton code review tool.17:28
kwmiebach___I think I need to create a new patch set in the issue17:31
kwmiebach___When i use like described here - how will it know which issue17:39
pokoli_2cadz: I think you should create a custom function17:40
pokoli_2cadz: or call generate requests for production module17:40
cedkkwmiebach___: with the option '-i <number>'17:49
kwmiebach___cedk: thank you, it worked17:50
pokolikwmiebach___: maybe you can submit a review to the docs to improve them ;-)18:01
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kwmiebach___pokoli: I would probably add a few lines to the quickstart19:36
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