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pokoliany idea what may cause ?10:29
pokoliI'm running on my machine without problems10:30
pokoliI'm wondering which py27 version is running on drone10:30
cedkpokoli: it is an old version10:40
pokolitested on python2.7.9 (and currently testing on 2.7.7) and it works10:43
pokolicedk: may be there is some issue with drone?10:43
pokolicedk: is also failing which also works for me :$10:43
cedkpokoli: 2.7.310:44
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cedkpokoli: did you try to rebuild them?10:45
pokolicedk: is the docker image available somewhere?10:45
pokolicedk: yes, I'm running on a fresh container. Cloning and runing tox10:45
cedkpokoli: bradrydzewski/python:all but we have a local modified one10:45
pokolicedk: this image is no longer avaiable on docker hub10:47
fabixis it possible to modify reports templates with libreoffice or is it only possible with openoffice ?10:47
pokolifabix: hi :) It's also possible with libreoffice10:47
fabixI tried with LO , I don't manage to insert a text field10:49
fabixI can just copy an existing field and modify it but it's not very practical10:50
cedkpokoli: you can connect to on port 2222 with your ssh key10:52
fabixis there a more practical way to include these fields (modify directly the xml of the odt with vim or emacs for example) ?10:53
pokolifabix: you have to use a text-type placeholder in order modify variables:
pokolicedk: I'm not able to run docker with my user10:55
pokolifabix: indeed, we are switching to flat open documents:
pokolifabix: so you should be able to edit the text directly with any text editor10:56
fabixyes, I've seen all that yesterday10:57
pokolifabix: and there is also:
cedkpokoli: and now10:59
pokolicedk: working now, thanks :)11:01
fabixpokoli: the quick example of relatorio is not applicable on libreoffice11:21
nicoefabix: I use this to open odt in vim11:27
nicoefabix: but you have to be very careful (I guess you already know it)11:28
cedkfabix: why are you saying that the example does not work?11:30
fabixcedk: "you need to create a text-type placeholder field" ; maybe I don't do the good thing but I don't manage to do that11:36
cedkfabix: placeholder exist on libreoffice, it is part of the standard OpenDocument11:38
fabixhow do you insert the placeholder field ?  Insert->Fields and then ?11:39
cedkfabix: seleft Placeholder11:39
fabixI don't see that11:40
fabixCtrl+F2 ?11:40
fabixI've launched LO with LANG=C to have english terms but I don't see "Placeholder" in the fields menu11:42
fabixI can just copy/paste existing ones11:43
fabixIt's LO
nicoefabix: you can also use the URL which I guess LO has not remove from its UI12:04
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nicoeThe "more complicated" example use this IIRC12:05
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pokolifabix: in libreoffice 5 i have it on: Insert -> Fields -> More Fields. And then you have to select Placeholder from the Functions tab12:06
pokolifabix: and yes, that's managed by control+F212:07
cedkpokoli: did you find the problem?12:08
pokolicedk: i managed to reproduce it, but I didn't have time to dig futher as xcodinas requested my attention :)12:09
pokolicedk: I'm checking now, but it's strange. As the stock_supply_production module also fails. Which for me is unrelated12:09
fabixok, I found it in Functions tab... tx12:10
wifasoihi, in my pursue to understand how extend tryton i create my very first module. But it doesn't work (the view is fine). i think becouse the metod i want to cange is """"private"""" and without the @classmethod decorator (github link for convenience:
cedkwifasoi: the real *private* in Python is with double underscore12:17
cedkwifasoi: are you sure you registered the model in the pool?12:18
wifasoii think yes... but i'll check.. maibe there is a typo in the __init__12:18
pokolicedk: on python2.7.3, the uri parameters are returned on path instead of query12:51
pokolicedk: maybe we should support both options?12:51
cedkpokoli: indeed it is
cedkpokoli: I guess we can check if query is empty if '?' is in the url12:59
cedkpokoli: it is parse_uri that should do that12:59
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pokolicedk: ok, let me try to provide a patch13:04
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wifasoii put subscription.Subscription (nameofthefile.nameoftheclass).. don't know if it is correct13:07
wifasoiad import the file/module with from . import subscription13:08
cedkwifasoi: tryton does not care about this name, it cares about __name__13:33
cedkpokoli: it seems quite complex13:49
cedkpokoli: what about skipping the test for specific python version?13:50
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cedkpokoli: what I really dislike is the usage of ParseResult which is not supposed to be public13:51
pokolicedk: indeed i not like so much having all the code there to fix something thats fixed on a version released 4 years ago14:13
pokolicedk: using parse result is the only way i found to create a proper response14:14
pokolicedk: I'm happy with skiping the test14:14
wifasoiok i checked the __name__, is the same as in the class of the module i want to change... the code is here if someone have time/want to check15:15
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g5pwohai wifasoi :P15:16
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cedkwifasoi: when extending an existing module, you must not inherit from Model but use the metaclass PoolMeta15:40
cedkwifasoi: you should also always call super15:41
cedkwifasoi: also do not suffix with trytond_ non standard module15:41
wifasoinoted.. i'll change it15:42
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oxidworksHello, would you recommend to use Tryton with Python3 and what is a good version to switch? I just updated from Tyton 3.2 to 3.6 and next update ist planed. regards.16:27
oxidworksok, If I unserstand it correctly only the modules are Python3 ready:
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sisalpfabix: is your problem solved ? I have no problem with LO, whetever the version is.16:39
nicoeoxidworks: the modules and the server16:40
nicoeoxidworks: the client is not ready yet indeed16:40
fabixsisalp: yes, I didn't found "placeholder" ; it is in Functions tab16:41
fabixCtrl+F2 doesn't work on my computer but it's another problem16:42
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cedkoxidworks: tryton is tested on both versions of Python16:48
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