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sisalpHello, follow-up of the problems I had on Sunday, regarding configuration of a new database using sao 4.411:17
sisalpI built a machine to run python 2.4.9 and the tryton-client. and I succeeded in getting a company set.11:19
sisalpThe method : 1- I pass the first step (adding new users)11:23
sisalp2- then I select account-fr for install11:24
sisalp3- when prompted to creat a company, I can create the missing party, the indicate the currency and complete the setup.11:25
sisalpNow when I try the same from sao, at step 3, I cannot create the party and cannot write in the field party.11:25
pokolisisalp: form is readonly?11:26
sisalppokoli: not really, I changed my keyboard twice :-)11:26
sisalpI made another try. after step 1, I created the party, then I could complete step 3 because I could select that party11:27
pokolisisalp: IIRC correctly there is some issue in sao when installing new modules with the wizard, that model permisions are not updated11:27
pokolisisalp: refreshing the page should fix it11:28
sisalpI had some messages about permissions indeed.11:28
sisalppokoli: do you know another method to setup a database ?11:29
sisalpI mean it is not obvious to select account-fr at first, but then I cannot add it correctly on my company11:30
sisalpI mean I cannot add it after the initial setup11:31
sisalppokoli: I will make a try with your recommendation (refreshing)11:32
pokolisisalp: I usually create the database with all the modules installed and then permisions are loaded correctly11:32
sisalppokoli : you install modules with proteus ?11:33
pokolisisalp: until yes11:36
pokolisisalp: And when using multiple servers, installing with the wizard causes problems as not all the pools are restarted11:40
sisalppokoli: interesting, can you tell more ? I run multiple servers , but didn't figure out they could be linked by internals11:41
pokolisisalp: I mean multiple server process on the same database11:42
pokolisisalp: each process has its pool loaded in memory, and when you update a module the pool is restarted11:42
pokolisisalp: but the other server process are not updated11:43
pokolisisalp: and then you can request a class from the pool that is not loaded on the current server instance, which causes a KeyError which is raised to the client11:44
sisalppokoli: ok, I understand. I 'm not in this case yet. Thank you for explaining.11:45
sisalppokoli: I had a look at trytond-admin patch11:45
sisalppokoli: looks like what I need ;-)11:45
sisalppokoli: what is the tytpicall use for setting an empty database with pre-installed modules ?11:46
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pokolisisalp: we decide for our customers which modules they will use11:47
sisalppokoli: I mean are there additional option on createdb command ? or the same createdb then an update command on the module list you need ?11:47
pokolisisalp: no aditional option. Just createdb & trytond-admin -u <module_list> --install-dependencies11:48
sisalppokoli: just awesome. Can it be backported to 4.4 ?11:49
pokolisisalp: new features are not backported to released versions ;)11:49
sisalppokoli: but maybe the same patch would apply ?11:50
sisalppokoli: than you, I think I have the point and will go back to my customer's case.11:54
pokolisisalp: but probably the patch will apply without problems11:56
sisalpAnother problem I had was to get a usable tryton client, while I had only a xubuntu 14.04 machine. I couldn't find a simple solution to get python2.7.9+ on it. I rurrended and update that machine to xubuntu 16.0411:57
pokolisisalp: IIRC the first version of this patch was developed against 4.211:57
sisalppokoli: I will make a try to apply the patch on 4.4. If it works, I post here.11:58
sisalppokoli: but if I can write a short instruction to overcome this problem, then I can stay with the standard.11:59
pokolisisalp: you can use a proteus script to do the same with older versions11:59
sisalppokoli: and my initial problem can turn to be a bug finaly. And, yes, proteus is an alternative, probably the way to go for more complex projects than my initial profiles of databases.12:02
pokolisisalp: I have the idea to create something to manage tryton instances, and one of it's functionalities is to activate modules12:09
cedkif there is a bug in sao, it should be filled12:13
sisalppokoli: would be happy to share my exeperience with the script I use. It is old/specific techno, but does the job.12:14
sisalpcedk: do you think it is a bug ?12:14
pokolisisalp: I think so12:21
cedkif a wizard can not be used, it is a bug12:27
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sisalppokoli: cedk: issue 6635 created13:58
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Xevihi , I'm starting developing with tryton and I'm looking for examples22:14
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XeviI tried this one but it don't work as is22:15
Xevianyone knows simple exapmles of tryton modules?22:15
kstengerhi Xevi, the link you show has an example 3 years old, it will just work with tryton 3.2 (check the tryton.cfg file to know this). Explaining what is not working would be a good start. Even when it's a bit outdated, it will give you a good catch of the tryton concepts I think.22:32
kstengerXevi: there is also (the description to use it is at on the training description), it's more up to date, it should at least work with 3.822:33
Xevithank yo kstenger now i know why it fails with tryton 4.4.022:33
kstengerXevi: that was my first guess :)22:33
kstengerXevi: of course, after you had your first intro to the modules construction, just dive in to any of the available modules (officials or not) and you will learn tons22:35
Xevii supose there is no updated version of this example but i will check the changes22:35
kstengerXevi: just use it with the right tryton version22:35
Xevithank you a lot :)22:36
kstengerthere is also this Xevi
kstengerit contains a lot of info about other tools that you may need in the future around tryton22:40
XeviI will check this perhaps with this i can update the example22:40
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