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Jim_please help me for this Traceback
cedkJim_: clearly you pass a dict instead of a int12:23
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Jim_cedk: thanks I got it12:35
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jcmhi, when starting trytond 4.4 on Python2.7/Mac OS 10.9 install I get a warning: python2.7/site-packages/relatorio/templates/ UserWarning: Unable to load plugin 'chart'19:42
jcmdidn't find a python plugin named 'chart'; any idea or tip?19:42
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cedkjcm: it is an extra dependency of relatorio: pycha19:46
cedkjcm: no base module uses it19:46
jcmcedk: thks; shouldn't pip install relatorio install this dependency or suggest it ?19:48
cedkjcm: no it is an extra19:49
cedkor you must use: pip install relatorio[chart]19:49
jcmseems to be psychopy rather than psycha (
cedkjcm: I said pycha19:52
jcmcedk: pip isntall psycha says: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement psycha19:53
cedkjcm: pycha19:53
jcmok sorry19:53
jcmcedk: sry to insist: pip install pycha then pip install relatorio[chart] didn't remove the warning on trytond start20:04
jcmcedk: more important: I don't find how to connect from proteus. Trying to connect to an existing db with running server fails with KeyError: 'trytond.backend.'20:07
jcmI use only 2 lines in Python console : from proteus import config, Model, Wizard20:08
jcmconfig = config.set_trytond('t44_1', 'jcm', config_file='~/Sites/_tryton/tryton4.4/my_local_logfile.conf')20:08
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cedkjcm: needs also pycairo22:37
cedkjcm: for proteus it seems that your configuration does not have a proper database uri22:38
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