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jcmhi, I'm trying to understand product_price_list (that has no doc dir)13:39
jcmwhy does PriceList model not have a __register__ method?13:39
jcmwhereas PriceListLine has one13:39
cedkjcm: it is for customization of the register process13:50
pokolijcm: migration from older versions are included on the __register__ method13:52
jcmthks, it' necessary only to customize, registrations occurs automatically13:57
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jcmme agin: always stuck on my module updating for 4.4. How can I debug a module? some fields should be created but after trytond-admin -u my_module I don't see them in postgresql table17:06
jcmis there a tutorial or a paid course to develop modules?17:07
cedkjcm: I guess the model is not registered in the Pool17:11
kstengerjcm: AFAIK there is no tutorial written yet for the 4.4 version, however learning the basics on a not too old version will help you through, for instance take a look at and
kstengerjcm: also, any module that you can find is a good example17:16
jcmkstenger: thks, I'm studying modules to understand, will try the links you provided17:20
jcmcedk: should I register a module even when extending an existing one?17:20
cedkjcm: what do you name "module"?17:21
jcmapologies, Model17:22
jcmI extend Sale adding a field17:22
cedkjcm: yes, the extending class must be register in the Pool17:24
jcmcedk: in sale_advance_payment module, the Sale class has no registering: it adds three fields ( line 286)17:26
cedkjcm: it is registered in __init__py line 1617:28
jcmcedk: thks, what is "registring" concept was not clear for me17:32
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cedkjcm: trytond has a pool with all the pieces of class that are used on startup to create the actual classes17:35
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XeviHi, I'm creating a simple module for tryton and I'm geting this error  and I'm not able to understand why19:23
Xevi ERROR Invalid XML view proxies.proxy:19:23
Xevi<string>:2:0:ERROR:RELAXNGV:RELAXNG_ERR_INVALIDATTR: Invalid attribute string for element form19:23
Xevi<?xml version="1.0"?>19:23
Xevi<form string="Proxy">19:23
Xevi    <label name="ip"/>19:23
Xevi    <field name="ip"/>19:23
kstengerXevi: use a pastebin service please19:24
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XeviThis is the error
kstengerXevi: the "string" attribute of form was removed IIRC for version 4.419:26
Xevikstenger: from tree too?19:27
XeviI'm following a slides to create the module so I supose that they are outdated19:28
kstengerXevi: yes, it was also removed19:28
kstengerXevi: yes, sadly there are no tutorials updated to 4.4 for now19:28
XeviThank you kstenger19:29
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XeviI'm new with tryton and somtimes I try to follow others modules and are outdated19:29
kstengerXevi: look for the module version at tryton.cfg19:30
Xevion the tryton.cfg the version refeers to the module version or the tryton version?19:31
kstengerXevi: tryton version19:31
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jcmI don't find in the doc how to refactor when this warning appears: DeprecationWarning: on_change argument is deprecated, use the depends decorator23:37
jcmit's for a on_change named value in field declaration23:37
jcm@depends foo is not explained either: does it mean the next function is called when foo value changes?23:39
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jcmanwering to myself: found here

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