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jcmfound an example:
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sim6What IDE/editor and plugins are you using?10:19
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pokolisim6: I'm using vim10:21
sim6pokoli: Please, could you share your configuration?10:50
pokolisim6: of course:
sim6pokoli: thanks!10:51
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orpheanhg review doesn't work under python3 does it?20:54
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cedkorphean: I do not think but mercurial neither21:13
orpheanI was testing python 3.6 and yes you are right mercurial is also not working21:14
orpheanIll just install it globally outside the venv21:14
orpheanmercurial is new to me21:15
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orpheanwell seems its not working with 2.7 either21:27
cedkorphean: can you elaborate21:36
orpheanyes sorry21:47
orpheanunknown exception encountered with possibly-broken third-party extension hgreview21:48
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orpheanline 45 in AttributeError: 'function' has no attribute 'norepo'21:49
cedkorphean: I do not think it is linked to hgreview21:51
orpheanI installed mercurial with dnf and hgreview with pip2 system wide21:52
orpheanill uninstall mercurial with dnf and reinstall with pip2 then see21:53
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orpheando i need to make repository specific updates to hgrc in ./.hg/hgrc or create new file ./.hgrc?22:01
orpheanok i had to force mercurial back to version 3.2 to get hgreview to work22:19
orpheandoes not work with latest version even on python 2.722:20
orpheanced you still there? I cloned the repo, submitted a new issue, made changes to files in repo, now i want to submit it22:25
orpheani tried "hg review -i 6677" but it claims that no issue exists with that id22:26
kstengerorphean: it seems you have an older version of hgreview, I'm sure the latest will solve your problem with latest mercurial version
kstengerorphean: the issue number you give hg review is the id of the review, which should be empty when it does not exist22:29
orpheanno i have the latest version 0.422:29
orpheani still had to downgrade mercurial22:29
kstengerorphean: clone it and install it from source22:30
orpheanok, so how do i link a review to the id on this issue tracker?22:30
orpheani literally append "(issueNNNN)" to the end of the message?22:33
kstengerthe id of the issue should go in the message, as explained in the Submitting codereview section22:34
orpheansorry if it's a stupid question but i don't want to mess up your issue/review system22:34
kstengerorphean: not stupid if it's your first time22:34
orpheanso if would "trytond: Allow serving of configurable file directly from root URL in Werkzeug dispatcher (issue6677)" be acceptable?22:36
kstengerorphean: no, the issue should go on a separate line, it's better to first create the file and then pass it by parameter with -l22:37
kstengerorphean: also, no parens22:38
kstengerorphean: also, while it's on review it's editable from the web22:41
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orphean_-l is for hg commit no? not hg review?22:44
kstengerorphean_: both22:45
orphean_hg review is telling me the option -l is not recognised22:47
kstengerorphean_: the file is reusable if you have commit rights, adding the review id and removing the "trytond: " prefix to the commit message, so the format is the same22:47
orphean_im not trying to commit, i have no commit rights, just submit for review22:48
kstengeryeah, just explaining that 'ts the same format for the file22:48
kstengerI don't know why you have that error for the -l parameter22:49
kstengerorphean_: are you putting -l before "review" ? it should be "hg review -l filename"22:51
orphean_yea i am writing it correctly, im checking the hg review files i have installed now22:52
kstengerorphean_: I recomend you install the hgreview from source, you will be able to get back to a newer hg version22:53
orphean_yea pip is lying22:53
kstengerorphean_: it22:54
orphean_it says its 0.4 but it's quite evdently not when i look at __init__.py22:54
kstengerit's not yet released22:54
kstengeroh ok22:54
orphean_so do you have a naming convention or recommended storage path for the issue message files you pass to -l?22:56
orphean_just out of interest22:56
kstengerit doesn't matter as it's uploaded as a commit message, not as a file per se22:57
kstengerjust *don't* "hg add" it22:58
orphean_can you explain a bit further what you mean by keeping the same file but removing the trytond: prefix?23:01
kstengerorphean_: don't worry if you don't have commit rights someone else will do it for you, if you ever get rights, the title of review should say "tryton: ...", "trytond: ..." or whatever module you are modifying, but when you commit, this part of the title should not go23:04
kstenger(just reminding it to myself :p)23:05
orphean_i see23:05
orphean_its also now asking me for a "message describing this patch set" even though ive passed the message in with -l successfully23:06
orphean_and its not happy if i leave it blank23:06
kstengerorphean_: are you rinning it a second time?23:06
orphean_i dont know at this stage : D23:06
kstengercheck "hg review --id"23:07
kstengerif you get a number, then you have already uploaded it23:07
kstengerah, you messed it before, so use "hg review --clean"23:07
orphean_thx it seemed to work23:08
kstengerorphean_: if you have to re-upload the review, next time just use -m with an apropriate description just for this change23:09
kstengerso don't use the file you passed with -l23:10
orphean_ok and i can swap between existing reviews with -i right?23:10
kstengerjust clone it in paralell and use for another issue23:11
orphean_i still have a lot to learn about mercurial but do you mean clone the entire repo for each fix to its own directory rather than using any of mercurials branch features23:16
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kstengerorphean_: yes, this is what I mean, branches are for something else23:18
kstengeronce your fix is committed you can clean the review number, pull, update and re-use the directory23:19
orphean_ok cool23:23
orphean_while you're here do you know anything about how to get the windows 4.4 installable exe client to output debug23:24
orphean_since the beginning it has been unable to connect to my server when I enable ssl23:24
kstengerno, I don't know this23:25
orphean_which im tearing my hair out trying to understand as i can connect over ssl fine and even call e.g. the database listing api with custom test code23:25
orphean_but cant get any logs out of the failing client23:26
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orphean_anyway, thanks a lot for your patience and help with the code review submission23:32
kstengerorphean_: yw I like it when there is something I can help with heh, it seems something went wrong with your upload, the review is not well shown, I wonder if you should re-upload23:33
kstengerit complains "Can't parse the patch to chunks" when trying to see the side by side diff23:35
orphean_ok so how do i re-upload?23:36
orphean_the review bot has also noticed that redirect import is now unused23:37
orphean_which i neglected to remove23:37
kstengertry just "hg review -m 'Re-upload"23:39
kstengerI missed a ' there23:39
orphean_yea it also seems my first message wasn't included in the first upload23:42
kstengerit seems correct "trytond: Allow serving of configurable file directly from root URL in Werkzeug dispatcher"23:43
orphean_oh right yes but in the messages list it appears blank23:44
orphean_thats where i was looking23:44
kstengerit's because the first time it puts it as a title23:44
kstengerafter patch set 1, the rest have sub-titles23:44
orphean_regardless it's still saying Can't parse the patch to chunks right?23:45
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kstengeryeah, I have no clue why this happens23:45
orphean_is it only me?23:46
kstengerorphean_: (unrelated) maybe the title is a bit too long23:46
cedkorphean_: it happens sometimes, I think it maybe related to older version of review module23:49
orphean_i installed hg review from source this time23:50
kstengerorphean_: did you also upgrade mercurial?23:51
orphean_4.2.2 on python 2.723:51
kstengerorphean_: also, did you ensure hgreview was uninstalled before reinstalling from source?23:52
orphean_i can nuke my whole python 2.7 install and try again23:52
kstengerI guess it's always a good start to have a clean install (thanks virtualenv for that)23:59

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