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Timitosgadaga: hi09:08
gadagaTimitos: hi09:08
udonogadaga: hi09:09
gadagaudono: hi09:09
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CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 365:75aac633f7cb /tryton/gui/ Fix set_tab_reorderable for gtk < 2.1010:06
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udonocedk: Good Morning. Timitos and me discussed yesterday the implementation of people and organization. We concluded it may better to not create two seperate Objects for person and organization, but to overload the party object directly, and distinguish the entitys by a type attribute (people|organization). All the depending attributes get a state of invisible if the other entitytype is choosen. What do you think about this.10:43
cedkudono: I have no problems with it10:47
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 554:499b6dc24ac3 /trytond/ (ir/
CIA-50trytond: Fix ir.cron to not run in a separate thread10:51
CIA-50trytond: Fix issue6910:51
cedkudono: I saw it, I will add it10:55
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 366:d39019d61856 /share/tryton/tipoftheday.txt: Add Triton tips10:56
udonocan anyone of you read SAXParseExceptions? what does the numbers mean in : <unknown>:23:6: mismatched tag11:27
cedkudono: I think that you a at line 23 char 6 a xml error11:28
cedkudono: By the way, I read a little bit, your code for relationship11:28
cedkudono: I have some remarks about the coding guidelines11:28
cedkudono: do you know:
cedkudono: espacially "Whitespace in Expressions and Statements"11:29
cedkudono: we find that trying to align all the = is not very usefull11:30
udononot usefull, but better to read11:31
cedkudono: I don't find11:31
cedkudono: an it is very annoying when you add a new line that more longer :-)11:32
cedkudono: you must reindent all your code11:32
udonocedk:  yes you are right11:32
cedkudono: and so, when you read log file of commits, you don't see what it has really change11:32
cedkudono: otherwise, I don't find it is usefull to have a table gender ?11:33
udonocedk: log files, ah yes, its getting interesting, thats right11:33
udonocedk: table gender is already dropped11:33
cedkudono: ha ok11:34
cedkudono: also, you put a vat number on organisation11:34
udonocedk: I changed also other attributes...11:35
cedkudono: here in Belgium, person can have also a VAT number11:35
cedkudono: that why we put it on party directly11:35
udonocedk: is the person than a tiny company?11:35
cedkudono: yes a real person11:36
udonocedk: but a company, too?11:36
cedkudono: yes companies has also VAT number11:36
cedkudono: ha also for coding guideline, we try to not exceed 80 col for lines11:37
udonocedk: do you have persons in Belgium which have a VAT Number and are NOT a single person company?11:37
udonocedk: May your tree years old sister have a VAT ID in Belgium?11:38
cedkudono: yes, they are not a company but just person that can have VAT11:39
cedkudono: You must have a profession11:39
cedkudono: like architect11:40
udonocedk: in german we have nearly the same, like me and korbinian, we are persons, we have a vat id. But when you are a person and have a VATID than you are automaticaly a company, like architect. You can have employees and so on.11:42
udono... but you must not have employees, you could stand alone11:42
udono... and you are regardless on this a company11:43
cedkudono: in Belgium if you are a person, I don't think that you can have employee, you must create a real company11:45
cedkudono: and you are personnaly responsible11:46
cedkudono: sprl is a kind of company11:46
udonoyes I know11:46
cedkudono: My brother is architect and he was a person with VAT number until 1 year11:47
cedkudono: now he creates a company11:47
udonocedk: yes, did the vat number change?11:48
cedkudono: no11:50
cedkudono: I don't think11:50
udonocedk: In this case, you are right, the vat number depends to the party. I correct this.11:54
udonocedk: also I drop some more person fields like  birth_date, height, weight, mothers_maiden_name, marital_status, social_security_no, passport_no, passport_expire_date, work_experience11:54
udonocedk: and I drop salutation...11:55
cedkudono: ok11:56
udonocedk: the only things resist will be:a. partytype: Person|Organisation, b. different Name attributes depending of partytype, c. remove name from address11:56
udono(I know you dont like c...) :-)11:57
cedkudono: I have more information, when person with vat number create a company12:05
cedkudono: in fact the company will have a new VAT number but the old VAT is always valid for the person12:06
udonocedk: Ok, than its definately a party attribute12:06
udonocedk: ... and I read the Style Guide for Python Code PEP812:09
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CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 367:617dbef598cd /tryton/gui/window/view_form/ (model/ view/form_gtk/ view/
CIA-50tryton: Fix readonly on one2many fields dialog13:05
CIA-50tryton: Update state attributes on list view for current model13:05
CIA-50tryton: Disable drag and drop on list that have sequence fields readonly13:05
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 99:9d5fe334c398 account/ Remove default date if not in manual entry13:05
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 45:9e39c1fb7312 account_invoice/invoice.xml: Add amount_to_pay_today on list view13:05
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 368:2c6d91478124 /tryton/ Fix rpc test for change socket connection13:19
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 555:75524ff38ef7 /trytond/res/ Disable reading password user13:19
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 556:80f13ccbd080 /trytond/res/ Prevent to write password with 'x' * 1013:32
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yangoo1cedk: do you have time to talk shortly on proxy.patch?14:07
yangoo1I made yesterday my first steps in python14:10
cedkyangoo1: yes14:10
cedkyangoo1: did you try my last patch ?14:10
yangoo1hte changes in patch2 I made myself, and some more, but I am now hanging with NameError: name 'DictType' is not defined14:11
yangoo1if I understand correctly, you are implementing your own transport class14:11
cedkyangoo1: can you post the traceback ?14:12
yangoo1and you take from xmlrpclib the functions you need14:12
yangoo1traceback already posted on bugtracker14:12
yangoo1now there are also needed functions from class Marshaller:14:14
cedkyangoo1: it is because it miss import httplib14:14
yangoo1yes, but there is more to do14:15
yangoo1it also makes use of string14:15
cedkyangoo1: can you post the traceback after you add import httplib ?14:15
yangoo1IIRC the next error was, that it couldn't find DictType14:18
yangoo1I added                    def dump_struct(self, value, write, escape=escape):14:18
yangoo1                        i = id(value)14:18
yangoo1                        if self.memo.has_key(i):14:18
yangoo1                            raise TypeError, "cannot marshal recursive dictionaries"14:18
yangoo1                        self.memo[i] = None14:18
yangoo1                        dump = self.__dump14:18
yangoo1                        write("<value><struct>\n")14:19
yangoo1                        for k, v in value.items():14:19
yangoo1                            write("<member>\n")14:19
yangoo1                            if type(k) is not StringType:14:19
yangoo1                                if unicode and type(k) is UnicodeType:14:19
yangoo1                                    k = k.encode(self.encoding)14:19
yangoo1                                else:14:19
yangoo1                                    raise TypeError, "dictionary key must be string"14:19
yangoo1                            write("<name>%s</name>\n" % escape(k))14:19
yangoo1                            dump(v, write)14:19
yangoo1                            write("</member>\n")14:19
yangoo1                        write("</struct></value>\n")14:19
yangoo1                        del self.memo[i]14:19
yangoo1                    dispatch[DictType] = dump_struct14:19
yangoo1and def escape as well14:19
yangoo1nevertehless error about dispatch14:19
yangoo1I added14:19
yangoo1                   def __init__(self, encoding=None, allow_none=0):14:20
yangoo1                        self.memo = {}14:20
yangoo1               = None14:20
yangoo1                        self.encoding = encoding14:20
yangoo1                        self.allow_none = allow_none14:20
yangoo1                    dispatch = {}14:20
cedkyangoo1: plase don't copy traceback in irc, use
yangoo1but now again:
yangoo1my at the moment is at
cedkyangoo1: why did you add dump_struct ?14:24
yangoo1to get DictType..;-)14:25
cedkyangoo1: you get it with the inherit14:25
cedkyangoo1: try without it14:26
yangoo1as I said, totally new in python, was just a try14:26
yangoo1if you want, we can add step by step whats needed and I will test at once14:27
yangoo1because I didn't even restart trytond so far to not loose the bug...:-)14:27
cedkyangoo1: I post a new patch procy3.patch14:27
cedkyangoo1: try with only this patch14:27
cedkyangoo1: and paste the traceback if there is14:28
yangoo1will do14:28
yangoo1new traceback
cedkyangoo1: ok, can you try with the new proxy4.patch14:36
yangoo1new traceback at
cedkyangoo1: I see on a previous post, that you put "http://ip:port" in http_proxy14:46
cedkyangoo1: I think you must put just "ip:port"14:46
yangoo1without protocol?14:47
cedkyangoo1: so put just http_proxy='squid:3128'14:48
cedkyangoo1: yes14:48
yangoo1other applications will refuse to accept this setting, but I can try14:48
cedkyangoo1: and are you that squid is correctly resolved ?14:50
yangoo1no, that shouldn't be the error:
yangoo1yes, of course, but i can put the IP14:51
cedkyangoo1: I think the error is that the proxy doesn't allow xmlrpc14:52
yangoo1ok, mom, let me see14:52
yangoo1in the proxy.log I have:14:54
yangoo1 TCP_MISS/200 3916 CONNECT - DIRECT/ -14:54
yangoo1so I suppose it connects succesfully to ´╗┐
yangoo1and since the data stream is ssl encrypted, the proxy shouldn't be aware of any hidden protocol?14:56
yangoo1class SafeTransport(Transport): seems to be rather untested?14:58
yangoo1does https without proxy work reliably?14:58
cedkyangoo1: yes it works15:00
cedkyangoo1: but the nameserver is not but roundup-xmlrpc.tryton.org15:01
cedkyangoo1: and I submit a new patch that must works with http://squid:312815:01
yangoo1just tried with http_proxy=, same result as with name15:02
cedkyangoo1: what have you in your ~/.trytonrc for roundup.xmlrpc15:03
yangoo1my .trytonrc is at
cedkyangoo1: do you see any log for connection to roundup-xmlrpc.tryton.org15:10
yangoo1store.log:  text/html 1102/1102 POST
yangoo1access.log: CONNECT - DIRECT/ -15:13
yangoo1CONNECT - DIRECT/ -15:14
cedkyangoo1: connection to doesn't correspond to the xmlrpc15:15
cedkyangoo1: I don't know what means store.log ?15:15
cedkdo you have any error message in logs ?15:15
yangoo1two different logs of squid15:15
cedkyangoo1: but you don't have CONNECT roundup-xmlrpc.tryton.org15:17
yangoo1store.log: #       Logs the activities of the storage manager.  Shows which  objects are ejected from the cache, and which objects are  saved and for how long.15:17
yangoo1access.log are cleint requests15:19
yangoo1I will try once again15:19
udonoI have problems with the on_change parameter: Is it possible to use the same on_change method on different fields (with different names)? If I try with on_change=['on_change_name'] or on_change=['name'] in a field with the name person_first_name than I get everytime the error: AttributeError: '' object has no attribute 'on_change_person_first_name'15:37
udonoBut I never told Tryton to use  on_change_person_first_name I like to tell it to use on_change_name15:39
cedkudono: no, on_change doesn't work like you think15:39
yangoo1with latest patch5 now traceback5 at
cedkudono: what you define with the on_change=[] is the value that will be sent to the on_change function15:40
yangoo1and error appears at once, before was with timeout15:40
cedkudono: the on_change function for a field is always named on_change_field_name15:40
udonocedk: ok, I understand15:40
yangoo1I think you can forget about the log entries: seems they came from access with browser15:42
yangoo1yes definitely, nothing is logged from tryton directly15:42
yangoo1cedk: have to leave for today, thanks for your input!15:47
cedkyangoo1: welcome15:48
udonocedk: which method I need to read the actual values displayed on the screen called from a class method?15:48
udonocedk: is it fields_get() or read()15:51
udonoor self.pool.get15:53
cedkudono: I don't understand ?15:55
udonocedk: mee, too. But I think I got it. The on_change=[] parameter can hold more fields than one, so I transport every field I like to the on_change function. Is it possible to shorten the things to transport all actual Variables with on_change=[] to the on_change function?16:03
cedkudono: no we don't have keywords16:05
cedkudono: but you must think that to have better performence, you must just send to the server only field that is needed16:05
udonoYes ok, its less work to write less fields, thanks a lot :-)16:06
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CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 369:161414bbe98d / (70 files in 13 dirs): Add Tango icons adn remove gtk icons22:17
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 370:97ac45b8b41f / Fix setup for new Tango icons22:17
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 557:11d134f3595d /trytond/ (ir/ir.xml ir/ui/ tools/ Use new Tango icons22:17
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 100:53760f7f6ad7 account/ (account.xml move.xml tax.xml): Use new Tango icons22:17
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 7:24e5fe2c8af6 analytic_account/account.xml: Use new Tango icons22:17
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 53:a4b9e5d72edc product/product.xml: Use new Tango icons22:17
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 25:dbad67fe65f2 purchase/purchase.xml: Use new Tango icons22:17
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 88:cdfc39c60c5f relationship/relationship.xml: Use new Tango icons22:17
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 140:9add0d9957e0 stock/ ( location.xml stock.xml): Use new Tango icons22:17
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 20:6ca984bd674b timesheet/ (line.xml timesheet.xml work_type.xml): Use new Tango icons22:17
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 558:e53bd1572b69 /trytond/ (ir/module/module.xml res/user.xml): Remove gtk icons22:30
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 101:79645d8d86a5 account/ (account.xml move.xml): Remove gtk icons22:30
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 46:a4041bbe1739 account_invoice/invoice.xml: Remove gtk icons22:30
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 32:5f6a08c75916 company/company.xml: Remove gtk icons22:30
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 371:c8e523bc5b19 /share/pixmaps/ (tryton-cancel.png tryton-ok.png): Add Tango icons ok, cancel22:51
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 559:2f6373e1fd03 /trytond/ (ir/module/ ir/ res/ Remove gtk icons22:51
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 102:9e17466e71bc account/ ( Remove gtk icons22:51
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 47:7f0775fb967e account_invoice/ Remove gtk icons22:51
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 8:e6b103ad037c analytic_account/ Remove gtk icons22:51
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 33:93f3f7253a23 company/ Remove gtk icons22:51
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 141:53a3f3e609b9 stock/ ( Remove gtk icons22:51
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 21:60e7b874c6c7 timesheet/ ( Remove gtk icons22:51

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