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udonogood morning ced, is it possible that the label tags in view doesen't understand the align="1.0" property?09:23
udonosorry, my fault09:34
udono1.0 is the preference for right alignment and 0.0 for left...09:36
udono not found09:37
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FWiesingerGuten Morgen09:43
udonogood morning FWiesinger09:46
udonohello cedk, view inheritance replace: did I need for every replace a new record, or is it possible to replace a chunk of fields/labels?10:39
udonocedk: if I try this: than I get an ('Invalid XML for View Architecture!', 'arch') Error10:42
udonoIf I divided it in two records, I get the same error...10:44
cedkudono: normally, you can have many xpath tag in data10:47
udonocedk: the limitation about replace in tiny is not existing in tryton?10:48
cedkudono: what is the complete error message10:48
cedkudono: no10:48
udono('Invalid XML for View Architecture!', 'arch') shown by client, by the server10:49
udonoBTW it would be great if you enhance the title of this IRC by "Traceback/Code Paste:" poco is a great pastengine with a lot of syntax highlighting...10:52
cedkudono: you must have a error message on the server side10:53
udono its this one10:54
cedkudono: you don't have a log line that begins with: "Invalid xml view: "10:57
udonono, sorry. Did I miss a python package for this?10:58
udonooh, just wait there is another...10:59
udonono, not. If I put out of the code it works, if I put this in than comes the error:
cedkudono: can you try with <xpath ...></xpath>11:02
udonoI did it first, but the same error11:03
cedkudono: I think this is the dtd that is wrong11:03
udono... now I cant start the client... it die by the validation error. I need to DELETE the view in the database...11:04
udonocedk: strange thing, in table ir_ui_view is the right view without the xpath replace records, in filesystem, too. But the client wont start... need more search...11:09
cedkudono: have 4Suite installed ?11:20
udonoseems not, I try to install11:23
udonono, found out it is installed, can import some Ft. * (thought it is called by 4Suite.*)11:28
udonofrom Ft.Xml.Domlette import ValidatingReader works11:29
udonocedk: I set up a clean database, maybe ran in trouble11:32
cedkudono: I need to go for a moment11:38
udonocedk: no problem, by11:39
cedk* back12:35
udonocedk: hi12:36
udonoI went into struggle creating a new database one bug I foun and resolver, but herer are others...12:36
udonolook into roundup12:36
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 560:cba432e033be /trytond/ir/ui/ Fix default icon value in menu for issue7912:58
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 561:926eb6b4753c /trytond/ir/fr_FR.csv: Remove STOCK_ icons from translation13:03
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 562:f7bcce524d6f /trytond/ (tools/ web_service/ Fix coding thanks to htgoebel13:03
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 563:a10e55873eb8 /trytond/ (5 files in 4 dirs): Use cStringIO everywhere when available for issue81 thanks htgoebel13:12
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 372:e9be79c7ba89 /tryton/ Use cStringIO everywhere when available for issue8113:13
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 564:7361cd626d31 /trytond/ Update pysocket for tryton changeset e3d03b05588413:13
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 565:d2329662cde7 /trytond/ Use Pickle protocol 2 for issue8413:26
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 373:d0869785e04a /tryton/ Use Pickle protocol 2 for issue8413:26
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udonocedk: I catch my first problems with xpath, my fault, sorry. xpath works great, I can combine serveral in one record and I can use the one-line Version <xpath.../> for replacements. Thanks a lot for helping me stupid...13:36
essichcedk: You are fast :-)13:36
udonohello essich13:37
essichudo: hi :)13:37
cedkhowto do you find the new icons?13:37
essichcedk: THey ae not displayed here13:38
cedkessich: maybe you have already the same theme13:38
udonocedk: very nice13:39
udonoessich: may you tell me how I bind tryton to an openoffice headless server? Your packages from origo are already installed.13:41
essichcedk: I see no icons at all.13:46
essichudono: Do you want an extra server/service?13:47
essichudono: openoffice is boostrapped as soon as you use it.13:47
udonoyes, headless13:47
cedkessich: did you update tryton ?13:47
essichcedk: 2 Minutes ago. Now I have ne icons in the tollbar but none in the Menu13:50
essichcedk: Why not use pickle-protocol -1 (="alwas use newest")?13:51
cedkessich: the icons name in the table ir_ui_menu must be updated also or create a new DB13:52
essichcedk: IC13:52
cedkessich: if there is a new python with a protocol 3, and the server run with the new python and the client with the old, you have a problem13:53
cedkessich: here I took the best for now, later if there is a new protocol, we will update it and put a dependencie to the new python13:53
essichcedk: icons are nor okay.13:54
essichcedk: Hmm, you are right. One may runn server and client using different python versions.13:55
essichcedk: new icons have to less contrast. Action-Icons is not intuitive, "Swich" icon is not intuitive13:56
essichcedk: Icons for main-menus Finance, Currency and Purchase are not shown.13:58
cedkwe use this set of icons:
cedkessich: because we don't have icons for those13:59
essichcedk: IC. Looks buggy :-(14:00
essichcedk: befor going public, but _some_ icons there14:01
udonoessich: I started the openoffice --headless, after I press on a report Button, nothing happens. Is there any setup need?14:01
essichudo: no need to start ooo, this is done automatically. (But should not hurt.)14:02
essichudo: maybe still a bug in ooo-python.14:03
essichuno: this whole interconnection to ooo is a bit tricky. not really, but ooo is not good designed here.14:03
cedkessich: is it possible to use ooo-python on a network based?14:03
essichcedk: ooo-python supports this, but tryton does not have config for this yet.14:04
essichcedk: and it's insecure: everyone can access the remote socket!14:04
cedkessich: it is not possible to add authentification?14:05
essichcedk: Icons for some action menu entries are mssing, eg. Import/export Translations. Is this intended?14:05
udonoessich: ... but its a good document server for all formats14:05
essichcedk: AFAIK not14:05
essichudono: yes, but insecure :-)14:05
udonoHow can I tell tryton to print pdf instead of odt14:05
essichudo: try the report when letting tryton bootstrap ooo.14:06
essichACTION has to leve very soon.14:06
essichudo: change the "oufut format" of the report14:06
cedkessich: no, I think it is the menu record that not have been updated14:06
udonoessich: reports with oo in general are no problem. I meant is it possible to connect a headless oo server and give me a PDF back?14:07
essichcedk: I did --update=all. Should be enough?!14:08
cedkessich: no because on some menu entry, the icon is the default value14:08
essichudo: Don't andersand. Explain in german?14:08
udonoessich: ok, IC its an IR entry.14:08
udonoessich: thanks14:09
cedkessich: look at the DB and update menu the begins with STOCK_14:09
essichACTION has go leave _now_14:10
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udonocedk: What use is the Keyword field in ir > Actions > report?15:10
cedkudono: it is a set of option to specify why the action is display15:11
cedkudono: or used15:11
udonocedk: dont understand?15:12
udonocedk: what does it mean when there is Keyword: Print form, where I can see this rrint form else?15:13
udonocedk: are Keywords a new general concept?15:13
udonocedk: BTW. The reportengine is now very sophisticated: upload new templates, ui for connecting reports, great!15:15
cedkudono: "Print form" say to display on the form view of the object15:18
udonoah, ok15:18
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 103:5f17bcd8e078 account/ (general_journal.odt general_ledger.odt trial_balance.odt): Remove user data from odt15:31
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 48:b74104a5af1b account_invoice/invoice.odt: Remove user data from odt15:31
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 34:060a7adaf0ed company/header_A4.odt: Remove user data from odt15:31
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 26:bc033ce54cc7 purchase/purchase.odt: Remove user data from odt15:31
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 89:4f862a8f9339 relationship/label.odt: Remove user data from odt15:31
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 142:b6edc142910f stock/packing_out.odt: Remove user data from odt15:31
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 374:69a7ede2d07f /tryton/gui/window/ ( Fix close button for tab tree and board19:02
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 375:bf9b3387f93d /share/pixmaps/ (103 files): Replace png file with svg19:02
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 566:7e6cb06f58e5 /trytond/ (ir/ir.xml ir/ui/ tools/ Add some new icons19:03
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 1:653941036416 project/project.xml: Add icon to project management19:04
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 22:b3f206f757f4 timesheet/work_type.xml: Use new icon graph19:04
udonocedk: I have modified the concept of my first module. Now it better fits into your party module. If you like to try:
cedkudono: I see that you commit your file~19:19
cedkudono: you can use .hgignore to prevent19:19
udonocedk: just *.*~ inside?19:19
cedkudono: yes or *~19:20
udonocedk: ok, thanks19:20
cedkudono: you define twice _STATES19:22
cedkudono: the best is to create each time a {}19:22
cedkudono: seems to be good19:25
cedkudono: but you don't have relation between parties19:26
cedkudono: one remarks, in xml id, we try to not put the module name19:28
udonocedk: about remark: what do you mean? example?19:29
cedkudono: and no need to put a type on view that inherit19:29
cedkudono: act_relationship_person_title_form -> act_person_title_form19:29
cedkudono: because if you try to access it from outside the module you have relationship_ext.act_person_title_form19:30
cedkudono: I think about adding a check on view (type, inherit)19:30
udonorelations between partys not now. Next step will build party roles (in a relationship). Then we can build relationships.19:31
cedkby the way is faster than the other19:31
udonoyes, I use it from now on.19:31
udonobut I cant create projectnames with _underscores in the name... so I used -minus19:32
cedkudono: it is bad because you can not use it as python module19:34
udonoI write to the maintainer of intuxication?!19:35
udonocedk: thanks for the remarks. I corrected it and push.19:49
udonocedk: Finally I found one Bug, I cant solve.19:50
udonocedk: if you try to set the gender to male, than you get everytime an error.19:52
cedkudono: did you create a default value with the interface19:59
cedkudono: can you give the content of the table ir_default20:01
udonocedk: yes, I try it with the interface. I dont want to preference this by myself. the user should do that. Is it impossible?20:02
cedkudono: can you give the content of the table ir_default?20:05
udonowith the preference set?! ok20:05
udonocedk: there you have the contents of field:
udonocedk: the model in ir_default is set to not to party_ext maybe this helps20:15
cedkudono: I find the problem, we write in the DB a string and we eval it after so for str value we must add " between or not eval it20:17
udonogreat, but dont understand what can I do?20:22
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 567:d9258de6361d /trytond/ir/ Don't eval default value for some field type20:23
udonoah, ok20:23
cedkudono: can you try with this20:24
udonocedk: great, works, thanks ;-)20:26
udonocedk: The default engine doesn't work on many2one like the title attribut...20:29
cedkudono: can you fill a bug20:34
udonoyes, I do20:34
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udonohello kultviech20:48
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 568:94b2f6239e39 /trytond/ (ir/ui/ osv/ osv/ tools/
CIA-50trytond: Change internal format of reference field into:21:18
CIA-50trytond: "model, (id, "name")" for issue7421:18
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 54:90e79d5e736b product/ Fix name_get of category for single id21:19
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 376:c80f89a7d09f /tryton/gui/window/view_form/model/
CIA-50tryton: Allow to handle reference field with this model (model, (id, name)) for21:19
CIA-50tryton: issue7421:19
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 377:dab26e4cb434 /tryton/gui/window/view_form/ (model/ view/form_gtk/ Some fix for new internal value of reference field21:19
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FWiesingergood evening - cu22:33
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