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udonohello all13:07
udonoIs the module wide translation system already implemented?  How does it work? What is the best way providing translations for a module?13:08
cedkudono: I was thinking about writing a howto :-)13:10
cedkudono: currently, translation works exept for the reports13:10
udonocedk: ok13:11
udonocedk: if you give me some hints, I can write the howto :-)13:12
cedkudono: You want to translate in german?13:12
udonocedk: yes13:12
cedkudono: give hints, will be the same than writing howto13:12
cedkudono: I will write a first draft and you can complet it after13:12
udonocedk: yes, good idea13:13
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 90:b9e74db7a164 relationship/ Remove some size constraint and add select=1 on names and code13:14
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 378:16c7bb75aa9f / Add svg to setup13:14
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 379:c2eafac7a51f /tryton/gui/window/view_form/widget_search/ Use expander for advanced search13:14
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 380:3630038b39ca /tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/ ( Stop key press on many2one, reference, calendar for F2 and F313:14
udonocedk: thanks13:46
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 381:889e875b6aa1 /tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/list_gtk/ Set cursor to last row when Esc is pressed on the last row15:12
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 382:a9384b5ca22d /tryton/gui/window/view_form/screen/ Set cursor on record below the first record deleted in the list for issue7515:12
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 383:b80ae322e4d8 /tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/ (7 files): Better default menu for gtk.Entry and gtk.TextView16:03
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 384:60bc2f75a911 /tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/list_gtk/ Align left for float_time widget in list view16:03
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 385:56e96100a799 /tryton/gui/window/view_tree/ Align left for float_time widget in tree view16:03
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 570:454006ce7442 /trytond/report/ Fix for difference between cStringIO and StringIO16:45
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 571:54c1d776fe2c /trytond/webdav/ Add all reports in webdav, not only keyworded reports16:45
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essichudono: solved the ooo-server poböem?17:28
udonohello essich17:28
udonono, but I think thats what I want is not implemented...17:29
essichodo: what do you want?17:29
udonoessich: i like to use the oo headless server for generating documents17:36
essichudo: tryton uses ooo only for PDF documents17:37
essichudo: oo ist startes automatically as "server", when the first PDF is requested17:38
essichudo: all other requests use the same ooo instance17:38
essichcedk: regarding time->float:17:38
udonoessich: I cant generate pdf documents yesterday, I try again17:39
essichcedk: forget it, solved :-)17:39
essichuso: do not start ooo first, this is done by tryton.17:39
essichudo if this is nor working, we have to improofe it17:39
cedkessich: do you speak about issue76?17:47
essichcedk: yes. I've seen some line which looked to be implemented complicated at the first glance. But when I looked again, I discovered, it's okay.17:55
irclogNew issue95: pdf report: ExceptOSV: ('Error', "Can't connect to (bootstrap)")17:57
udonoessich: i generate a new report action with outputformat pdf, but then the following error occured: aaay, the list known my Bugreport :-) great17:58
udonoessich: i mean issue 95 as automaticaly mentioned before17:58
essichudo: do you have time now to trck this down?18:02
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udonoessich: yes, if you like18:11
irclogNew issue96: bad error message when "database already exists"18:15
essichodu: okay, see issue95 comments :-)18:16
udonoessich: I updated issue 95 with two entrys18:16
essichudo: These are not answering the questions :-)18:20
udonocedk: For info: The guys from intuxication changed the underscore-in-Filename policy...18:21
essichudo: the client should display the error to the user, too. Not only the server-log18:21
udonoessich: ok, I read deeper and between the lines :-)18:21
udonoYes the client shows just a small error Message, without backtrace or something18:22
essichudo: this in enough here :-)18:22
essichudo: Now continue with q2 and q3 ;-)18:25
udonoessich: ok, updated18:29
irclogNew issue97: webdav: different behaviour when accessing via http18:30
irclogNew issue98: webdav: "connection lost" if data-dir is gone18:38
essichudo: you already have a problem starting/connecting OOo.18:43
essichudo: can you check whether OOo is running (ps ax)?18:43
udonoessich: no, its not running18:44
essichudo: Hmm, I'll try to prepare some test-script18:44
udonoessich: ok18:44
udonoessich: btw. using python 2.518:45
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udonoThe path of my first module changed another time:
essichudo: script uploaded to issue9519:16
udonoessich: posted19:20
udonoessich: :-(19:22
irclogNew issue99: IndexError: list index out of range19:25
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 386:57800b3ab427 /tryton/gui/window/ ( view_form/screen/ Reset message state when record changed for issue7219:27
essichudo: new version /dcc19:28
udonocedk: is it possible to have a list view with a tree (graph) and editable list fields?19:28
cedkudono: not tree, but list (editable or not) and graph19:29
udonocedk: ok, did we wave an example for this?19:30
cedkudono: you can see "hours per employee" in timesheet module19:31
udonocedk: thanks19:31
udonoessich: there is no new file19:32
udonoessich: in the issue tracker...19:34
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 387:585055d9d0e2 /tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/ (form_gtk/ list_gtk/ Improve float_time encoding for issue76 thanks to htgoebel19:35
essichudo: /dcc get essich19:37
essichudo mompl19:37
essichudo: now19:38
udonoessich: no, there is no new file, plz upload in the tracker19:43
essichudo: argl! did you never use irc file-transfer (/dcc)?19:43
essichudo: If I upload every version of this file to the tracker, it may be hundrets ;-)19:44
CIA-50tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 388:7bd939876a5d /tryton/gui/ Add error message on exception in database creation for issue9619:46
udonoessich: TRY VIA JABBER19:46
udonoessich: dont know why it doesnt work, but sometimes it work with irc...19:46
essichudo: jabber, laber. I don't have19:47
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 572:41ccff323bfc /trytond/webdav/ Make get_contentlength more fault tolerent for issue9719:52
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uspallekessich: try to send to me20:04
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uspallekessich: nochmal20:07
uspallekACTION is away: Zur Zeit nicht da.20:12
udonoessich: not working, see tracker20:16
udonoessich: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/soffice ? the wrong path20:17
essichudo: :-) One step furher20:18
yangoon cedk: JFYI: forest extension works via socks proxy, but not http proxy. Perhaps worth a little note on download page.20:19
essichudo: is '' installed in site-packages?20:21
essichudo: python -c 'import platform ; print platform.platform()'20:24
essichudo; and the name of the package?20:27
udonoessich: python-uno20:29
essichudo: okay, und wo kann ich das Paket finden, um den Inhalt zu prüfen20:30
essichudo: found20:31
essichudo: Argl! Debian installt into site-packeges! Thy are crazy!20:33
udonook, was soll ich installieren?20:34
essichudo: mompl20:34
essichACTION knows we he does not use debian/ubuntu20:36
udonoACTION knows a lot of people do20:37
essichudo: Die zerpflücken das paket richtig: /usr/share/pyshared, /usr/share/pyshared-data20:38
udonoessich: thats debian like20:40
udonoessich please use my nickname, cos of popup the message20:40
irclogNew issue100: Error in confirming darft purchase20:41
essichudono: try python -c 'import libpyuno ; print libpyuno.__file__'20:42
essichudono: Die Debianer haben einen an der Klatsche20:43
irclogNew issue101: Error printing draft purchase20:45
essichudono: try python -c 'import officehelper ; print officehelper.__file__'20:45
essichudono: go anf fill a debian bug report :(20:47
essichudono: offiehelper is the module which is used to bootstrap OOo, ...20:47
essichudono: ... if this is not in the PYTHONPATH, the package is incomplete20:48
udonoessich: ok, I will fill an ubuntu bug20:49
udonoessich: but I install the package manual20:49
essichudono: which package?20:49
udonothe py-uno sources20:50
essichudono: try echo $PYTHONPATH20:50
essichudono: as I expected *gnaa*20:51
essichudono: on mandriva, PYTHONPATH is expanted to include /usr/lib/ooo-2.4/program20:51
essichudono: this is done using a modular profile-plugin machanism which debian still does not implement20:52
essichudono: this deficit was the reason why I throw ubundu after 2 days20:53
udonoessich: ...dont worry, be happy ;-)20:54
udonoessich: inside the package is no Should it be there?20:55
essichudono: any idea how I can solve this bug?20:55
udonoessich: I try to contact the ubuntu people20:57
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 573:af93ed343e8c /trytond/webdav/ Make get_ in webdav more fault tolerant for issue9820:57
essichudono: Fine.21:02
udonoessich: what exactly can I tell them?21:02
essichudono: how should I know? ;-\21:03
udonoessich: ok, I tell them the failed tests.21:03
essichudono: they should tell you how you can boostrap OOo python bridge if is not in the programm directory and is not in PYTHONPATH21:05
essichudono: but they should go for -> program directory, since I replace officehelper with my own version.21:05
essichudono: ./usr/lib/openoffice/program/officehelper.py21:06
essichudono: it seams to be impossible to install several versions of OOo in parallell, since thy all go to /usr/lib/openoffice.21:07
essichACTION starts to get shirty on Debina (instead of ignoring)21:08
CIA-50trytond: C?dric Krier <> default * 574:386ebd64a991 /trytond/webdav/ Raise DAV_NotFound if exception occurs when retreiving datas for issue9821:23
udonook, i tell them your points21:51
essichudono: I just prepared an work-arounf version. want to test it?21:56
CIA-50tryton: ced roundup * #63/Some additions to the bugposting function on error view: no news?22:24
CIA-50tryton: matb roundup * #100/Error in confirming darft purchase: yes, it is 26:bc033ce54cc7 I just updated before reporting22:50
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udono2000essich: yes,  I like, sorry my client dies...22:55
CIA-50tryton: matb roundup * #101/Error printing draft purchase: I had started the server with -i all Now restarted with -u all and there are again a lot of update messages as before, but this time printing work ...22:58
essichudono2000: mailed earlier this evening23:00
CIA-50tryton: matb roundup * #63/Some additions to the bugposting function on error view: Last news were on IRC: (15:39:40) yangoon: with latest patch5 now traceback5 at (15:40:07) yangoon: and error appe ...23:01
essichACTION is going to bed. Have to meet customer tomorrow23:02
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CIA-50tryton: ced roundup * #100/Error in confirming darft purchase: Did you retry with new purchase since your update for issue101 ?23:09
CIA-50tryton: matb roundup * #100/Error in confirming darft purchase: yes, always same error23:11
CIA-50tryton: matb roundup * #100/Error in confirming darft purchase: [resolved] Sorry, with *new* purchase it works.23:16
CIA-50tryton: ced roundup * #63/Some additions to the bugposting function on error view: On 08/06/08 23:01 +0200, Mathias wrote: > > Mathias <> added the comment: > > Last news were on IRC: > (15:39:40) yangoon: ...23:31

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