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udonohello all12:12
udonohello Gedd, now I have time to put my analysings together for parsing ods files...12:13
Geddsorry but I won't be able to help you with that since I (still haven't played much with nicoe's code)12:15
Geddif you have comments, I can forward them though12:15
udonoGedd: ok, do you know when nicoe will be here in the chat again?12:17
udonoGedd: or is it possible to reach him in another chat?12:17
Geddprobably on monday12:17
GeddHe's usually not much in front of his computer during the WE12:18
udonoGedd: ok, thx12:24
CIA-9tryton: ced roundup * #231/error when updating dbs to newest version: [resolved] Same as issue228.13:25
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