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udonoHi all18:56
udonocedk: hello ced, are u there?19:44
cedkudono: yes19:58
udonocedk: Hello19:58
udonocedk: the dbcreate dialog is nerly ready, but I have some problems with the size of the dialog. It wont be sized smaller...19:59
cedkudono: it depends of the flags of the dialog20:00
udonocedk: I can resize, but then the entry boxes are cut of on right side...20:01
cedkudono: I can not help you without viewing the code20:01
udonocedk: Ok, I make another test with adjustments on gtk.expand and gtk.fill, then I send you the contrib20:02
udonocedk: I get it... but I send you the changes tommorow.21:00
udonocedk: Good night.21:00

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