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cedkTimitos: ping12:43
udonoyangoon: ping13:01
yangoonudono: pong13:53
udonohello yangoon14:02
yangoonhi udono14:02
udonoyangoon: yesterday Ive feeding the horse between 16:00-17:00 what a pitty14:02
udonoyangoon: sorry14:03
udonoyangoon: Timitos told me we have a new date today at 15:3014:03
yangoonudono: for the client translation I see you made the first .po14:03
udonoyangoon: yes14:03
yangoonudono: if you are familiar with the whole gettext stuff, will you update them form time to time?14:04
yangoonudono: who is generating the pot-file?14:04
udonoyangoon: I am there at 15:30, but timitos got an emergency-server-whatever he is not earlier there tham 16:30.14:04
yangoonudono: because the one in the repository is not up-to-date14:04
udonoyangoon: ok14:05
yangoonudono: ok, lets try later14:06
udonoyangoon: no, just wait14:07
udonothe pot file is generated by setup14:07
udonoyangoon: but the problem with client translation is that the glade files AFAIK momentary are not translated.14:10
udonoyangoon: I can provide you some commandline snippets for translating the client, but later today.14:10
yangoonudono: ok, let's meet later14:13
udonoyangoon: are you there at 15:30? because I have to leave at 17:0014:16
yangoonudono: I will try, I cannot promise14:16
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cedkAny body know a good python library to convert numbers into words ?16:04
cedkI find PyNum2Word but it doesn't seem to be maintain because last release date from 200316:05
leyodado it in Ruby ...16:07
leyodaok ... I'll go out16:07
cedkleyoda: ok wich library ?16:07
bechamelcedk: i remember there is something like this in tiny (num2en or something like that)16:08
leyodaI was sure about your answer16:08
bechamelcedk: you know numbers didn't changed a lot sinced 2003, so if there is no bug it's normal that there is no ne wrelease16:09
leyodaruby->numwords is t for you ?16:09
cedkbechamel: yes but it is only belgium french and nederlands16:09
leyodaso ruby:linguistics16:09
cedkbechamel: but it is a multi-language library so it is strange that nobody add new language16:10
bechamelcedk: i made the english part in tiny (or i ask to an indiand i don't remember)16:10
cedkbut if there no other one, I will use it and add the belgium french16:10
cedkbechamel: in tools/ there is only french and dutch16:11
bechamelcedk: so it still in the libeurop branch :)16:11
cedkbechamel: perhaps, but it is better to use a existing library than reinvented the wheel16:13
bechamelcedk: i agree16:14
cedkbechamel: and about pynum2word, I need to modify the french module to have it running on python 2.516:16
udonocedk: If you need german and spanish translations for the numbers, just send me a template16:32
cedkudono: there is in pynum2word a DE16:32
cedkudono: of course I don't know if it is right :-)16:34
udonocedk: I check, where I find num2word?16:35
cedkudono: I start working on it. I will create a gentoo ebuild and add belgium french numbers16:36
cedkas it looks quiet simple to do it16:36
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udonocedk: ok,I will check the german numbers16:39
cedkudono: I put my patches for french in the tracker on sourceforge17:47
cedkudono: if you have patches, I suggest that you do the same17:47
cedkudono: we will see if there is some reaction and if the project is still alive17:47
Timitoscedk: pong18:15
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cedkTimitos: hi18:57
Timitoscedk: hi18:57
cedkTimitos: I would like to ask when have you time to speak about fiscal year closing18:58
Timitoscedk: what about monday? so i can go into account a little bit deeper tomorrow.19:00
cedkTimitos: it is ok for me19:00
Timitoscedk: lets say 10:00 ?19:01
cedkTimitos: ok monday 15 at 10:0019:01
cedkTimitos: I add it to the calendar19:01
Timitoscedk: ok19:01
Timitoscedk: great19:01
cedkof course every body is welcome19:03
cedkTimitos: if you have a google calendar I can invite you ?19:04
Timitoscedk: thx i need to change my google account first to our new company.19:05
Timitoscedk: i will give you my account after this change.19:05
cedkTimitos: ok19:05
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